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The Victorian era

When was the Victorian era?

❶Typewriter invented by Christopher Sholes.

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They had to stand still for a long time, otherwise the picture would be blurred! Swinging needles transmit message in code in The first cars appeared during the Victorian times , but only rich people could afford them.

Early car drivers were required to have a special attendant walking in front of the car, holding a red flag as a warning. The German engineer Karl Benz built the first motorcar in It was a three-wheeled vehicle powered by a one-cylinder gasoline engine.

The speed limit for cars was four miles per hour. Guglielmo Marconi, from Italy, is credited with the discovery of radio in We can't really say he "invented" radio. Nobody ever does invent anything from scratch as each "invention" is the consequence of many previous discoveries and researches in this case especially those done by James Clerk Maxwell, Sir Oliver Lodge, and Heinrich Hertz.

Bicycles became very popular in the s. Invention of the penny-farthing bicycle. The huge front wheel was almost six feet from top to bottom.

It had no brakes! This design was used until about when a bicycle with equal-sized wheels was developed. Thomas Twyford built the first one-piece toilet. By , half of all the people who lived in Britain not including the Empire lived in cities. This was a huge change because most people had lived in the country around the start of the Victorian era. Victoria was crowned queen. The SS Great Britain was built — the first iron steam ship.

It travelled over the Atlantic Ocean. Postage stamps were first used, and the Penny Black stamp was issued. About 5, miles of railway track was laid down, and rail travel became common.

The Mines Act said that children younger than 10 years old and also women were not allowed to work in mines. The pneumatic rubber tyre was invented. The Factories Act set limits on the amount of time women and children could work. The first public library opened in Manchester — anyone could borrow books for free. Alfred Tennyson was named Poet Laureate. The first workhouses opened, giving poor people a place to live in exchange for their work. The Victoria and Albert museum opened in London.

The first post boxes were used — painted green, not red! An outbreak of cholera in London killed 11, people. Scientist Henry Bessemer invented a quick way to convert iron to steel, which helped mass production. The National Portrait Gallery opened in London; it was the first portrait gallery in the world. The Science Museum opened in London. A cable was laid in the Atlantic Ocean, between Ireland and Newfoundland so telegraphs could be sent between North America and Great Britain; it took a few more years to get it working properly, though.

India started to be ruled by Britain. Voting laws gave all men who paid taxes a right to vote. The houses of Parliament in London were completed they had to be rebuilt because of a fire in The penny-farthing bicycle was invented by James Starley. A drainage system in London was completed, which helped sanitation in the city.

Queen Victoria was named Empress of India. The first telephones were sold through a company named after inventor Alexander Graham Bell. Thomas Edison made the first recording on a phonograph; Queen Victoria was recorded on a phonograph in The first electric streetlights were installed in London. The Salvation Army was founded by William Booth to help the poor.

You may not redistribute, sell or place the content of this page on any other website or blog without written permission from the author Mandy Barrow. This site uses cookies. See our Cookie Policy for information. Back to inventions main page Victorian Inventions Timeline to Fox-Talbot invented light sensitive photographic paper to produce photographs.

A Scottish blacksmith Kirkpatrick Macmillan invented the first pedal bicycle. His machine was propelled by pedals, cranks and drive rods. The first paddle steamships by Isambard Kingdom Brunel. The first postage stamps Penny Post came into use. The first Christmas card was designed by John Calcott Horsely. The first Morse Code message is sent. Invented by an American called Samuel Morse in Robert Thomson discovered that rubber tyres filled with air pneumatic gave a far more comfortable ride for passengers than solid tyres, but they were too expensive.

London Road in Nottingham became the first road to be covered with tarmac tarmacadam. Before this people had to suffer with roads made from cobbles round stones and pot holes. Sewing Machine invented by Elias Howe. Concrete developed by Monier. Concrete was cheap to make and opened up new possibilities for building. Englishman George Cayley built the first glider to fly by a pilot. The first post boxes are built.

Isaac Singer produced a sewing machine which could be used at home.

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The Victorian period saw many major developments that made travel, communications and trade easier for many people. The railways allowed people to travel cheaply and rapidly, opening up new possibilities for both rich and poor.

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Invention of the penny-farthing bicycle. by British engineer, James Starley. The huge front wheel was almost six feet from top to bottom. and the seat was above the wheel.

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