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Writing your Australian Resume
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First of all you should know that the Australian resume is often longer than you might be used to. Resumes in Western Europe are usually drafted in two pages, whereas the Australian resume can easily go up to five pages for a specialized job.

Therefore, do not hesitate to be specific about your past experiences and personal qualities. Except if you are aiming at a skilled job of course! An Australian resume does not necessary include a picture of you , nor does it specify your age. A resume is not always necessary to get work in Australia. Describe your motivation in two or three sentences.

What you are looking for in a job, and why your qualities make you the right person for this specific job. Remember to specify your availability. This is a very short, but very important part of your resume. The idea is that your potential employer glances at it and makes a decision on whether he or she is interested in reading the rest of your resume in a split second. Provide a detailed description of the jobs you have done in the past. This includes your tasks and the responsibilities you had within the company.

Do not hesitate to highlight what you contributed to the company of your previous employers e. Employers like to see that you show initiative. As a traveler, we often want to get away from the work we did at home and try something new. If this applies to you, emphasize what you did in the past that could be an asset for this new job.

For instance, if you are applying for a receptionist position, specify that you have experience hosting clients at another company. Specify the name of the business and its industry, the start and end dates of your contract, your previous job titles, and the city and country where you worked in. Put your previous job experience in chronological order, with your most recent job on the top. If you have had many jobs in the past, only mention those related to the job to which you are applying for.

This section should include both your degree as well as any professional training you have obtained such as internships. The Australian school system may differ from your home countries. In principle, it is built up as follows:. This section of your resume is reserved for your technical and personal skills.

They should always relate to the job you are applying for. Specify the different languages you speak and your level of competency e. This section is very important when looking for a job in Australia. Considering you are a foreigner, any employer will want to know whether your English is good enough. Let our team of industry experts write your resume for you. Competition for jobs has never been fiercer.

Our writers have had experience within the industry you wish to work. They can create resumes that speak to your future employer on their own terms and in their own language.

With our insider knowledge and writing expertise, with can create powerful and attention-grabbing resumes that put you on top and ahead.

All your information is entered and presented in a way that is the most appealing to your future employer. This includes highlighting things on your resume that your future employer will find important, and downplaying the elements that our team knows will not serve you well. Every CV we produce is custom written. We may use design templates, but the information we enter is accurate, is well written, and is custom written to make sure all of our resumes are original in their own right.

When you buy resume services from us, you get the work of an industry expert and professional. You also enjoy amendments up to thirty days after your order.

Delegate your assignment writing. It’s easy!

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Jan 20,  · Creating a resume (CV) is an important step towards finding a job in Australia, especially because the format might be a bit different from what you are used to back home. This article will provide you with all the tips to create your Australian resume.5/5(2). Hire professional writers from the most trusted resume writing service in Australia. Friendly 24/7 support, money-back guarantee, specials discounts and more! Resume Writing Service - Professional Help is well written, and is custom written to make sure all of our resumes are original in their own right. Benefits of ordering a resume at.