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❶Check local organizations like Sons of Italy chapters, German clubs, Hispanic heritage groups, Chinese-American associations, etc. Chinese Local Government Scholarships In order to promote the development of higher education of International students in Chinese provinces and cities, to further improve the talent cultivation, scientific research, social service, and cultural exchange, many provinces and cities have established a variety of scholarship programs to attract more outstanding international students to come to study in China.

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For more information, please check: Do you need money for college? How about for books? We understand these expenses can add up quickly and want to help. All applicants must submit a minimum word essay regarding technology in the classroom. In order to push the educational internationalization, encourage more international students to come to study in China universities. Many universities in China have established a variety of scholarship programs for international students.

In order to promote the development of higher education of International students in Chinese provinces and cities, to further improve the talent cultivation, scientific research, social service, and cultural exchange, many provinces and cities have established a variety of scholarship programs to attract more outstanding international students to come to study in China. In order to promote the mutual understanding, cooperation and exchanges in politics, economy, culture, education and trade between China and other countries, the Chinese government has set up a series of scholarship programs to sponsor international students, teachers and scholars to study and conduct research in Chinese universities.

In order to foster deep understanding of China and the Chinese culture among young generations from around the world, enable the prosperous growth of China studies, promote the sustainable development of Confucius Institutes, and enhance the friendly relationship between China and the people of other countries, the Confucius Institute Headquarters has set up the 'Confucius China Studies Program'.

To encourage the all around development of students and reward outstanding contributions of foreign students, many enterprises have established a variety of scholarship programs. Enterprise scholarships aim to promote cross-cultural exchanges and friendly communication between China and other counties. Many foreign councils are offering different scholarships to encourage and support their student mobility to China. Foreign Government Scholarships are for students to undertake a period of study at a university in China.

We want to ultimately encourage young people to study abroad as part of their tertiary studies in order to experience and explore new countries, cultures and languages. The Global Study Awards recognises studying abroad as a positively life changing experience for many students, opening their minds to alternative ways of personal life and professional career, as well as promoting intercultural understanding and tolerance.

Please see website for more information. We have implemented a program to help students express their educational goals and future plans.

At Bulk Office Supply we want to help students throughout the U. The program is open to all high school students as well as College Freshmen and Sophomores. ScholarTrips is a national scholarship contest designed to reward creativity and the desire to learn through international travel.

Applicants can enter by answering the question: Programmes in Economic Sociology and Labour Studies 13 scholarship positions , Political Studies 10 scholarship positions , Sociology and Methodology of Social Research 7 scholarship positions. NASP offers a total of 30 Ph. Full information on how to submit applications is provided by the Call for Application.

This scholarship has been developed for the continuing education of the next generation of aviators. Please see website fro more information. The Zip Conferencing Scholarship is open to all communications, marketing and business school students. In what ways have the use of new communication technologies affected the way that you interact with the world around you?

How do you plan on employing the skills learned from those experiences in pursuit of your professional goals? The NEA says "If the United States is to hold a competitive edge in a rapidly changing global workforce, bolstering the nation's science, technology, engineering and math STEM workforce is essential.

Students are supposed to indicate simultaneously their respective wish to be granted IBS Starter scholarship by emailing until 30 April Applications will be approved by the Rector and there is no appeal against his decision. If scholarship is approved, students must pay the remaining part of their tuition fee latest until 31 May The goal is to provide support to build on the collective experience of these individuals on how to implement better ways of improving business, life, and wealth!

Founded in by global adventurer, motivational speaker, author and philanthropist, Leon Logothetis, the Human Interaction Project aims to educate others through real life, hands on experiences that impact change on an individual and global level through one adventure at a time. As part of our core value of "community," we want to encourage students to think about their financial futures long before they graduate.

Please submit a , word essay on the prompt: Outline your plan to be a savvy investor", including a works-cited page with at least 3 sources. Must be a student enrolled in a U. Many people do not realize that rural areas are more at risk economically than larger cities and more populated areas of the United States. We offer this scholarship in an effort to promote digital literacy and higher education in underdeveloped and potentially at-risk rural areas of the United States.

The Tortuga Backpacks Study Abroad Scholarship is awarded to passionate students who want to see the world. You deserve the opportunity to explore beyond your college campus. Travel can be transformative. This scholarship is our way of giving students the same life-changing opportunities to travel that we have had. US citizen or student vias holder, full-time undergraduate student in good academic standing at a four-year, degree-granting college or university in the US, applied to or been accepted into a study abroad program eligible for credit by your college or university.

Making a full-time commitment to your college education pays off. Introducing the NEW Achieve Scholarship-designed to help you save money on your path to a successful future.

The Achieve Scholarship isn't just great for traditional full-time students; it's also a valuable opportunity for military students, transfer students and women to save money on their tuition Amount of scholarship: Meet academic requirements, maintain 2. AIFS Scholarships are available to both summer and semester study abroad students. Scholarships are merit or diversity based, and are open to students participating in an API program. Provides lists of scholarships and fellowships to and from over universities drawn from the Commonwealth countries of Africa and Asia, Australasia and the South Pacific, Canada and the Caribbean, the United Kingdom, Cyprus and Malta.

