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❶What are in essays? Deception is the intention, but unstated, insertion of bias.

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That would allow it to provide actual, factual information, instead of only what the government agreed that the people were allowed to know. Introduction The Egyptian media…… [Read More]. Media Bias in Crime eporting In what ways do the media construct crime images?

In general, the media have tremendous power to influence public thought and opinion, such as by the choice of stories to report as well as by the specific manner in which they describe offenders, victims, and circumstances.

When it comes to crime, the media construct images in various realms, including the relative frequency and risk of certain types of crimes and the public expectation about what groups of people are more likely to be offenders or victims of those crimes.

For example, by choosing to report crimes featuring a white victim and a black offender, the media can portray one race as being composed of more offenders than the other and one race as being composed of more victims than the other. Similarly, by choosing to report more on particularly gruesome crimes, the media can establish…… [Read More]. Bias With Stock Recommendations Following. As Mokoaleli-Mokoteli et al.

According to these researchers, "After accounting for risk and transaction costs, investors do not earn better than average returns from following analysts' stock recommendations" Mokoaleli-Mokoteli et al. There is also the matter of the human propensity to be overly optimistic in those situations where there are complex issues involved, a tendency that has also been well documented in the scholarly research Mokoaleli-Mokoteli et al.

According to Mokoaleli-Mokoteli and his colleagues, "Both analyst overoptimism, as measured by the tone of their report, and conflicts of interest distinguish between new buy and new sell recommendations. This is consistent with the…… [Read More].

Media Injustice and the Media There Was. Media Injustice and the Media There was a point in the not-too-distant past when it was reasonable to perceive the media as a force collectively aimed at informing the public, exposing corruption, surfacing scandal and general performing the responsibility of protecting the people's right to know.

However, several forces have permeated the so-called 'fourth estate,' diluting the media's acceptance of this responsibility. At one end of the spectrum, the growth in value of cable news such as CNN or MSNBC has created a highly monetized and commercially-motivated form of news.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, the increasing visibility of social media such as Facebook and Twitter in spreading news stories has removed much of the accountability or professionalism from our media outlets.

The result is that our media outlets rarely have the motivation to ensure that a well-informed public is made aware of injustice in all its forms. Media Book Critique Tuned Out. A college student talking to an old high school friend through Instant Messaging may send that friend a copy of an interesting article that flashed across the screen. News may not be prime reason for using the Internet but still the Internet is vital for transmitting news and opinion, even of dispatches from war torn areas, or disaster afflicted zones where the conventional media cannot penetrate.

In ages past, sitting around the television watching the news may have had other purposes than information -- family togetherness, relaxation, as well, but that did not discount the information received. Furthermore, the Internet provides a plurality of viewpoints that the three networks and the major city newspapers did not and often still do not provide. One could even make a parallel to the plethora of newspapers of the turn of the century, all biased and slanted and somewhat dubious in fact-checking perhaps but…… [Read More].

Media Representation of Issues in Immigration Is. Media epresentation of Issues in Immigration Immigration is a fundamental element of American history. Centuries ago, immigration was not the issue that it is in the 21st century. There is a very small percentage of Americans that can trace their heritage back to the beginning of the country without at least one family member or even generation of family that are not immigrants.

Around the turn of the 20th century, with the advent of industrialization and the mass exodus from numerous countries into the United States, immigration has been a white, hot point of contention in American culture and American media. The focus of this paper is a very recent article in The New York Times about President Obama's decision to allow a specific demographic of illegal immigrants to remain the country legally providing them opportunities to obtain legal documentation, attend institutions of higher education, and work without fear of…… [Read More].

Media In a one day diary of media consumption, it becomes evident that many of my interactions with the world are via media. I receive most of my information through media forms as well. Even when relaxing, media is something that drives the process. There is also a lot of passive consumption of media in my daily life.

My media consumption will be analyzed through the lens of different media theories. Turow Turow argues that media and advertisers have become exceptionally adept since the s at understanding audiences, their consumption patterns, and how to exploit these. For our part as audience, we have much less understanding of our own consumption patterns.

This exercise was the first time that I had really given thought to my daily media exposure, only to realize that my use of media is constant, throughout the day, and sometimes very passive. I used media forms as…… [Read More].

