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Time Warner Cable Internet Customer Service Phone Number

Reviews For Time Warner Cable Customer Service (80)

❶Good God in Heaven, will somebody teach sensitivity training to their reps?

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Time Warner Cable Internet Address
Time Warner Cable Internet Email Address

We have waited for 10 days to have a technician to come to our home to change our box. We have had nothing but problems and unprofessional customer service and would like to solve this issue as quickly as possible.

I would like to compliment JOY who assisted me in the office and martin, tech , for their courtesy and professional service in restoring my T V service. I would give them the highest rating. During the holidays TWC had a great prom. A free Samsung tablet. I changed my phone from ATT to time warner. Now I want my Samsung tablet. I came home and decided to call, I called one number, was on hold for 20 minutes when the rep finally answered they gave me another number I called waited 25 min to talk to someone they gave me another number this went on all afternoon finally the last number I was told to call put me right back to the very first recording.

I was ready to cry. I honestly believe that the tablet promo was a scam. I want the Samsung tab I was promised when I upgraded.

I would like you to stop giving me the run around. Customer service was poor for many years,because when I tried to change or had any good promotion,the answer was No because already had a good deal,but on TV promotions show completed different….

I very upset with time warner cable because never offer any compensation any good deal. I called them sat morning to change my order to only internet as I decided to go with a different cable provider, and was told they wre changing my order to be just internet, and that my scheduled time was to be thurs at two. The service guy shows up on Thursday ready to install cable, internet, and phone also telling me that I had to pay I called customer service to get it straightened out, and was told that they would have to cancel order and start over and reschedule a tech for another time, all while the service tech is standing in my living room!!!

I called to report the guide would not work had to wait for 12 minutes and still have got to talk to a human. Now for 3rd time I am on hold again with minute wait, so here we go wait and wait some more. You really need to speed up customer service. And the music really sucks too. Well I have waited another 15 minutes and still that sucky music so I am giving up till tomorrow. Time Warner your customer service is really bad bad.

I should have known better to think that maybe TWC has gotten better with their customer service….. I lost my job and asked for an extension in which I told them I got paid on the 15th and would make the payment through my bank on line bill pay, which takes a couple of days for them to receive it…. I did so and the 16th my service was cut off and their offices are closed today. I have already got another service which they were happy to get my business and are installing tomorrow.

Was told they had to wait a whole week and that they would be here today. Now being told they are not coming out until next week to install internet.

They work and go to school online. I think they need to get their act together before they get put out of business. Both times I was transferred and then cut off. Is there a problem? Returned our equipment to the Yuma, AZ office. We had to wait 3 hours, standing the entire time outside in the heat as the small office was already crowded with around 25 to 30 people. We were not the only people waiting outside. We cancelled our service and next year we will use our satellite dish Direct TV.

From the comments I heard, many of your customers will also be switching to satellite. To make matters worst the Time Warner customers we were not allowed to use the bathroom. You have a terrible management team running that office. The technicians have been to my house 3 times and now they tell me they need to come again to check the signal. That is odd, because they checked it the last 3 times, which I watched them do.

Which means I have to take more time because they have a new policy that does not make any sense… The average person is going to make sure they are home when the technician is supposed to come, because they want their TV, phone or, internet working correctly. Furthermore, I have had my cable boxes changed each time they came, and, I have changed them out 3 times myself. WHY do we have such a fluctuation in sound level? Channel was blacked out at least 8 hours last night. This is happening frequently.

Other channels were on. Also, since I dropped package with showtime you have cancelled channels , and I want networks we enjoy.

I think it is fair to write you regarding my disappointments with TWC; but, is time for me to research and find a another provier. I have complained about my problem many times and still it persists I obviously have crossed lines in my telephone and still am awakened in the middle of the night with a ringing phone.

And then I have the city of Los Angeles on the line and whoever I talk to has no idea what is happening Time Warner does not either. I not happy with their services and cannot wait to move back to a better company.

