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What were the results of the Crusades?

What Were the Negative Effects of the Crusades?

❶They also gained a desire to trade with the rest of the world when they saw the silk, spices, art and literature of the Muslims.

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What Were the Crusades and Where Did They Take Place?
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The most important long term effect of the crusades is the increase of religious intolerance. For example, there has been a constant power struggle between the Jews, Catholics , and Muslims over the birth place of their religions; Jerusalem.

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Long-Term Effects of the Crusades on the Middle East Eventually, it was Europe's rebirth and expansion that finally created a Crusader effect in the Middle East. As Europe asserted itself during the fifteenth through nineteenth centuries, it forced the Islamic world into a secondary position, sparking envy and reactionary conservatism in some sectors of the formerly more progressive Middle East. Effects of the Crusades. Effects of the Crusades The Crusades kept all Europe in a tumult for two centuries, and directly and indirectly cost Christendom several millions of lives (from 2,, to 6,, according to different estimates), besides incalculable expenditures in treasure and suffering.