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Résumés and Cover Letters

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❶Leave an adequate amount of white space between sections.

Résumé Requirements

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Include your name, Penn State email address e. If you include an objective, it should be no longer than two lines and should briefly describe your current goal, including the semester in which you are seeking a position e. Bullet points are easier to read quickly than paragraphs; in general, each bullet point should be at least five words and no more than three lines long. Choose a standard font style with a 10—point text size, and use it throughout the document other than for your name and headings, which can be larger.

Be consistent about use of italics and boldface e. Do not underline words for emphasis. Spell out any acronyms the first time you mention them, unless the acronym is widely known e. Write in the third person; do not use "I" e. Include only information relating to your education, skills, professional interests, and work experience.

Do not include photographs of yourself or personal information unrelated to your ability to do the job e. Your spelling and grammar must be flawless. How can I see the jobs I've applied for? How can I withdraw my name from consideration for a job? What can I do if I accidently withdraw from a job? How will I know when the job has been filled? What help is available if I have questions? I'm currently a full-time employee, am I required to complete the on-line application? What document types can be uploaded?

When saving my document, how long can my document name be? Is there a way to ensure that the formatting of my documents remain intact? Who should I address the cover letter to? Who is the hiring manager and how can I contact them? Will I be able to submit samples of my work writing, art work, etc.

Back to top There is a job posted on the website that has been posted for some time. Back to top My email address has changed. Back to top "I forgot my password" is not working, who can I contact? Please contact the Friends of Penn State helpdesk at itservicedesk psu. Back to top How long does it take to fill a job? Back to top How can I log into my on-line account without applying on a job? Back to top How do I unsubscribe to the job notification email? Back to top How can I see the jobs I've applied for?

Back to top How can I withdraw my name from consideration for a job? Back to top What can I do if I accidently withdrew from a job? If you accidently withdraw from a job, you will just need to re-apply on the job. Back to top How will I know when the job has been filled? Back to top What help is available if I have questions? Yes, an on-line employment application is required in order to be considered for a job. Back to top I'm currently a full-time employee, do I need to complete the on-line application?

Yes, we ask that all candidates complete the on-line application. Back to top What document types can be uploaded? Back to top How can I view my application after it has been submitted or make changes to it?

Back to top I've applied for a job and did not upload my materials at that time. List all the experience paid and unpaid that is relevant to the position for which you are applying.

You do not need to list all the jobs you've held. You should list jobs in reverse chronological order starting with your most recent job. However, you may wish to highlight the most important experiences by using two categories such as Relevant Experience or Related Experience followed by a section called Additional Experience. Usually, you will list your job title first, followed by the organization's name, city, and state, and employment dates both month and year.

Next, you will provide additional insight into what you did and the skills you gained by highlighting relevant duties, responsibilities, and accomplishments. Either way, the sentences should be incomplete, without a subject and begin with a powerful action verb. Read more about creating an impactful, accomplishment-oriented experience section here. Provide an accurate description of your responsibilities, but be sure to emphasize accomplishments and outcomes that most directly relate to the employer's needs.

Use numbers and percentages to quantify your successes whenever possible. Finally, try to avoid listing too many duties. The employer does not need to know every detail of a job if it does not relate to the position for which you are applying.

You need to decide which, if any, of the following additional categories you will include on your resume. Imagine every inch of your resume as incredibly valuable advertising space. You do not want to litter your resume with information that does not relate to the position for which you are applying. When deciding to include each category, ask yourself:.

Is this category applicable to me and my experience? Is this category relevant to the position for which I am applying? The job objective tells the employer the exact job title for which you are applying. We generally do not recommend including an objective unless you are applying to a large organization and there are many similar positions available. Located at the top of the resume after your name and contact information, this is a three to five line, bulleted summary of your most pertinent experience, qualifications, and attributes that is customized for the position in which you are applying.

If you have difficulty with self-promotion, a good way to brainstorm for this section is to think about how your best friend would describe you and your greatest professional accomplishments. List academic honors and other awards under the Education section or as a separate category.

Information in this category could include affiliation with national academic honoraries and scholarships. If you have class projects that directly relate to your career objective, include a discussion of these projects as part of the Education category or as a separate category. As in the Experience section, you may wish to include bulleted highlights of your accomplishments using action verbs.

List your computer skills either in a separate category or discuss them in the Experience section. If you are seeking a position which requires extensive computer knowledge, categorize within this section and list your programming languages, systems, and software knowledge separately. If you are fluent, proficient, or have a basic understanding of languages other than English, include this information on your resume.

Also include your level of ability. You may also choose to have a general Skills category that includes both computer and language skills. Your community or school organizational involvement may be relevant to the position. Depending on the relevance, you could simply list these activities or describe the activities with the same level of detail that you'd describe paid work experience. Most Career Counselors now discourage including interests unless the interests are highly relevant to the position for which you are applying and have not been conveyed elsewhere in the resume.

If you do choose to include them, be specific. For example, it is better to specifically list the sports you are interested in e. If sending a physical copy by mail, you should: You can also make an appointment with a Career Counselor or Academic Adviser for individualized feedback on your resume.

Call to schedule an appointment. Utility Navigation Quick Menu I want to Search Portland State Enter the terms you wish to search for.

Resumes and Cover Letters

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Typically a resume should be one page, two pages if you possess extensive experiences related to your goals.

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Sample Resumes. Sample Resumes. Remember, because your resume is usually the first and sometimes the only thing an employer will see about you, it is a critical item in determining whether or not you will be selected for an interview -- the resume is typically the first impression an employer has of you. The Pennsylvania State University.

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Résumés and Cover Letters Before you begin your job search you will need to develop your cover letters, résumés, and other documents. Once you have written your cover letter and/or résumé consider submitting the document for critique to: [email protected] for the Résumé Critique Service. Résumés Basic Tips. The official name of this institution is The Pennsylvania State University (not Penn State). provide additional information about the company that will help to put your experience into context for an American employer (e.g., "second-largest automotive technology company in China").

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Student fine help resume state penn. This course provides for greater use of language is formatting, a readable overview of windows phone platform. Writing a Resume. We encourage you to use the following as general guidelines to develop a resume that best fits your individual needs. In general, list an associate's degree only if it is different from your PSU major and relevant to the position for which you are applying. Make your resume "pop" with help from this CareerSpots video.