Time Warner transferred me 12 different times and still did not help. I had our service disconnected and the tech did not take the equipment even though it was out and available. I tried to contact time warner but was transferred too many times and disconnected 4 different times.

Now they tell me my only option is to take the modem to a time warner office. I will make sure that everyone I know disconnects their services as well. Being a former customer of Comcast, I already know that the service will be ok but we get charged accordingly, a little more than accordingly!!

Just keep in mind that more and more people cancel TV and use computers for their entertainment, not everybody has a smartphone. Internet service is constantly being dropped on your service. I am about to considering getting service from another provider.

After reading all the post and complaints. I wonder how this company stays in business. My cable box has to be reset over and over and over. I really hate talking with the techs from the over seas…. Then I had to replace the box because it kept deleting our recordings.

Today I had to talk to someone about my bill which you charged double. Then i came into the room to watch TV, noticed it said This cable box is not authorized for service…. We will have to send out a tech to view your box that will be tomorrow..

All of that happened just because I called on my bill. This is the worst cable comapany I have ever had to deal with!!!!! She was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and pleasant. I had Time Warner Cable several years ago. Wised up and switched to Direct TV that we are very pleased with. I will continue to call them every day if I have to.

This WILL get cleared up. I was left hanging on the line for so long I had to hang up twice im trying to get a bundle pkg. Ill never forget the way twc handled this dodger beef. Your all greedy pigs. I bet your going to regret paying so much for the lakers when noone watches for the next 5 seasons because theye not good. I hate everything you stand for.

I hope the reprecussions from your greed become insurmountable. Sorry excuse for an american company. I have been trying to complete an account assumption change for over 2 months now. I have filled out all the necessary paperwork, and had it notarized and still no change. Every time I try to call them I get transferred from department to department with no results!!!

Nobody wants to take any responsibility!!!! They should be shut down!!!!! After 13 years with Time Warner, I disconnected on April 2, After getting bills I did not owe, and having to call to get them straighten out, a bill arrived saying I owed for a modem which had been replaced by my own over a year ago. Several things have made me very unhappy with this. First, I was not made aware that I needed to return their modem.

I did not install it. I have no agreement with TW saying I must return their equipment to them in the event of a disconnect. Since no one came to pick it up, I assumed that it was of no longer any use to TW. I probably got rid of it as another piece of tech junk cluttering up my space.

Secondly, if there was an issue about me returning it, nothing was said about it until I asked for a disconnect. Then a bill arrives asking for payment of the modem.

Thirdly, after being a faithful customer for over 13 years, and paying my bills promptly, it roils me to know that other people were getting special deals to start service with TW while I, as a regular customer, never got any breaks.

O yes, of course, when I asked for a disconnect someone called me to offer me a much better deal. This is a poor business practice—and all of the cable companies participate in this ungrateful practice with regular customers. My experience with the disconnect makes that extremely doubtful.

I have been having trouble with my t. Changed cable boxes, calling to have signal resent etc. Finally got a technician. Everything appears to be working correctly on my end. According to technician, problem appears to be city-wide and only basically affects one network, CBS, whether regular t. According to technician, everyone claims that the signal going into the main box is fine, it is just when it leaves the main junction going to residences that the problem occurs.

In the meantime I am paying for a service that I am not receiving. My bill continues to go up almost monthly while the quality of the service goes down.

Someone needs to check into the problem and either get if fixed or risk losing customers. It does not show all channels. We got tired of all your crap.. Our TV has been going off and on at any given time for a month. I finally called last evening and after being on hold with music I. Finally got a Rep to answer and he claimed he could not hear anyone on the other end of the call.

What has happened to Time Warner. Thanks for listening if there is anyone listening. I decided to try watching somebody the content on demand. The shows stopped playing a few minutes in and were then unavailable. I am researching new avenues for my home entertainment providers. I no longer want to worry if I can watch my favorite programming.

Their customer service dept. When you are having cable problems all they do is put you on hold for days on end! And when I finally was able to talk to a real person, he just said they would have to return my call within 48 hrs.! When you pay for your service, you should expect to be taken care of within a reasonable amount of time! The service people have all been great ,as far as they can go.

