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❶Millions of people around the world have no access to clean drinking water.

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Which ESL News Articles Should I Choose for My Students?

What's on in Spain: Seven reasons to love September. Podemos premature twins doing well thanks to prayers, free healthcare, and breast milk donations. Has tourism in Spain reached its peak? Spanish sex workers demand equal labour rights. Top ten Madrid bars serving free tapas, one for each barrio.

Learn a new language. Learn a language in three months and get all your lessons for free Anyone who says learning a foreign language is easy is pulling your leg. Discover Spain's breathtaking national parks From mountain ranges and volcanic landscapes to wetlands and ancient forests, Spain boasts a total of 15 national parks just waiting to be explored.

Seven dishes for seven islands: Seven habits you will never be able to truly master like a Spaniard. Ten really great reasons to take a Gap Year in Spain. The reason international students are flocking to the French city of Lyon Two recent graduates of EMLYON in Lyon explain why both the business school and the city are perfect for ambitious students seeking international careers.

New government in Spain. Problems pile up for new Spanish PM A million people demand independence in Barcelona and another minister steps down Spain's ruling Socialists tops new poll and would win early election. Madrid begins talks with Catalan separatist leaders. Spain's new culture minister resigns over tax fraud after just one week. Spain's new government brings mix of hope and disillusion.

Six reasons expat parents should consider distance learning or boarding school A new academy is shaking up traditional distance learning with a combined approach that strikes the perfect balance for expat families. La Manada sex attackers chased away from Seville public pool They may have been freed to walk the streets despite a conviction for sexually abusing a teenager during San Fermin festivities in Pamplona, but having fun is proving easy against the strength of public opinion against them.

Police arrest 'Wolf Pack' sexual abuser over theft. All sexual acts that don't begin with a 'yes' deemed illegal. Moroccan fruit pickers complain of exploitation and harassment in Spain. The weird and wonderful ways Spain celebrates midsummer. One million protesters rally in Barcelona for Catalan independence More than one million Catalans took to the streets of Barcelona to demand independence on their national day.

Seven things you need to know. Catalan separatists plan show of strength at Barcelona demo. Catalonia independence crisis one year on. Spanish PM asks Catalan leader to talk to those against independence. British expats in EU launch Brexit legal dispute. Spain chosen for new anti-piracy base after Brexit.

Spanish and Irish foreign ministers play down Brexit no-deal. Ten colourful Catalan phrases you should learn right now To celebrate La Diada, Catalonia's National Day on September 11th, The Local takes a look at ten of the most colourful colloquialisms from Spain's northeastern region. Velazquez's ladies-in-waiting spruce up struggling Galician town. Why the Spanish Civil War continues to haunt Gothic literature.

Extras needed in Andalusia as Netflix series films on location in Spain. Off the beaten track: Ten of the best secrets to discover in Barcelona. Six reasons why Benidorm is so much better than you think Leah Pattem thinks everyone should visit Benidorm at least once in their life.

These are Spain's ten weirdest museums. Ten incredible natural swimming spots in Spain. Spanish taxi drivers call off strike. Ten 'English' words adopted and adapted into Spanish Have you ever noticed that some words used in Spanish seem familiar yet don't sound quite right?

Spanish bid for gender neutral constitution sparks row. The eleven most annoying Spanish false friends of all time.

Spanish health minister resigns over 'mastergate' scandal Another scandal over how a politician gained their masters degree has claimed a scalp. The 14 best books about the Spanish Civil War. Germany reaches agreement with Spain over returning migrants. Spain's new PP leader hit by degree scandal. Energy, EU, migration on the agenda as Macron heads to Spain. Spain just passed a decree allowing exhumation of Franco More than 40 years after his death, dictator General Francisco Franco is about to be exhumed from his tomb.

A year on, suspicion and silence in Spain jihadists' hometown. Questions remain as anniversary of Catalonia attacks approaches. Spanish mother jailed for hiding with sons to escape domestic abuse. New construction boom threatens Spanish coastline New building projects are springing up everywhere along the coast of Spain.

Barcelona vetoes 'capsule housing' plan for low income workers. Spanish homes half price on one condition: Spain court to rule on extradition of Swiss whistleblower 'within 15 days' A Spanish court is due to decide within two weeks whether or not to extradite Herve Falciani, a former HSBC analyst who leaked documents alleging widespread tax evasion, to Switzerland.

Strike in Spain planned for Amazon's Prime Day. Spain's Bilbao fights to lead European wind power sector. Spain accuses CaixaBank of laundering Chinese money. Spain court rules against Deliveroo in landmark case. Paris Metro chiefs move to make nightmare Line 13 more bearable but Parisians are not impressed.