More recently covered are the accounts of the beheadings of those kidnapped and in yesterday's news, of numerous people killed or wounded in the Iraqi car blasts in Najaf, Iraq. This paper will examine the design and ethical relationships of the media's presentation of the war in Iraq using the attached article downloaded off the Internet for the analysis. It will examine television and the new media environment of the Web, for both have become central in determining both the design and ethical dimensions of the media's coverage of the war in the Middle East.

Turning on the television means establishing a connection with the place of broadcasting and being literally and continually present at the birth of…… [Read More]. Media Failings Medial Failings The media is often assailed for a number of failings. These failings include focusing on the wrong things, not focusing on the right things nearly enough and focusing on the proper things in the wrong overall way.

While the media certainly mishandles class issues and other problems of import, their usual goal is probably not comedy but instead pushing one worldview and viewpoint over another and specifically instead of another. While media in general is largely ineffectual and problematic on a number of levels, some of their activities border on the insidious and starkly negative.

The pull quote from the test pretty much summarizes Diana Kendall's summary of American media in a nutshell.

To show the quote again and in its entirety, it was "rather than providing a meaningful analysis of inequality and showing realistic portrayals of life in various social classes, the media either play…… [Read More].

Media Representations of the Israeli-Palestinian. Four of his movies are still amongst the top 20 earners of all time. Making of Schindler's list and setting up Shoah foundation; which filmed disturbing tales from Holocaust survivors portrayed Spielberg as an ultra Zionist by most. The view after Munich has somewhat changed and most American and Israeli Jews criticized the movie and labeled it as portraying Israeli's as murderers while popular belief amongst Jews is that of retaliation.

There is the hit squad, Bombs used in beds, in cars and even in phones with gruesome gun fights and cold blood executions by Mossad operatives representing Jews as killers.

A neutral viewer may argue that the movie lacked details on Palestinian terrorists portrayed only as targets rather than human beings with feelings. Spielberg managed to deliver what the news media missed.

No spice but reality, mistakes and regrets by both sides. He managed to explain what impact this…… [Read More]. Bias Few Things in the. Without taking into account these factors, strategic planning will not measure up to the requirements of planning adequately for the future. The author also notes that the complexity of strategic planning is increased by the flexibility of the all the factors involved.

Thorough analysis is therefore required to construct a viable strategy that takes into account as many factors as possible. As an example, Habegger Beginning as a way to enhance the innovative force of the British industry, the strategy has grown to include social, ecological, technological and political aspects.

One part of this improved strategy is the "Horizon Scanning Centre," established in Its two core activities include the Sigma Scan and foresight projects. The Sigma Scan involves an information basis for all foresight activities, based upon…… [Read More]. Bias in the Curricula. Bias in Curricula Native American Bias in K Literature There are many artifacts used in curricula that illustrate a racial bias towards marginalized groups.

American Indians are one such group adversely affected by stereotypical and offensive portrayals in educational material and literature.

Native Americans are typically not even mentioned in American history textbooks past 6th grade curriculum. When they are referenced, it is often in terms of Pilgrims and Thanksgiving. Other times they are depicted as adversaries to be defeated in the "settling" of the West.

As far as most Americans have been taught in the educational system, Native Americans virtually ceased to exist after In addition, there exists a very pervasive and subtle dehumanizing Native American stereotype that has become ingrained in American popular culture i. These misrepresentations -- and the misperceptions that follow - are commonly held by all Americans, and have…… [Read More]. Media and Politics - The. Thirdly, the growing up-to-the-minute exposure of the journalists to the physicality of the war detracted from the big picture and instead exaggerated the importance of singular happenings and specific events.

It is in the loss of the big picture that the Bush regime is most able to capitalize on its military's control of the press. While in the s, the President's father struggled with "pooled" journalists and the lack of coherent and stable eye witness accounts, the current President instead embedded an army of over journalists inside the United tate's military campaign as they waged war on the unsuspecting Iraqis. There is a pretty fine line between being embedded and being entombed," observed Dan Rather in response to the Gulf War of the s.

With the American journalists and those internationally desiring the protection of the winning force fully embedded with the American soldiers at war, the military operation…… [Read More]. Media Manipulation Does the American. As an example of this tendency, Parenti writes that when it comes to a conservative issue, NPR National Public Radio , perceived as a liberal institution, interviews a "right wing spokesperson" alone.

But when it's a liberal issue being discussed, NPR has a liberal and a conservative on together. Some media use "labels" like "the president's firm leadership" and "a strong defense" without offering any details as to why the president's leadership is "firm" or the defense is "strong.