There in no working IR port for a remote IR bud. I have always had my equipment in a cabinet with a small IR bud like used with the Time Warner Digitl Adapter successfully for a clean look. Time Warner had no clue how to even recommend a product which will help. Your customer service is awful your equipment is junk had nothing but problems with the cable changed box and still not working right, i pay the bill on time and get awful service not to mention I am not getting any credit for lost channels i pay for a package and expect to get what i pay for and if i do not then time warner should give me credit for lost service but to date all i get is a run a round not real impressed with your service.

So its Memorial Day week honoring those who serve d our country. So I put on the Sounds of the Seasons music channel expecting to hear some patriotic music, but instead, I hear the macarana, michael jackson, lenny kravetz, all singing God knows what. Why on earth did you decide to change all the channels???

I pay over per month for service and I am quite disgusted at this point. Your channel guide u sent in the mail is useless, now, I have to scroll through each and every single channel to get what I once had—what were you thinking by changing everything???

My monthly bill will probably be higher in a month or two, which could probably steer me toward Verizon. I am highly disappointed with this change….. Your service gets worse and worse; my bill gets higher and higher. You must think your customers are idiots, the kind who just pay and stay quiet. For the past three days, the cable goes out—at about 3: Of course your recording claims no outages in this area. I reboot about seven times a week.

These outages happen at the same time each day and have occurred every month. If Time-Warner is an American company, then they are a disgusting example. I needed to cancel my internet service. The individual I was speaking to refused to listen to what I had to say. Rather then completing my request the call taker kept giving me options to save me money. Several times I simply stated all I wanted to do was cancel my internet.

Even at that point he tried selling me a different savings package. At that point he finally agreed to honored my request but with a very unfriendly voice. I just moved and prior to my move I called several times so that I could get on the schedule early and have very little interruption in my service.

We depend on our internet to do some business from home so the internet was important. I got it all set up and it was perfect and then for some unknown reason the technician showed up at the house three days before our move.

A neighbor called to tell me. I called and was told yes they made a mistake and now they could not get someone out until three days after I moved. I was upset because of our business and was told by the customer service person that I had no reason to be upset, but his manager said that he would try and get me in and would call the next day. No call so I called and was told that the 10th is the soonest.

I called one more time before our move and to my delight I was told that they did work me in and to be at the new place the next day between 8and 9 to meet the technician. My husband was there waiting but no one showed up. Your customer support staff was uncaring and again said that someone would be there three days after the move.

You can bet they will charge me for all the non-service and I will have to fight with them to have the charges taken off. If we ran our business like this, we would have no business. Do you just not care about your customers? Someday you will likely regret putting your customers last. I am not here to complain about the customer service. However whoever is in charge of their location identification, has missed the boat.

I have a small business and I had the same problem until I corrected the map and the location for the GPS. I will not pay for a box to convert digital signals for my t v. I am looking to change my service to someone else. I will not be bullied into paying more for my services. I hate doing business with you people and will encourage my spouse to take our business elsewhere.

Lucky the cable is even working since it usually does not. If I could rate your service, I would give you F-. I made an appointment for a technition to fine tune the digital adapter since we had problems. This man was so courtious to me and my dad. He knew exactly what needed to be done. He explained the new control and set the sound for my dad. Also, I wanted the TW voicemail on the phone disabled so that his answering machine would take over since he knows how to work that.

He took care of that too! We have never had a tech so kind and helpful. My dad is 86 yrs. I so appreciate the professional you sent.

He said he was tech 9 to the lady he spoke to about the voicemail. Thank You, Time Warner! I have had the worst customer service with Time Warner Cable. They have temporary shut off my internet even though they have already processed my payment Check by way of ACH and then wants me to produce all of the burdens of proof for free. Then when I talked to the supervisor they said, oh well, we will not give you any credit or anything even though it is our fault if you paid like you said you did.

This is rediculous and I do not like this type of customer service because there was no customer service. When I get a chance I am cancelling my service.

