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What life would be like without the television?

3 thoughts on “Can You Imagine a World Without Paper?”

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But, Laptop batteries cannot be recycled, and if you are only doing a small amount of work you may be wasting energy, so it may be better to use a renewable resource like paper from trees. A day without paper is all about students learning more about technology in an educational way. It is also about helping the environment.

We need our trees. And the trees need us to help them. Another way to help is to use the backs of more paper and then put it in the recycling. I learned that you can save 9 gallons of water each day if you turn the water while brushing your teeth. Also, a five-minute shower is better than a bath.

Another way to save trees and our earth is used reusable bags for groceries. Everything comes from natural resources.

Only in Suburbia can Cars be seen as a Necessity Many millions of Americans do not have cars, either through choice or lack of financial means. In New York City, even those who can afford them may not get one, because of difficulties in parking them. Add to this the many US college students who live on campuses, a large number of whom have no car of their own. How would life be without bifocals? Life would not be good right now. People would be struggling how to read. They would be struggling to see far away.

What would be our life without plants? You would just die right when you get born. What would life be like without dragonflies? Well, if there where no Dragonflies there would be a whole lot more pesky bugs such as Mosquitoes and flies which we dislike. How life would be without sound? Presumably we would all have to communicate by sign language rather than by speaking.

There are many other consequences, for example, we could not be woken up by the ringing of an alarm clock, and if we needed to be woken up at a specific time, we would probably use some kind of vibrating alarm clock that we could feel.

Music would not exist as an art form, which would be a terrible loss. Despite all these things, human civilization could continue to function.

What would life be like without meat? We would probable be all healthy from eating all of the Veggies. Or, more likely, we'd all die from lack of vitamin B B12 is not available from strictly plant sources.

It's made by bacteria, so it's possible to get and remain vegan, but you have to deliberately go out of your way to do so. What life would be without animals? Without animals, there would be no flowering plants. There wouldn't be coral reefs, either, because they are made of the remains of countless small animals. If animals had never evolved, humans wouldn't exist, either, because we are animals. What would life be without internet?

Work would be very menial and tedious. Lots of paperwork and faxes. Business communication would be much slower. Education would be duller and probably harder for teachers and students. People would not be able to connect with as many people socially as fast as they can today. Newspapers and TV would be the main source of entertainment. Phones would be the main source of communication. How then would life be without physics? Much of modern civilzation is based on physics, even things as primitive as moving rocks with a lever, or building a wheeled cart to carry food and other goods, or chopping down a tree efficiently with an axe.

Without the use of physics, and the tools that use its principles, mankind would exist in an uncivilized state comparable to the apes and monkeys. How life would be without bones? You wouldn't be able to walk, or talk and do anything so it would really suck! What life would be without electricity? How would your life be without sateillites? We lived - quite happily - for many many centuries without them.

What they have done, mainly, is to speed up previously available processes - such as weather forecasting, communications, and scientific monitoring of the planet. You'd lose your GPS systems, but maps were fine for many people.

You'd lose instant TV pics from the other side of the world, but would that matter too much? You'd lose the Hubble space telescope - and that's serious, but not a major impact on most people's lives. What would life be without opposition?

If there was no opposition, there would be no need to substantiate or disprove arguments about religion, politics, and policy. The world would be very corrupt, as the person who could lie the best would hold power both in government and private enterprises.

Opposition keeps those who hold power honest. On a scientific level, there would be less advances made in science, because collaboration criticism, and discussion breeds new ideas and theories etc. From an artistic perspective, there would be no creativity because everyone would think similarly, dress similarly, and like the same movies books and music.

What would life be without the bicycle? Today in the Western world, not many people actually need bikes, so our life would be pretty much the same. Less developed countries, where bicycles are very much part of everyday transportation would be more affected.

With people dependent on walking pace growth of cities would be different. What would life be without ladybugs? Life would be great without lady bugs How would life be without gravety? And we need to hold on something to move, but if we don't hold on some thing we can't move. How would life be without money?

I know money is needed for almost everything, but money really cant buy everything. Despite the old adage, money can and does buy happiness. Money is the difference between having a home and sleeping on the street. Money is the difference between eating a warm meal and starvation. If you don't believe that money can buy happiness, head to the store and buy yourself a puppy or a chocolate bar and rethink that old saying.

What would life be without telescopes? How would life be without hearing? What would life be without physics? In fact not much would be known to man. How would life be without fuel? No cooking, no heating, no travel - and also without all the things that are brought to you by travel, so no post, nothing in the shops etc etc. What life would be without fractions?