All students have to do is write a word essay on why they want to study abroad in either Cadiz or Kyoto! The BG Scholarship is available to high school and college students.

You must have a minimum 2. Please visit the sponsor's Web site for additional information. Opportunities are provided for U. In exchange for funding, recipients commit to working in the federal government for a minimum of one year.

Scholarships are offered for students studying in the United Kingdom. Scholarships, grants, bursaries, fellowships, financial awards, loans… there are many financial support options for international students who wish to study on a UK course. Demand for scholarships is always greater than supply; to maximise your chances, apply as early as you can. Applicants must be full-time students of any nationality who are pursuing an undergraduate "degree", "diploma" or equivalent program by an accredited institution of higher education.

Candidates cannot already be engaged in their course of study in North America at the time of application although they should be looking to apply to courses in their chosen field. Scholarships are available for a semester or a year. Please note that under the terms of the grant from the Department of State, only students who are eligible for Pell Grants and Stafford Loans can be considered for these Travel Grants.

CAPA International Education has more than doubled the amount of scholarship money awarded annually to program participants. Each year, thousands of dollars in scholarships will be given to students who submit application materials demonstrating high academic achievement and financial need. CAPA also offers access scholarships for students who identify with one or more groups whose representation within the study abroad community has been unequal to its representation within the United States population.

Scholarships are awarded based on diversity or merit. CFHI offers scholarships towards specific program months each year. It's intended to offset the costs of SRAS study abroad programs for students who demonstrate clear goals in gaining an understanding of Russia — the country, its people, and its language.

The grant is dedicated in memory of Charles Braver, an educator who worked for many years to promote and practice cross- cultural teaching, learning, and geographical and intellectual exploration. Students must enroll in an SRAS program http: The applicant must have a GPA of 3. GAIN aids in the diversification of study abroad by providing overseas opportunities for students who are economically challenged, or from diverse backgrounds or underrepresented fields of study. Government effort to expand the number of Americans studying and mastering critical need foreign languages.

Critical Language Scholarship CLS institutes provide fully-funded group-based intensive language instruction and structured cultural enrichment experiences for seven to ten weeks for U. Scholarships are offered to undergraduate and graduate students from the United States and Canada for short and long term study in Germany. Students are eligible for participation in summer study abroad, internships, senior thesis research or summer courses at German universities.

Long term scholarships are available for semester or year study abroad. Who are you as a student? An athlete, a history ace, a star on the drums, class treasurer, a student volunteer, or something completely different?

In pursuit of its goals of enhancing cultural awareness and providing students with the independence and language skills necessary for the workplace, The Dr. Consideration for the scholarships is based equally on the student's scholastic achievements and their financial need.

A scholarship, to study in Finland for the summer. Open to high school students nationwide with sophomore or junior class standing at the time of application deadline. Students must hold a 3. Only US citizens may apply. No prior foreign language study is required. Fellowships are awarded to students undergoing training in modern foreign languages and related area or international studies. Students apploy through their home university. The Fund for Education Abroad is an independent organization that is committed to increasing the opportunities for dedicated American students to participate in high- quality, rigorous education abroad programs by reducing financial restrictions through the provision of scholarships.

FEA goals include increasing the number and diversity of students studying abroad, in particular underrepresented students. A variety of scholarships are offered by public and private organizations to students wishing to study abroad in australia. An easy to navigate database is provided to help find the right program.

Department of State and administered by the Institute of International Education. This program seeks to lower barriers to undergraduate study abroad by offering scholarships to students with financial need, and we encourage those underrepresented in study abroad to apply. The purpose of The GreenPal Small Business Scholarship is to assist a motivated, driven student and future business leader. We believe that the generation of today's students are the future employers of tomorrow.

The future of our county will be forged by the entrepreneurial spirit of today's generation. Applicant must be a High School senior or be currently enrolled in a college of business with a 3. Must demonstrate ambition to be an entrepreneur or business owner and funds must be used for full-time enrollment at accredited nonprofit two or four-year colleges, Universities, vocational or technical schools. The fellowships are intended to increase awareness of grassroots development efforts while building a community of professionals and scholars knowledgeable in the subject.

The normal fees for the MBA,M. The IWC Masters Scholarships are prestigious scholarships awarded annually to high calibre candidates accepted into the Master of Integrated Water Management MIWM and who clearly demonstrate potential to become water leaders of the future.

Scholarships open to Australian and international students. Apply for a scholarship by 1 August. The Department of Archaeology and Ancient Near Eastern Cultures of Tel Aviv University is pleased to announce tuition assistance scholarships for the academic year of The scholarships will be granted to students chosen by an academic committee, based on an academic CV, final grades sheet from the last academic establishment and an abstract of the final paper submitted in the last academic establishment.

Tel Aviv University is currently awarding full tuition scholarships to students from China on the basis of academic excellence. The ISA Diversity Scholarships aim to encourage students of a broader cultural make-up to participate in ISA programs by offering funds to assist with the expenses of studying abroad. A scholarship to study in Japan for the summer. Open to students with at least 1 year of Japanese language prior to departure on program.