So I am throwing Out their equipment and trying another provider. TW you should not be in this business. This is such a huge inconvenience for me and I feel like no one really cares. Im seriously considering going somewhere else for my services if this keeps up. Have had service for quite some time months and had noticed that some channels would come and go or had bad audio or distorted video. I eventually took time off work to go to the local TWC office to exchange the cable box because I assumed that may be the problem.

The new box did not resolve my issues so I called tech support and the rep could not fix it remotely. A tech eventually came to my home and he said the signal was very poor and he had to install a booster, which worked.

No offer of compensation for months of poor service was offered. Yesterday my service was disconnected so I called TWC and was told it was for nonpayment of the bill. I was told that it was the amount owing. My service was to be restored within minutes. The rep insisted that I have to make the payment-again for the amount. In the meantime, I was able to reach my son who said that payments are charged automatically to his credit card and that I should not have made any payments.

I spent all day talking to various twc reps and had been hung-up on or cut-off and had not been helped. At the end of the day I demanded to speak to the twc manager who temporarily restored my service until the misdirected payment was retrieved. All issues still have not been fixed. During my conversation with different reps, I was literally laughed and giggled at on the phone and one had the nerve to say it was not his problem nor did he cause the problem.

He was extremely rude as far as I was concerned. I am currently looking for an alternate tv service and as soon as that happens I will sever ties with TWC. The last few months with time warner have been awful, with this last request today, the worst and leaving me with a decision to discontinue my service.

I have been a customer of Oceanic for more than 10 years. In the past few months internet service has been horrible. Numerous friends, relatives are switching to Hawn TelCom, because they cannot tolerate such slow internet service. What are you doing about it, please do not force me to changes services too.

It is getting close to two weeks and still not corrected. Please respond promptly or we will be forced to cancel our service with Time Warner. The Bill Cowher commercials are disgusting — enough is enough — get rid of them — we are wearing out our remote changing to a different channel while they are on. Been trying for at least a week to reduce our cable bill and we keep getting the run around.

Ever wonder why you rank dead last in customer service? I believe you are hiring idiots. I had a problem with the search feature on my cable tv. Also, I asked if the new channel line up guide was available in large print.

At first, I was told yes and that a new guide would be sent to me. However, the next time I called the tech said that information was incorrect. I am soooo fed up with Time Warner. I have been trying for 2 years to change my account to my name as my Father passed away. I call again and again and again. Then the credit card that I am using has a magnetic tape problem and nothing can get charged on it until they fix it.

So after talking to TW fro 1 hour and explaining the situation I now have to go to a service center because I have a phone. I wait from 8: I have to go to work so now I have to go back and take time from work to do this. I call TW to tell this no one is at their office…. Maybe the ex President with the 40 million dollar severance package could help me. I contacted customer service to do a phone check on my daughters phone as it had been busy for over 4 hours. He was most helpful and went out of his way to assist by calling my daughter on her cell phone after she left work.

He needs to be recognized for his customer service. I contacted time warner two weeks ago and told them the cable service and internet cable was laying out in the street for over a week. Where do u still think it is? Also I try calling everyday and get put on hold. This is the worst company for customer service. We had an outage in the area and was told our account would be credited, as it would be 2 weeks before they could send a tech to repair the problem.

In the meantime, we found another provider and cancelled our account. The rep I spoke with stated they would not honor the credit to our acct balance.

I am shocked and disgusted. Cheaper is not always better when you contract out of the U. Do a test, call in yourself and see what you think!!!! We had a problem with our remote and cable box. The above name should read Lucy…if you could not put that remark up I would like to rewrite it. Can someone stop and look before the cable is backfilled? I am getting discussed with TWC in regards to the service and the excuses that customer service and servicemen provide.

I hated it when you bought Insight and now you sold to Comcast. Their service sucks along with their billing. It takes forever to move the curser and to delete a program. Not a happy customer. I had signed up for new service online, printed the order and the amounts on the order was totally different than when the tech came to my house.

Have not had home telephone service for over two weeks again. Have an internet and home service contract but landline phone continues to be a problem.