To some, life would be absolutely amazing without fractions! A whole lot of people hate fractions and would much rather just use decimals all of the time. But I would say that consistency is the key to boom. Could you post the actual link? When you are out and about or oot and aboot as we say here in Canada , there are times when you want to capture information quickly, either for future reference or because it is some sort of action item.

Last year I started going back to paper notebooks, but a combination of technologies has seen me swing back to all-digital and paperless capture in One of the friction points when capturing information on a mobile device is that you need to fire up an app, start a new note or find an existing one , and type.

This is still true, but on iOS I have fallen in love with an app called Drafts. It starts up quickly, and when it launches it takes you right to a new note in edit mode. The best part is, from there you can quickly send it to all sorts of different apps and services like Evernote for reference or a to-do app like OmniFocus for action items. It can even create or append to text files in Dropbox. My poor lonely notebook. Do you do something like on Android or do you have another iOS app that you like?

Regarding a noisy stylus — the soft fiber tip capacitive ones found at Boxwave and other places are great. They work well and are silent. I used to scan my monthly bank statements and utility bills, usually to Evernote. No I use FileThis for Windows.

Notes — Either Evernote or sometimes Wordflowy which is a server-based note taking and outlining tool. I find it a little cumbersome to work with but love the fact that it gives you an email of all the changes you made to your notes by email the following day.

I had trouble installing in on my Win 7 machine, but it works with Win 10 Enterprise like a charm. I too use FileThis on a Mac though and I find it really good. I know that we could rely on the storage of individual financial institutions and utilities but it is so much more convenient to have the documents delivered directly to Evernote and have everything in one place.

Do you use receipts software? I am still using Neat for receipts and it works very well. I suppose the downside is the proprietary software,. Brooks… So glad to have found you on Asian Efficiency. I have been wanting to go paperless for years but do not have the time to figure it all out like you have. Reading through this blog I see I am familiar with many of the tools that you use and explain how to work everything together.

I can now put on my to do list this year to transition to paperless with confidence. Looking forward to learning more. But people like me come to a resource like you for quick info. Frustrating enuf to just nit bother reading this at all. It was a very average suggestion. I add my voice to pleas help with this. IFTTT is a great collection tool.

Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. A while ago, there was a great suggestion from an awesome reader: Before I get into it, three points: Quick Capture I'm sure there are post-it notes somewhere in my office, but I don't know where they are.

I tend to capture information or tasks in one of three ways: Shopping Lists I don't use any special software for this, I just have a variety of shopping lists in Apple's Reminders app. Reminders Another nice thing about the Reminders app is it is built-in sharing. To-Dos For my to-dos, I need something a little more powerful than Reminders. Brainstorming I am a big mind mapper.

Calendar You can imagine my shock and dismay when I came home, and my wife had a paper calendar taped to the fridge. Either way, all these notes end up in Evernote.

Password Using the same password everywhere is a recipe for disaster. Books I like paper books, and I do still read many books on paper Having said that, the majority of book reading I do is digital.

Magazines I have shifted all my magazine reading to the tablet. Instruction Manuals I hate having instruction manuals for my purchases all over the place. About the Author Brooks Duncan helps individuals and small businesses go paperless. Leave a Reply 27 comments. Philip Owen - August 30, Reply. Survey App - May 24, Reply. Sandra - January 30, Reply. Thierry - January 17, Reply.

Brooks Duncan - January 21, Reply. John Murray - September 7, Reply. Bryan - July 9, Reply. Bill Lindner - January 27, Reply.

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From the moment you wake up in the morning, paper is a part of your life. But what if one morning paper didn’t exist? Interested in helping the environment? I read about this project that the 4/5 classroom created. The main idea is to conserve energy and help the environment. So, without using.

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The digital lifestyle is upon us and some people are determined to live a life without paper replacing paper with iPads and tablets.

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By Alexander Burbello. Since paper was first invented by the Egyptians, call ed papyrus, and later reinvented as the paper we use today by the Chinese, we have been consuming more and more paper every day.. Do you know how many trees are required to produce paper? It’s hard to believe, but twelve trees are needed to produce one ton of paper, and that doesn’t include the many necessary. Is it possible to go totally paperless? Probably not, but here is how I do as much as I possibly can to live a paperless life and create a paperless office.

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Mar 02,  · HOUSTON — THE birth certificates for my children, born here eight and four years ago. The receipts that prove I paid property taxes on the trailer home where we used to live. My children’s. Could we live without paper? Summary. Education is also a major testing ground for life without paper. What if students could take their exams on computers? Test We, a French start-up, offers software students can install on their own computer to take their exams. To prevent cheating, the software makes it impossible to exit full-screen.