As an overseas American liberal arts university, John Cabot has as its mission the goal of creating a community of both degree and visiting students. To recognize the important role visiting students have in promoting JCU's mission, a limited number scholarships are available for visiting students who qualify.

These merit-based scholarships are offered to students whose housing, whether homestay or dormitory, is arranged by KCP, and who are enrolling in the KCP program for academic credit. This scholarship can be applied to our regular term semester , extended programs, or summer short-term program.

It is not currently available to our summer 5-week business and language program. A partial scholarship towards the tuition of the country of your choice for the length of your choice.

The Michele Lavagnilio Charitable Service Scholarship is designed for the Athena student who best demonstrates commitment to a charitable service in his or her community. We at Athena place a high value on giving back to communities around the world, and this scholarship is to reward a student with similar values. The student should have a history of taking the initiative and making the world a better place through service.

The scholarship is in honor of Michele Lavagnilio who helped children with autism through the Cireneo Onlus Foundation.

Recipients will have the privilege of meeting his parents while in Italy. Scholarship participants will be expected to contribute weekly blog entries and a page end-of-program summation essay describing what they are learning, experiencing, and how they plan to use this knowledge and experience in the future.

Partial scholarship to study in Okinawa for a summer. Students must have a 3. Every year Oxford Royale Academy provides financial aid to students who will not be able to enrol on our courses otherwise. Phi Kappa Phi Study Abroad Grants are designed to help support undergraduates as they seek knowledge and experience in their academic fields by studying abroad.

In an effort to make study abroad opportunities available to the widest possible audience, CIEE offers scholarships each year to CIEE study abroad program participants who demonstrate both academic excellence and financial need.

To apply for the scholarship Athena students must devote a day towards a service project of their choosing. During the project, applicants should have a photo taken to be sent in as part of their application. The other portion of the application is a word essay explaining the project, why it was chosen, and what the student learned from the experience. Please note that students participating in an ISA Customized Program are not eligible for this scholarship. Up to one 1 grant will be given each year.

The grant is applied toward the recipient's SRAS account as partial payment of the required SRAS educational program and any optional research services requested. On the basis of that educational program, SRAS will assist the student in obtaining the proper visa and affordable housing, obtaining health insurance, and gaining official Russian university affiliation needed to gain access to many archives.

Optional research services can assist in locating translators and experts in the field, navigating archives, etc. In addition, depending on the program chosen, it will provide lessons in language and other subjects. Upperclassmen juniors and seniors , graduate and postgraduate students in any field of study may apply. The applicant must also apply for an SRAS educational program of at least six weeks in length http: Fall, Spring, Academic Year and Summer students are eligible to apply.

Student must have a cumulative GPA of 3. After each paragraph, go back and make sure that the information that you wrote in that paragraph is a necessary part of sharing your story. Any extra added details will only take away from your core message. This can achieved with the CAR method: First, provide the context of the situation. Next, describe the action you took. Finally, share the results of the situation. Follow this method and the impact of the situations you describe will be very clear to the people that read your essay.

As a college student, you probably already know that technological problems often strike at the least convenient times. You can stay on top of your goal of submitting your essay early by setting a deadline to wrap up the writing process about two weeks prior to the actual submission deadline. Creating weekly reminders in your phone or planner will help you stay on track of your goal to submit your essay early.

Typos and grammatical errors can escape even the most polished writer. In addition to scouring your essay for errors, the person proofreading your essay will also bring a fresh, new perspective to your work.

They can pick out parts of your essay that seem wordy or unnecessary, suggest stronger word choices, or find a way to make your transitions flow a little bit better.

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How to Enter the Study Abroad Scholarships Essay Contest. Interested in the Study Abroad Scholarship? If so, you may want to get writing, because the qualified student who submits the best essay by December 31st wins.

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11 Secrets to Winning Study Abroad Scholarships Elaina Giolando Topic Expert. Here are 11 tips for study abroad scholarship applications that can help make your international dreams a reality. 1. Be Prepared to Work Hard for Study Abroad Scholarships Re-read your essay when it's done.

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A study abroad scholarship is a monetary award for students to use toward the expenses of their program such as travel, course, credits, books and lodging. Browse Study Abroad Scholarships. Study Abroad Scholarships Essay Contest. Phi Kappa Phi Study Abroad Grants are designed to help support undergraduates as they seek knowledge and. Help with Study Abroad Scholarship Essay When you hire us for help with your study abroad scholarship essay, our team will help ensure that study abroad international essay question you are providing is not only relevant and compelling but also that it is free of any and all punctuation and grammatical errors.

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Tips for Writing Award Winning Study Abroad Scholarship Essays by Amira Beasley Sep 16, The Essay: A time consuming, often dreaded part of a scholarship application. 40 Study Abroad Scholarships & Grants to Apply For Now FastWeb: This website will not only help you find study abroad scholarships, but scholarships of all kinds that may help you get through the rest of college. The service is free but offers a number of extra benefits if you decide to register Go Overseas Scholarship to Study Abroad.