When I can the tech support number given to me by last tech that came to my home the phone drops dead after several minutes of going through the automated system that includes trying to get me to pay for an upcoming expensive pay for view event that I am not interested in. Finally got a hold of a tech who told me that they could not get a tech for me for quite some time and way beyond their reported 48 hr response time. I finally crawled under my computer desk and reset all the equipment. My phone now works but the tech is still trying to get someone to repair my phone system as he states the signal is not responding normally.

The customer service area of Time Warner is a disgrace. If this does not improve I will cancel my service and recommend that all the members of my family and my large network of friends do the same.

Our cable was cut as a result of new construction on June 26, after numerous phone calls probably one per day, they finally fixed it on July We would have changed cable companies but we had no other choices.

I think it is a very unprofessional way to run a business! Michael at Appleton, Wisconsin has done an outstanding job trying to solve this problem. Also the serviceman who came to the house to work on the problem personally.

He was dispatched by Michael. We thought the ATT Uverse phone connection was causing the problem but it has been unplugged and the problem persists. I began to suspect all of your personnel were radio active as after some changes and fiddling the Wi-Fi radio would work fine but it would eventually fade out.

Dop you have an employee for hire who could stand here forever so my radios would work. For those not completely up to speed on this problem we have two WiFi radios. The other WiFi radio is in the next bedroom and its connection is another five feet and a wall away It works when tweaked but then fades out. As a sideline, when I had ATT as my computer server there was never a problem with the two radios and nothing in the apartment has changed. This essay is only to inform you of the dedication Michael has shown in attempting to solve this problem.

He probably has a file as large as the IRS rule book. Tomorrow I will call him and request he shuts down your router while I try to install one with more power. Absolutely horrifying customer service! We moved to another state and sent our equipment back in the package provided by TIME Warner and then we were told it was shipped to the wrong address. Not our fault since we sent it to where we were told to send it. We have been told on 3 different occasions that this issue has been resolved and on 4 different occasions suprvisors said they would call me back and never returned calls.

I have never dealt with a company like this one. They do not honor their commitments, do not return promised calls, and lack integrity which any good company needs and even more, protect. All I ask is that promises be kept. I have no choice other to move on to another source. Maybe their lack of concern is because of them being purchased. I want all of the commercials that come through on my email to be taken off.

I am frustrated now as it is with my cable and with my email account. I talked to someone the other day and she said I should have channels but I am not getting all of those. Please make these adjustments or I am going to other services. I am totally frustrated with Time Warner Cable. I have requested technician to be sent to fix the internet connection; called again to remind about the appointment to learn nothing was scheduled for the day and time was indicated over the phone.

This is a rental vacation home from Saturday to Saturday. It is hard to believe TWC does not keep records of each telephone call which I did to be sure service was going to be done on date and time indicated. Thank you very much,hoping to hear from you very soon. I hope your satisfied you felt it neccessry to accept 2 payments out of my bank. I told you that I am on dissbillity and could only pay the past due amount of So you debited my account for the I am going to be over drawn at the bank.

There goes at least Now what do I do? Buy my medications,eat,or go to a food shelter for help. I will be doing away with the tv. Keeping my internet for communication. This is not only uneceptable but also very cruel.

I hope your company really needed that money so bad. Try calling your team and try to access a supervisor and see how you like being put on ignor until you just give up and hang up after being told it will take 21 days to recover your funds. One more lost customer!! Just another case of the all mighty dollar. Got my new bill for I feel they forget the loyal customers.

Not happy Bill Stires. I am very frustrated. I moved and got charged gas mileage, gas, hourly time spent, wire, screws etc..

Called today, got a gentleman named Randy who stated I should never have been charged, waiting for his supervisor to call. Three weeks ago I was promised a explicit accounting of my bill…………….. Wanted to make a payment arrangement, never was talked to about that either. Could someone please read this and help me out. Cut the cable cord in April. I do have to use the lousy internet service. Go buy rabbit ears and a tablet. Poor customer service when u call. Charges for things not used.

