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What Is an IF, or "intermediate Frequency"?

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❶The main reason for using an intermediate frequency is to improve frequency selectivity. The incoming broad range of many radio stations were "mixed" with an oscillator that can be simply tuned with a dial - this produced sum and difference frequencies and usually the difference frequency became the new "wanted" frequency.

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The intermediate frequency is created by mixing the carrier signal with a local oscillator signal in a process called heterodyning, resulting in a .

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If the demodulation circuit had to be wideband (say, able to work for any frequency from MHz for FM), keeping a flat response across the entire frequency range would be difficult. Instead, the tuner is wideband and then beat (heterodyned) to a single intermediate frequency and sent to a very optimized demodulation circuit.

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RF vs IF This page describes difference between RF(Radio Frequency) and IF(Intermediate Frequency). It also explains how one frequency is . An IF, or intermediate frequency, is a transitional radio frequency situated between two other frequencies. It is often created by mixing two frequencies together via a signal enhancement process called heterodyning.

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RF = Radio Frequency (LO + IF) IF = Intermediate Frequency (LO - RF) Relation Between RF and IF: See the figure below. When the IF is up-converted (The frequency of IF is increased) through an UC (Up-converter) by adding it to the Local Oscillato. Other articles where Intermediate frequency is discussed: superheterodyne reception: This different frequency, called the intermediate frequency (IF), is beyond the audible range (hence the original term, supersonic heterodyne reception); it can be amplified with higher gain and selectivity than can the initial higher frequency.