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Homework Help: Graphing calculator scene project

homework help graphing calculator

❶Simplifying Using the Distributive Property. The most commonly used are:


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Through the use of algebra equations, tables of values of ordered coordinate pairs, and plotting on the Cartesian coordinate plane, students develop a deeper understanding of what it actually means to plot the graph of a function.

The primary function when it comes to graphing calculators is the ability to input a function and have its graph appear in a manner of seconds. There are countless features available to analyze and manipulate the graph. The most commonly used are:. Most application problems you know, those dreaded word problems about trains, planes, projectiles, maximizing revenue, finding the normal force or coefficient of friction in algebra classes can be more easily solved and understood when graphed.

The majority of us are primarily visual learners, and a graphing calculator greatly adds to the learning process. It has to work for you. For the high school student who just got comfortable using a regular scientific calculator last year, it is best to start with a more basic model, such as a TI or TI Both are quite user-friendly, with large easy-to-read buttons and excellent display of numbers, functions, and parentheses or brackets.

It is used to find the value of the angle when you already know the ratio. Many calculators have so many extra functions mapped onto the keys that it can become cluttered, difficult to read, and overwhelming. It is more cost effective and probably better for the learning process, to simply stick with the tried, tested and true models that students have been using for years.

Be sure that the calculator you choose is able to do what you need it to. There are many incredibly powerful things that the latest models of graphing calculators are capable of doing. Some are more tailored towards graphing inputted data for statistics courses, while others are designed with algebra and calculus students in mind. There are countless apps available for the TI brand of calculators, for all variety of subjects and courses.

They can usually be found for free on the texas-instruments website or even directly on developer sites. Many TI app websites exist. At the high school level, having a good quadratic solver app is invaluable. Once students understand the graph of a parabola and how the a, b, c values affect its shape and intercepts, they usually learn how to use the quadratic formula equation.

It is a tedious and time-consuming process that eventually results in determining the x-intercepts or roots of the quadratic equation. Some students who struggle with arithmetic can complete perhaps 2 or 3 problems in 10 minutes or so. With a quadratic solver app, the roots are solved instantly and we are also offered a graph of the equation, its vertex, maximum or minimum value, and a variety of other characteristics commonly tested in high schools around the world.

Students should of course know how to find the values by hand, and the calculator simply comes in handy as a tool to check answers and confirm understanding.

Parents ask me this all the time, and my answer is always YES. There are a variety of reasons that begin with but are not limited to:.

Like we said earlier, it really depends on what you are going to use it for. The chart at the top of this page compiles what are, in our opinions, the top 5 choices out there right now. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of Amazon. Take a photo or link of your question, and email or text it to us.

How can you possibly choose? Benefits of using a graphing calculator vs. Second, the nature of the visual input allows you to intuitively manipulate algebraic equations through the clever use of brackets and stored answers from previous lines of work. This is extremely useful when working with precise numbers involving many digits and scientific notation think mole calculations in chemistry or force of gravity calculations in physics.

Third, the ability to use and edit programs. There are countless programs, particularly within the Texas Instruments community, that will simply make your life easier.

And yes, there are games available — but as a teacher, I cannot vouch for their use in improving your grades. Learning how your Graphing Calculator Works The sooner that students become comfortable with the functions and capabilities of their visual display, the easier it will be to solve complex problems in an efficient manner.

Graphing Capabilities Of course, it is the graphing capabilities that most students want to make use of when they are first using a graphing calculator.

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