They are as bad as verizon. Called customer service a total of at least 4 times. Three of those 4 times was disconnected asked to speak to a supervisor and was hung up on again after after waiting 45 minutes. I had cable installed at my home in January. The whole experience was a fail. We were offered a great deal over the phone and when it came time to deliver nothing was right. The first technician that showed up was a contractor with a poor attitude.

He was not able to complete the install and left us without working service. The next technician that arrived hours later was wonderful however, he too made promises that he did not keep. My siding was broke in the installation process and to date I still have cables hanging down with splitters and electrical tape everywhere. I have called several times with resolution. Apparently at some point in February a supervisor of some sort was at my home and took some pictures of the mess.

Each phone call I feel as though I am starting all over, as if there are no notes of the previous calls. I have been told on several occasions that a supervisor would be in touch with me to address my concerns and to schedule a technician to come out.

It is now the end of July and the only thing that I get is a bill in the mail! I have pictures of this mess and I wish I was able to post them here for everyone to see.

Going forward I will not pay another dime to Time Warner and I will not recommend their service to anyone. In trying to communicate this with the company I was treated poorly and hung up on several times.

This is uncalled for! This has gone on for far too long. I will take my business elsewhere! I live berry ky. Service man was to arrive at My friend in Columbus, Ohio gets the same package as I do and gets it a lot cheaper. I live in Plain City, Ohio. We are both senior citizens.

Time to get the dish! You internet service and customer service is poor. I would be amazed if you have any internet customers keeping their account with you. They were going to help me but never even called back. Outsourced service people are the worst. The service is the worst. I had a rental house that the tenant was not paying rent so I turned off the internet that I was paying for and put on a password so that they could not put it on under their name.

Guess what…they called and the agent never even looked and gave them service. When they moved out, I had to wait for them to approve me getting service again. The longer you are a customer of TW the more the service you receive goes down hill.

You give away the store to new customers but nothing for the long time loyalty. Recently there is a problem with the premium channels. This has been going on for 5 days. I pay you people allot of money each month and one of your reps offered me a I tried the chat line. As for the total experience with TWC, our service is slower, less reliable and, obviously, does not provide tech support. Thank You Time Warner Cable! Thanks Again Time Warner Cable! I have been reading the bad comments above and i have to admit that i have had a couple of bad experiences myself.

BUT the last one was really great. My cable channels all went out early one morning and i called for help.

A very nice young man was very helpful and got everything back up and running very quickly. When i asked for help on another problem he told me that my best bet would be to have a tech come out to the house.

I was set up with an appointment for that evening pm. The tech showed up at 6PM and was very cheerful and helpful. He not only answered all my questions and showed me how to work my DVD player correctly so i could watch movies but when told about the cable box problem i had earlier in the day went ahead and ran new cable from the box to my system to make sure that wasnt part of the problem.

Time Warner in the worse service out there. That is a lie!!!! We just called to cancel our phone service, and our bill would stay the same without having our phone with them. I am posting this on Facebook so all my friend will know the real truth about this company!

I found the cable box ripped open and wiring and splitters and wires with electrical tape on them everywhere. First I was told 3 days, then 7days, etc. Nobody EVER contacted me or checked this out. After several WEEKS I finally called to have a repairman fix the box, and was assured that the technician would trace all the wires to see where they went. Waited several more days for the technician. As far as time warner is UN concerned they would still be tapping my line, enjoying free TV while my reception sucks and I am paying the bill.

After 30 some years of being a customer with this cable franchise we are fed up with unreliable services, slow downloads even with the higher grade application which I believe is just a rouse, poor telephone service and monthly pushes to raise their prices by removing services, channels, equipment or requiring boxes along with the false promise of delivering them. Ever since the channel 4 wars Time Warner whines about not enough profits, but it has oodles of bucks trying buy FOX network for 70 billion…how much profit is enough TWC???

No bad weather on those nights. This will be my last month with TWC as I shift services over to other service vendors.

