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How to Write an If I Were President Essay

What Would I Do If I Were President Essay Sample

❶By clicking "SEND", you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy. Full Answer Research major issues and brainstorm solutions Before writing your essay, think about problems that the world is facing and what you could do as president to solve them.

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How much longer is this going to last? Another problem I hope to work on and fix is our healthcare system. We should focus more on creating a strong system to PREVENT health problems instead of having a healthcare system to cure health problems. It only makes more sense to have a stronger preventative health system, than a health CARE system. Having a healthy population in America would be important to me as president, because each person is important in the growth of our country.

Medical services should also be lowered from the high prices of today. Medical expenses are too high as of right now, and as president I would look to do my best in making it more reasonable for Americans. When it comes to healthcare, I would focus on lowering the cost of medical expenses, and hopefully lower the need for medical attention with a better health system.

Considering terrorism, and our healthcare system, there are so many different problems facing the country today, but I believe that education is also one of the more important ones. Education is not being prioritized like it should be.

Once a student has graduated, there are not always pushed to further their knowledge and education and that is something that as president, I would focus on. One way I will do that, is do my best to work and to compromise with the price of a college education to help make it more available to all students.

If we are able to do this, it can only help our future leaders of America. Education is key to a successful future and without it, we would not have been able to get to where we are today. Another way I will help further education among our younger generation, is by talking to the younger generation face to face. I would like to connect with them and show them that they have a bright future ahead of them. I would do my best to show the students that with a college education or even a college degree, the possibilities are endless.

That is why I believe that education is so important. If I were president of the United States, I would work hard to solve these problems that face our country today and I would do my best to restore the lost faith in our country and our government. If the individual has mental health issues or depression then I would need to encourage the individual to wash hands etc and prompt them to do things e.

I would assist the individual who had poor mobility to wash and dress use the toilet etc. I would take into account the individuals choices and if an individual did not like sharing a It was within this new environment, through the culmination of disaster and response events, that the field of disaster behavioral health was born. Disaster behavioral health refers to mental health care, substance abuse control services, and stress management measures provided prior to, during and following a disaster event for both the victim population and responders.

Reinforcing overall federal responder resilience is especially vital in the With more than companies located The focus on enhancing the comfort of patients and families would help to improve patient satisfaction scores, increase business, and reduce the stress of staff.

Health care is the No. Health care systems present many complex problems that could benefit from operations research-type analysis and applications. OR professionals, however, have generally neglected the field. Eighty of those are academics and Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website.

If you need this or any other sample, we can send it to you via email. Thinking of all the rights you would wrong, justices you would bring and people you would save is exciting. While a president does have a lot of business-like work to take care of, like taking required trips and holding meetings and press conferences, she does have time to concentrate on fixing some of her nation's - and the world's - biggest problems. List a few problems or concerns you have about your country or state.

For example, if you are experiencing flood damage in your home state, come up with a few ways that you would handle the struggle if you were president.

Outline your essay with a graphic organizer. Draw a large rectangle at the top of a piece of paper and label it "Introduction. Connect the boxes with lines to the top rectangle. Title these boxes "Supporting Details 1, 2 and 3. Fill in the graphic organizer Introduction box. Start your introductory paragraph with a "grabber" sentence that will get your reader's attention. For instance, write "It's hard enough in 4th grade to get people to like and respect me - imagine if I were president!

Fill the body paragraphs with problems and ideas for solutions. Choose specific, original goals and problem-solving methods. For example, achieving world peace is a traditional presidential goal, but not specific enough.

Write more specific problems and exact solutions. For instance, write "If I were president, I would make every Thursday 'help your neighbor' day.

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If I were president, I would also make sure that everyone in this country was treated equal and fair. The 13th Amendment to the constitution did abolish slavery, and the 14th Amendment was passed to counter the black codes, but in reality, discrimination still occurs in every aspect today in America.

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If I were to become President of the United States of America I would change some things that are hurting America and keep other stuff that are helping our country become stronger. The central points that I would focus on would be the military, the economy, education, homeland security and the poor.

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The Post-Dispatch and, along with Lindenwood University, asked high school students in the region to write an essay on what they would change if they were president. Fifteen finalists were chosen from the essays entered in the contest, and the public was invited to vote for the top essay. However, being realistic and knowing the president is the leader of the country and a role model for all the people then I must consider all the people's needs. #1 The Welfare System needs restructured. If you can work, work for the State paying you. If you are on disability, you are retrained to work.

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% FREE Papers on If i were a president essays. Sample topics, paragraph introduction help, research & more. Class , high school & college. For this type of essay, you can get creative with your answers and go beyond real-world limitations. Come up with three major problems and your own solutions. Write an introduction. For the first paragraph, introduce your essay and briefly describe the issues you would address as president.