Demonstrator sentenced to five months in jail after giving Hitler salute. Ryanair deal with Italian pilots concluded but strikes to go ahead. Norway police find missing WikiLeaks associate's kayak. Vienna knife attacker gets life sentence. The intern's guide to surviving a summer in Spain. Spain's jobless queue shortens in thanks to tourism. El Pais newspaper appoints first woman editor. Sunshine slavery warning issued over 'tout' jobs on Spanish islands.

Tourism is a solution, not a problem The closure of an iconic pastry store in Barcelona prompts James Blick to reflect on how tourism must work to prevent cities from becoming wastelands of sameness. The 'stolen babies' trial in Spain finally shines a light on a scandal that cannot be forgotten. Spanish actor detained to face judge in row over 'blasphemous vagina' The actor Willy Toledo has been detained over 'ridiculing God and the VIrgin Mary".

It is not only for native English students. World, entertainment, science, health and sports are a few of the exceptional topics your students can choose from. Each news story is presented in a concise article or video for your students to really dive into. Given the target demographic of this website, the content is made to be easier to understand than traditional news articles. The printables have great questions relating to the material which your students can discuss in groups, pairs or with you as a class.

An exceptional ESL exercise you can add into your lesson plan is making use of one of the informative printables available on the site. For example, there is a great printable on Antarctica. You can pair your students up and give each pair a worksheet printable discussing the geography and history of Antarctica. They will have to collaborate and discuss the answers to the questions relating to the material they read. It is a great visual lesson with reading, writing and communicative ESL sub-skills.

The Smithsonian Tween Tribune was developed by the Smithsonian Institute to encourage K students tweens in particular to further their knowledge about the world around them while taking part in it by writing. The articles are submitted by young adults under the guidance of their teachers and professional journalists around the world. It is an amazing and unique online news resource that promotes community and learning. There are various news topics posted on the Smithsonian Tween Tribune with three student grade sections to choose from; Grades K-4, and You can utilize these sections to choose level appropriate material for your students.

There is also a teacher page where you can sign up and enjoy other benefits of using Smithsonian Tween Tribune in your classroom. You can use that question and expand on it in your lesson plan, really developing some great conversation skills in your students. Here are a few great follow-up questions using the question at the end of the Smithsonian Tween article discussed above.

You can utilize this question to spark more interest in your students and build on a question with some excellent follow-up questions. Follow-up questions are essential for furthering their comprehension of the material.

This can be a group, pair or classroom discussion with collaboration. You can also mix in some ESL writing skills, encouraging your students to write a short article of their own about the topic. The New York Times Learning Blog is a reputable online news resource geared toward students, influencing them to take part in their world through reading. Using this online news site will have some excellent benefits for you and your students. Allowing them to read and understand news from one of the most famous news publications in the world will build their confidence and overall ESL skills.

You can incorporate the questions at the end of each short article, making them really put their English thinking caps on. Here are a few excellent example questions from this Learning Blog post:.

There are a lot of ways to use news articles to make your lesson more interesting and informative. Build on the articles with visual aids, utilizing pictures referencing the main topic. You can pair our example article and questions above with this short video from The New York Times. The great thing about the Learning Blog is that all the content is free.

The Entrepreneur Online Magazine is an excellent online news article resource for your intermediate, upper intermediate and advanced students.

This is an especially handy resource if some of your students are business-oriented and have goals regarding business promotions or consulting. The Entrepreneur Online Magazine is full of excellent articles covering start-ups, technology, business leadership, psychology and philosophy. Many ESL students will employ their English skills outside of the classroom as well, reading the Entrepreneur Online Magazine or subscribing to the print magazine to further their knowledge at work and home.

You and they can find Entrepreneur at a discounted rate on Magazine Line , along with many other great magazines that may be relevant to their interests and career paths. You can really put together a thought-based list of questions that will challenge your students to think and respond in English about topics they have never spoken about before.

Your students can also build a vast vocabulary, business and academic, while utilizing this online news resource. Put your students to the test using this example article from Entrepreneur Online Magazine:. The New Yorker is where you can really put your advanced students to the test. The New Yorker is a challenging read for your ESL students, allowing them to build their vocabulary even further while processing professional writing.

They will be able to employ deep English thinking due to the in-depth content The New Yorker contains. Since this content is written for adult, native English speakers, this is a great resource for adult ESL learners and covers news, culture, books, science, technology and business. Below are a few great questions for your students to ponder and respond using this article from The New Yorker. Let your students read a paragraph or two before pausing for discussion.

Ask them about new words and phrases they may have encountered while reading. With over 7 years of teaching experience to students worldwide, he enjoys the many aspects of culture and traditions different from his own. Stephen continues his search for writing inspiration, boldly enjoying life to the fullest.

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