I am a long-term subscriber of your bundled cable T. I faithfully pay premium rates but consistently receive much less than premium services. My services of all three product are frequently disrupted and malfunction. Frequent phone contact with your customer service staff has been made to little to no lasting avail.

I would appreciate long-term, if not permanent,rectification of my service problems along with a reduction in costs if possible, as soon as possible. My wife is on the phone talking to one of your reps, as I write this email, who is promising all that I am now formally insistently requesting.

I would appreciate both acknowledgement and response of this correspondence as soon as possible. Time warmer sucks, I wish I had the ability to obtain service from another provider. There must really be truly dumb people who work for this useless provider.

Screw you time warner you crappy provider. Have called 5 times regarding pixilazation on TNT, channel I called 2 times last night and issue not resolved!! I get home from work and was told it was a single problem and that no one would come out??? What if your power was out and I told you since it was a single problem that you would have to wait and schedule out next available appointment??

I did contract time warner as my internet provider. I called sprint I was sent a new one, but still time warner can not fix this problem. I just experienced the most incompetent customer service of my life. My question is, do TWC employees believe they still have a monopoly and we have so few options that our time is of no use or matter? I think after everyone transferred me so often I know this will get little or no response but needed to vent, and I will be testing any and all other options as I wait 3 more days for my phantom appointment, but this time rather than missing a very important family milestone I get to leave work because, oh well our guy messed up but we do nothing to resolve it or show any customer service at all..

I have no workds to compliment this competent and very nice individual. He helped way above and beyond the cal of duty,efficient,pleasant and could not do enough to satisfy the client. I wish you could have everybody in your company same as Mr. He is a big asset to TWC. Kindly let him know that this letter of compliments was indeed sent to you.

I have been a time warner customer for over a year now and up until now I have been happy with my service. Today changed all that. On Thursday morning my cable and internet service went down. I waited a few hours to see if my service would return on its own, however it did not and I called the service number for help. The man on the phone said that he would try to reset my service and he hoped that would take care of my problem.

He said that just to be sure he would set up a service call For someone to come out on Friday morning between 9 and 10 the next day. I was relieved that they would be able to come so soon and I was pleased with this as a resolution. My wife would have to take off of work to be home when the service man was schedule to come by. When the time came on Friday morning no one showed up. I was upset because my wife took off of work.

I called and they told me that the scheduled time Was not for Friday morning like I was originally told but for Saturday from 9 to 10 and that they were not sure why the first person I talked to told Me Friday. So again my wife took another day off of work to wait at home. She again waited for someone to show up on Saturday morning. I was told that the service man was running late and the would let him Know my wife was waiting.

Well wait she did. She called off of work, cancelled plans with her family and no one ever came or even called to say they would not make it. How can you treat your customers so poorly and not understand that our time is just as precious and valuable as yours.

Shame on you Time Warner. Your customer service is a joke. August 13, I have a rental unit that I wanted WiFi to be installed.

I told the agent that I have cable through the Homeowners. I gave him David Gibson in Florida my credit card number and license number. He set me up with a confirmation number and a pin number. Edgar argued with me that I already had WiFi in my unit. I told him that I did not, but that another rental agency there had some units and they had a contract with the rental agency to have WiFi.

The agent there, Scott, said that he did not see an order and if I would give him my credit card information he would put the order in. I told him that I had been on the phone so far for an hour and I was not going to give my credit card infor again to bbe charged for a second time.

He then switched me to another call center, Altheia, who was very rude and told me that there was not an order in place and she could not help me because I was not giving her the correct information. I told her at that point that I was tired of telling different people the same infor when all I wanted to do was set up a time for installation since I already had a confirmation number. She said she did not want a confirmation number and could not find any information in the system with my name or number or address.

She cut the call off and I called back only to get someone out of the US. Well guess what, he saw my name, number, address, and when I gave him the confirmation number he saw everything! Now why did I have to go through 5 people before I could get someone to see what was in the system.

Needless to say, I have cancelled the order for WiFi. I am sure that this email will go unread with no reply back, but in reading the other emails, it seems that this is the track record for Time Warner. The business world is too tough to be competitive and stay on top, but I guess Time Warner does not have to worry because they are screwing themselves. I had experienced the worse customer service in my life From your representative.