Another kind of manipulation mentioned by Parenti is "Framing": It is also in the branch category of the most growing industries in today's global economy. However, the industry is faced with controversies from other sectors such as culture and politics.

Implications of the social media and media personalties have always been at the limelight, especially with how the youth and children perceive what they see and hear from the media. It is therefore, necessitated to review how the current global culture allows for the continuity of the world of media. Reading Discussions According to Kaya and Cakmur, media has been a centre-stage in Turkey die to the linkage it has to politics.

Turkish media is…… [Read More]. Media Coverage of the Scott Peterson Case. Media Coverage of the Scott Peterson Case man allegedly slaughters his pregnant wife in cold blood! This sensational headline for the sensational case of Scott Peterson could very easily and ironically, accurately sum up the details of Peterson case.

Peterson is accused of pretending to go fishing on Christmas Eve, killing his wife and his unborn son because of anxieties about becoming a father and because he desired his beautiful mistress more, and hiding the evidence. Then, he is accused of fleeing the investigating team by dying his hair, abandoning his mother and father in law during their hour of grief, and hiding out with his own parents. AS such, the Peterson legal case in terms of reportage provides few challenges in terms of supposedly non-legitimate media outlets such as The New York Post, for example, or the celebrity driven show "Extra!

These media outlets might be challenged…… [Read More]. Media How Technology Shapes Society A society is a conglomerate of people who, for some reason, are throw together in a particular bounded region.

The group has to make laws that will govern their actions and they also determine how they will live together in the most productive manner. But, there are events and devices that some say can change the way this group of people behaves and what laws they will make for one another.

For example, an early hunter-gatherer society subsisted on what they could kill and find. Then someone invented the hoe, and they became cultivating societies Keel, This meant that the people did not have to roam so far afield to find they needed to exist.

Thus they could stay closer together and build up societies. Small events sometimes shape great changes in society without the people within the society realizing that the invention will…… [Read More]. Bias Intercultural Communication and Leadership. How will you deal with others in your workplace who feel they have no biases but you are aware that they do? I think that sensitivity training and diversity education should be mandatory components of all workplaces. This type of training should include self-administered questionnaires like the HIAT to raise awareness about the commonness of prejudice and also role-playing and discussions about different assumptions and communication styles.

I should note that I do not believe that explicitly 'calling someone out' on their prejudices and shaming them is particularly helpful; firmly presenting an alternative point-of-view or way of looking at the situation is much more effective.

Organizations must also have strong and effective anti-discrimination policies to reduce bias. This can help all workers. A more accurate depiction, however, is that we all have bias of one kind or another.

Media Television Industry Narrowcasting Is. Government officials and elected officers become unwilling to provide limited public funds to broadcasters whose audiences are becoming smaller, forcing public service programmers to reach for larger audiences with different types of program content.

Digital signage networks for narrowcast advertising are becoming part of the mainstream and not some sort of on the edge experimental medium reserved for the daring and advanced.

It isn't particularly surprising that narrowcast digital signage networks are entering the mainstream. Advertising buyers and…… [Read More]. Media has the ability to shape how people view the world, how they perceive different issues and media can also have a direct influence on behavior in society as well. With political ads, the objective is direct behavioral influence, the behavior being voting, so the media role with these ads is a content-dependent relationship. The ads are intended to bring about a specific behavior, but the ads are also intended to change perspectives and dialogue, both about candidates and about the issues for which those candidates stand.

This paper will examine two advertisements from the Presidential election campaign, one from each side, in order to illustrate this concept. The copy of the ad is hilariously childish to anybody who understands anything about foreign policy…… [Read More].

Social Media in Healthcare Organizations Social Media Social media increasingly integral part healthcare organization's website online strategy.

Write a -- page excluding title reference pages Using social media in healthcare organizations Social media are a new way of co-creating and collaboration on content with others. With social media, they can disseminate information in real-time and link groups of people around common issues. Any website or platform that allows users to publish and share information with each other is referred to as social media. The information shared can be videos, photos, or messages.

Technologies for social media are in different forms namely wikis, internet forums, social blogs, podcasts, magazines, weblogs, social bookmarking, videos, and…… [Read More]. American Media Representation of Islam. The role of the citizen ahs evolved from occasional foot soldier and activist to spectators. Those who seek public office invest heavily in efforts to shape news coverage of their candidacy. The returns from this investment provide them with leverage over public opinion, by setting the public agenda or by projecting a general impression of competent leadership Sampling Techniques eveal Media Psychology The first study of focus regards perceptions of news media bias and how individual and interpersonal factors affect those perceptions.

