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Theory-based or Theoretical Sampling

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❶Instead, theoretical sampling does not aim for full descriptive coverage, but systematically focuses and narrows data collection in the service of theoretical development.

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Contributions, Logic and Issues in Qualitative Sampling

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Theoretical sampling helps in exploring various hibernating research questions that are eventually evident in the data collection as a theory. According to Glaser and Holton (), Grounded theory that has a data collecting inclination towards theoretical sampling was first derived from qualitative sampling.

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Theoretical sampling is associated with grounded theory approach based on analytic induction. Theoretical sampling is different from many other sampling methods in a way that rather than being representative of population or testing hypotheses, theoretical sampling is aimed at generating and developing theoretical data. Theoretical sampling may not be necessary for bachelor level or even .

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Theoretical sampling is an important component in the development of grounded theories. Glaser and Strauss () describe an iterative sampling process that is based on emerging theoretical concepts. This sampling approach has the goal of developing a rich understanding of the dimensions of a concept across a range of settings and conditions. First of all, both theoretical sampling and snowball sampling correspond to what is usually called "sampling strategies" in qualitative research. 1) Theoretical sampling makes up the classical sampling strategy of grounded theory approach.

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Qualitative Research Overview - The following link provides a full overview of qualitative research, but also contains sections discussing types of sampling methods and methods of participant recruitment. Sampling is a very complex issue in qualitative research as there are many variations of qualitative sampling described in the literature and much confusion and overlapping of types of sampling, particularly in the case of purposeful.