I called 5 times and phone got Disconected 3 times. I could hear from the Back employees talking and laughing loud. I am going to look For different provider since your customer service Was the only reason to stay. I have never seen such incompetence in any one company. No call, no note, no response by Time Warner whatsoever! Your customer service is terrible the rap music playing in the background was awful.

Customer service is terrible. Wait times 30 minutes, after 30 minutes still have 20 minute wait time. The web site sucks. Everything is designed for selling and billing, no way to talk to a person.

I have nothing good to say about the service from Time Warner. I have spoken to about four different people about my problem. I explained everything all four times. And they still got it wrong. I sat here all day long waiting and then found out the order was written incorrectly, but they would send someone out in a few hours. I will post this on face book so everyone I know will read It.

Today you can not hide. Why do you keep taking away channels, yet still raise the cable every year? Why have you discontinued channel FMLY. It seems that you are against programming that is not violent or just plane filthy.

My appointment was scheduled for am today. I was told the tech had found no one at home. Next I was told the within an hour, there would be another tech. No one came, no one called. Someone called my husband to say it would be between today. When I called to confirm, there was no such record.

When I asked for a supervisor, they said they had no contact with the technical support?? Time-Warner has gone off its rocker, losing customer confidence and loyalty. Called to cancel my cable but wanted to keep internet. Talked to five people, was on the phone for 45 mins and put on hold 14 times!! It was just a game they played because I was canceling account. No time warner again!! On the 19th you manage to disconnect my wireless servicer and my home phone so i called and was told a service person would have to come to my house another 3 days wait i have apace maker monitor that i cannot use because i have no phone line.

I was unhappy with your service when I was paying for it years ago and I am still unhappy with your company. The contractors you hire are completely ignorant and rude. One of them just tried to fight me after I told him he was parked in a reserved space. Instead of just moving, he tried to pick a fight and bully a woman. The contractor who installed my service years ago tried to install stolen business modems in my home, broke my lamp and kicked my dog.

I west to our local off and spoke to a very nice young lady asking that it be removed. After some searching, she found that it was ordered through our remote. Interestingly, no one was home on he day in question. She was unable to remove the charge and said she would have to do some research and call me later. Hearing nothing the next day I called the number and got someone in the Phillipines. She said the charge had been removed. I later got a call from California saying the same thing, but that it was my fault and they were doing this as a favor and normally your stuck with the charge.

If you are still facing any doubts, check out the numbers listed below:. A fantastic cable telecommunication firm, Time Warner Cable Inc. Then later on in , it had been recognized by this current name. Multiple types of regional products and services are being offered by the company like digital phone services, cable internet, advertising etc.

TheTime Warner cable customer service number is 24 hrs available for your assistance. At presently, it has been rendering its serving in around 31 divisions with a main head office in New York. Whenever you need any type of support from company associates, must contact at Time Warner cable customer service number. Your email address will not be published. Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds.

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Time Warner Cable Customer Service Phone Number

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Contact Spectrum for help with cable TV, Phone, Internet, home security, equipment, account and billing info and more. You can also use live chat.

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The Time Warner Cable set up in and famous for offering digital phone services, cable internet, new channels, advertising etc. Contact at Time Warner Cable Customer Service number for getting cable TV connections offered by this corporation.

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Time Warner Cable Internet Customer Support Service Phone Number The customer support phone number of Time Warner Cable Internet is + / + (Click phone number to . Time Warner Cable customer service phone number along with tips, reviews, hours and other useful links/5(80).

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Spectrum offers faster Internet service than most of our competitors. Although Spectrum offers speeds up to Mbps*, most devices do not support the speeds delivered by the service. Many factors can affect speed performance, including the age of the device, existing software, and any viruses or malware. About the Time Warner Cable Customer Service: It is one of the most talented and dedicated customer service department in the US. It offers services in all the issues related to Time Warner Cable. Time Warner is become that much expensive in the worldwide .