The sampling method used in this study is non-probability. The researchers worked in conjunction with an international marketing company. The company contacted a massive quantity of people via mail inquiring for participation via mail and via telephone; they had more than , participants. They collected data using surveys and questionnaires. The authors were concerned with drawing participants across levels of income, gender, race, and marital status.

They made more than one adjustment to their sample group before sending out the questionnaires. They used the census data to draw on populations across age, population density and household size. Role of Media and Its Effects. This viewpoint contrasts sharply with the ways in which disasters, and those affected by disaster, are portrayed by the media.

Tierney and colleagues' article "Metaphors Matter: Disaster Myths, Media Frames, and their Consequences in Hurricane Katrina" illustrates that the public draws much of its information about ongoing disasters from media outlets which both create and perpetuate a series of negative myths which do nothing to alleviate the suffering of those directly impacted by disaster.

Hurricane Katrina serves as a strong example of the manner in which a media framework can directly…… [Read More]. Gender Bias in Coverage of the Rio Olympics Over the past centuries, gender bias has been one of the dominant issues in the Olympic games.

In the recent concluded Olympic game in Rio, media have been found using the sexiest languages to refer the female athletes. Based on the tone of the commentators, it is clear that women athletics are treated differently compared with the male counterpart in sport.

The commentators lay emphasize on clothing and physique rather than their abilities and performances. Analysis of more than million words from academic papers, newspapers, and social media reveals that men are three times mentioned than women referring men as big, strong, fastest, or real.

However, women are…… [Read More]. The question at hand is whether the mass media is simply a representation of the broader cultural values, attitudes and stereotypes of a society or whether the mass media is involved with shaping the same rather than just being a reflection or representation. The author of this response does not mean to be non-committal or waffling but the answer is actually a little of both. There are some instances where mass media is simply just groveling to the masses but there are some instances where narratives are being established and cultural trends are being written.

What is true in a given situation usually depends on the situation but it is not entirely hard or difficult to tell which is happening in a given instance.

While mass media output is…… [Read More]. Media Is Playing a Major Influence in. In the case of the Arizona immigration law, a.

Arizona S it is giving the authorities the power to arrest, detain and deport illegal immigrants. To fully understand the media coverage of this issue requires: Once this occurs, it will provide the greatest insights as to how this law could be redefining the overall scope of the debate on this issue based upon the coverage that it is receiving.

Archibald, What message does the media piece try to portray? Was it sensationalized or objective? The message that media is trying to portray is…… [Read More]. Profiling the criminal behavior of rampage perpetrators is one of the main areas of focus in the social science research community. Gender, mental health issues, social exclusion, genetic susceptibility or predisposition, and ultimately, violent media, are most of the factors that guide researchers in the field, seeking to develop broader frameworks of understanding rampage violence.

Over the past three decades, 78 cases of public mass shootings have been registered by the Congressional Research Service An FI report indicated a rise in typical mass shootings, from 6.

Most of these public mass shootings have been found to occur either at workplaces or at schools across the United States. The proliferation of mass shootings over these past few decades has further brought into the public and academic's attention the…… [Read More]. Media Accounting analysis is an important step in determining the overall health and well being of a particular business organization. Accounting practices must be correctly aligned with the larger, overall business strategy as laid out by the leadership of the organization.

Accounting analysis feeds into the larger financial picture of the company and provides a means to audit and improve the often difficult task of keeping track of the many exchanges and trades.

To successfully analyze Fairfax media, is ultimately necessary to perform a solid accounting analysis on the company's practices. This being an external evaluation, requires a certain amount of circumstantial inference to help fully describe the implied accounting methods used in this large company. Fairfax must incorporate four important financial documents to fully gain an understanding of their accounting practices. The income statement, the balance sheet, the cash flow statement and the statement of changes in equity must…… [Read More].

Media in America as the Fourth Estate: From Watergate to the Present During the 's, the role of the media changed from simply reporting the news to revealing serious political scandals Waisbord, The media's role during Watergate was viewed as the mirror that reflected the most that journalism could offer to democracy: This became a trend in the American media and journalism had high credibility in the years that followed, and a great increase in journalism school enrollment followed.

