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❶Introduction Paper towels are a basic and important necessity to any hold.

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The research
What Is the History of Viva Paper Towels?
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We understand the ecological and environmental impact of disposable paper products. In fact, for many tasks around the house, we encourage you to use reusable cloth towels. Packaging advertises a range of features and levels of thickness, absorbency, and strength: However, rolls come in various sizes, so figuring out the price per square foot is a more meaningful figure.

Each of the six brands that we analyzed listed the total square footage on the packaging. Divide the total cost of the package by the total square footage to find the price per square foot, and you can easily compare two or three brands while you shop. Check the packaging to see if the rolls are one ply or two. Of our top six, only Scott Choose-a-Sheet and Viva were one ply.

This eliminates waste and helps consumers save money by ensuring their rolls last longer. Keep in mind that it might not be worth choosing a green brand if you end up using more paper towels to get the job done.

Remember that if you have a compost system in your backyard or live in a city that collects compost, your paper towel tube will be a welcome addition. With our top six finalists selected, we developed a series of tests to compare them. We looked at the following quantitative and qualitative performance metrics to find the strongest in each category and, ultimately, to bring you our top choice.

To measure absorbency, we conducted two separate tests — one for water weight and one for volume. First, we weighed a dry sheet of each paper towel. We then saturated the sheet with water, held it up until the water stopped dripping from the bottom edge, and weighed it again to see how much of the water remained within the sheet. Brawny came out ahead in this test, holding 0. Close runners-up were Bounty and Viva, each with 0. Our second test determined how many sheets each brand needed to completely absorb two ounces of water, by volume.

We poured the two ounces onto a wide plate and used a consistent motion for each brand to drag quartered sheets until the plate was completely dry to the touch. Brawny, Bounty, and Viva all completed the task using just two and a half sheets, pulling ahead of the other three brands. Using this sheets-per-ounce data, we were able to calculate the cost per ounce of liquid absorption for each paper towel. The single-ply products — Viva and Scott — were the most expensive in terms of cost per ounce of liquid absorption.

Next, we wanted to test the strength of each brand by seeing how much weight it could support before breaching. Bounty earned first place in this test, holding pennies, or Brawny was the next strongest, holding pennies, or The other four brands were substantially weaker, all breaking under the weight of pennies, or 9.

Finally, we wanted to discover which brand could hold up to tough jobs the longest. Using medium-grade, coarse sandpaper, we tested how many swipes a sheet could handle until it wore through.

After folding each sheet three times, making eight layers of the paper towel, we dragged a sanding block across each sheet, using consistent speed and force to drag the sanding block with a string.

We then checked for tears after each swipe. Again, Brawny and Bounty distanced themselves from the competition, withstanding 13 and 12 swipes, respectively. Viva shredded after six strokes, White Cloud and Great Value lasted just five, and Scott wore through after four. The experience of using a paper towel involves much more than just measurable data. To evaluate overall user experience, we cleaned windows, used them as napkins and facial tissue, soaked up bacon grease, and scrubbed dried red wine off the kitchen floor.

With the midafternoon sun shining in, we cleaned sliding glass doors using glass cleaner and one sheet of each product. We wanted to see how easily each towel removed dirt, how it held up under wet cleaning solution, and if visible streaks were left behind on the glass.

In this first test, Viva joined Bounty and Brawny in the top tier, performing better than the other three products. These top three towels, Viva in particular, have more texture than the others, with grooves and divots, making it easier for them to pick up dirt, grime, and grease from surfaces.

All three stayed strong and left the glass free of streaks. Scott and Great Value are thinner than the other brands and, therefore, absorbed less of the glass cleaner. In a pinch, both paper towels can comfortably replace napkins and facial tissue. Next, we fried bacon in a hot pan pulled out two strips with a slotted spatula and placed them on a sheet of paper towel, which was directly on the kitchen counter.

After folding the sheet over the bacon to blot the grease, we checked out the absorbency. There was a fainter remnant of grease under the Viva and Great Value towels, which could be felt but not seen. There was also a trace bit of grease left on the counter by the Brawny towel. A sheet of Bounty appeared to trap the most grease from the two strips of bacon, and the spot on the counter under it was dry to the touch.

We then tackled the six dried stains with one sheet of each brand. Viva, Brawny, and Bounty each remained strong. In fact, all three picked up the wine relatively quickly and easily without having to exert much pressure. Again, the more textured surface of these three towels probably explains their superior performance in this test. The other three brands did eventually succeed in removing the spots, but only after increasing the pressure and number of swipes across the spill.

Our hands went right through the Scott and White Cloud sheets as they thinned and shredded during the cleaning. Two brands stood out as top-of-the-line products after assessing the quantitative and qualitative data: They were tougher, absorbed more water, cleaned up messes easier with less sheets, and distinguished themselves as better than the rest overall.

We give the narrowest edge to Brawny for its soft feel, durability, and absorbency — for a price that beats Bounty. Thank you for visiting Bountytowels.

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Testing the Strength of Paper Towels If you find yourself short on time, testing which paper towel brand is the strongest, makes for a simple yet fun paper towel science project.

Have the partner hold one of the detached sheets over the plastic tub. Place the quarters one at a time onto the paper towel until it breaks. Record the results of which paper towel is the strongest. Repeat steps 1 through 5 for each brand of paper towels. Create a graph to illustrate the results. Under your supervision, have your child complete the following steps: Place one paper towel over one pool of water. Repeat steps 3 through 5 for each paper towel brand. Create a graph to illustrate the results of which paper towel absorbs the most water.

Seed Germination with Paper Towels Supposing your child has a few days to complete the project, a seed germination experiment is relatively hassle-free, and usually goes over well with teachers and students alike. Place the soil into the plastic cups.

Fill two of the cups with 1 cup of water each. Add yellow food coloring to one and the blue to the other. Stir remember to clean the spoon so you won't mix the colors. Arrange the cups so that the empty cup is in the middle. Tear off paper towels and roll them into tight tubes. Observe the colored water as it travels up the paper towel. For whatever happens, make sure you have Bounty.

What Is a Paper Towel Made Of?

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I wanted to test out which leading paper towel brand was actually the best. There are many commercials claiming that Bounty’s paper towel is stronger than the leading brand and so on. From experience, I think that Bounty brand paper towels will be the strongest.

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To discover the performance differences between the two brands of paper towels, I set up modified replications of Len Penzo’s tests. For scrubbing strength, I wrapped each paper towel in a uniform way around a new scrubbing sponge.

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3 rolls of paper towels made by 3 separate brands. 1 large plastic tub; 2 cups of water; Notebook or journal; Graph paper; quarters; A partner; Steps: 1. Detach one towel from each roll of paper towels and label each one with the corresponding brand’s name. A fter researching for over 30 hours and performing eight tests, we have determined that Brawny Pick-A-Size is the best paper towel brand on the market. We tested six of the top paper towel brands for strength, durability, absorbency, and overall usability and found Brawny to be the best performer overall.

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According to independent research performed by the Sweet Home, Bounty's Select-a-Size paper towels have the greatest scrubbing strength when compared to other commercially available paper towels. These paper towels are highly absorbent, and the select-a-size feature allows consumers to use less material on small jobs. Which Paper Towel Is the Strongest? This Study Guide Which Paper Towel Is the Strongest? and other 64,+ term papers, college essay examples and free essays are available now on Autor: review • January 23, • Study Guide • Words (4 Pages) • 5, Views2/5(1).