However, during the 's and 's, this trend withered away. Investigative journalism is no longer rampant the firmament of American news. While the tone of the press was self-congratulatory in the post-Watergate years, the state of American journalism is currently viewed in a less positive light.

For the elite, the shift in journalism is welcomed. Media World and Its Power. Social Influence Media and the role it plays in shaping society The media plays an essential role in shaping socially-acceptable behaviors in U.

TV media in particular tends to be biased in presenting the masses with information. By concentrating on sensational stories and on concepts like violence and sexuality, the media has the tendency to put across a false portrayal of society and thus influences people to believe that they need to uphold particular ideas. In many areas violence rates remain constant, but the media has been seen to introduce more stories related to violence in these respective territories.

This is largely because ideas like violence and sex make the masses more interested in wanting to become acquainted with the news. There is a relationship of…… [Read More]. Media's Role in the Presidency and How.

Specifically, it will analyze the way the President is being treated by the media. The media can support or detract from any presidency, and the media always has an opinion. Bush suffers in some media, and is championed in other media, and that is to be expected for such a public and visible figure.

The President and the Media President George. Bias and prejudice may be the result of national pride and chauvinism as may be the case for Japanese scholars' denial of the Rape of Nanking or personal or professional rivalry as in the Browning-Goldhagen controversy; on both of these issues, see Evaluating Contradictory Data and Claims ; perhaps an author's bias and prejudice is a result of a specific agenda he or she wishes to support see Historiography ; or perhaps it simply reflects the author's ignorance and resulting ignorant worldview.

When writing about history, our ability to detect and identify such bias and prejudice is a valuable and necessary skill. Please note that bias and prejudice, although they may invalidate an author's claims, do not necessarily disqualify that author's work as a suitable subject for consideration.

If you do include references to biased and prejudiced works, however, be sure to qualify your references by pointing to the works' underlying bias. Note that even secondary sources written by reputable authors are not immune to bias and prejudice. Be sure to carefully examine any author's premise, argument, and methodology to ascertain whether he or she has consciously or unwittingly pursued the above strategies.

You are even more likely to encounter prejudice and bias in primary sources: On this, see also fiction. Finally, beware of presenting biased or prejudiced views of your own, or manufacturing dishonest evidence.

When writing, seek to avoid the pitfalls of the four negative strategies described above - on which, see also Don't s and The Ethics of Quoting. For instance, if I am reporting on a corrupt politician, and I report on a bribe taken, citing false or weak sources to strengthen my story, I have inserted an occult bias when the reader expects objectivity; hence, deception. If I am writing an editorial, deception is more subtle, because it is assumed that I will be biased, and that I am trying to convince others of my position.

If I use tactics other than simple persuasion, I am being deceptive. For instance, if I am trying to convince my reader that political corruption is the greatest danger to our democracy, and I create an impression that it is more widespread than it actually is, I have deceived. So, as a consumer of writing, public speaking , or other mass communication, it is important to know whether someone is trying to report or persuade.

Next, one must decide if deception is being used. The greatest protection against bias and deception is to consume information from many, and diverse sources.

If you are a Democrat, it is foolish not to listen to Republican speakers. If you are a cardiologist, you must not just read literature from drug companies, but also read original research from as many sources as possible.

Intelligence requires eternal literacy. The RMF board election has been counted! Check out the results. This essay is an original work by PalMD. It does not necessarily reflect the views expressed in RationalWiki's Mission Statement , but we welcome discussion of a broad range of ideas. Feel free to make comments on the talk page , which will probably be far more interesting, and might reflect a broader range of RationalWiki editors' thoughts.

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Essay:On Bias. From RationalWiki. This essay is an original work by PalMD. It does not necessarily reflect the views expressed in RationalWiki's Mission Statement, but we welcome discussion of a broad range of ideas. Unless otherwise stated, this is original content. [tags: culture, bias, norms] Good Essays words | ( pages) | Preview. Racial Oppression and Counseling a Client from an Ethnic Minority - It is pertinent to study the history of racial oppression when preparing to counsel a client from an ethnic minority if the counselor is from the majority culture. The problem is it would be difficult.

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Bias in Financial Reports This essay examines sources of bias in financial reports and therefore considers a range of principles and theories. Users of financial statements need the information contained in financial reports to be free from bias. The Problem of Media Bias essaysMedia plays an important and powerful part in America. Millions of American citizens consult their television sets for the news. They .