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Sheikh Zayed Mosque or Grand Mosque In Abu Dhabi | A Photo Essay

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Everyone should be aware of these persons and take care that Mosques funds be used for charity purposes. Mosques are made for the prayer and when the large number of people gathered together at the time of prayer, they presents a very picturesque and spiritual scene. In Mosques great care is taken to make the place impressive and comfortable. Art is employed in such places in the service of religion, and this is the real function of art.

From the religious places, you can judge of the aesthetic and artistic tastes of the people. There mosques must be kept clean and beautiful. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Like Us On Facebook. English Essay on "Problems of Karachi City" Karachi is the center of trade and economic activities, in past, it was regarded as The mosque was commissioned by the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb in , with construction overseen by the Emperor's foster brother, and Governor of Lahore, Muzaffar Hussein - also known by the name Fidai Khan Koka.

During the First Anglo-Sikh War in , Ranjit Singh's son, Sher Singh , used the mosque's large minarets for placement of zamburahs or light guns which were used to bombard the supporters of Chand Kaur , who had taken refuge in the besieged Lahore Fort.

In one of these bombardments, the fort's Diwan-e-Aam Hall of Public Audience was destroyed, but was subsequently rebuilt in the British. In , the Samadhi of Ranjit Singh was built for the Sikh ruler Ranjit Singh at a site immediately adjacent to the mosque after his death. In the British seized control of Lahore from the Sikh Empire. During the British Raj , the mosque and the adjoining fort continued to be used as a military garrison.

The 80 cells built into the walls surrounding the its vast courtyard were demolished by the British after the Indian Rebellion of , so as to prevent them from being used for anti-British activities. The cells were replaced by open arcades known as dalans. Because of increasing Muslim resentment against the use of the mosque as a military garrison, the British set up the Badshahi Mosque Authority in to oversee the restoration and to re-establish it as a place of religious worship.

From then onwards, piecemeal repairs were carried out under the supervision of the Badshahi Mosque Authority. The building was officially handed back to the Muslim community by John Lawrence , who was the Viceroy of India.

In April , after the Amritsar Massacre , a mixed Sikh, Hindu and Muslim crowd of an estimated 25,, gathered in the mosque's courtyard in protest.

Extensive repairs commenced from onwards, when Sikandar Hayat Khan began raising funds for this purpose. Restoration works begun in continued after the Independence of Pakistan , and were completed in at a total cost of 4. In , replacement work on the red sandstone tiles on the mosque's large courtyard was begun using red sandstone imported from the original Mughal source near Jaipur , in the Indian state of Rajasthan.

As a gateway to the west, and Persia in particular, Lahore had a strong regional style which was heavily influenced by Persian architectural styles. Earlier mosques, such as the Wazir Khan Mosque , were adorned in intricate kashi kari , or Kashan style tile work, [4] from which the Badshahi Mosque would depart.

Aurangzeb chose an architectural plan similar to that of Shah Jehan's choice for the Jama Masjid in Delhi, though built the Badshahi mosque on a much larger scale. Entrance to the mosque complex is via a two-storey edifice built of red sandstone which is elaborately decorated with framed and carved paneling on each of its facades.

The massive entrance and mosque are situated on a plinth , which is ascended by a flight of 22 steps at the mosque's main gate which. One of the rooms is said to contain hairs from the Prophet Muhammad's , and that of his son-in-law Ali.

After passing through the massive gate, an expansive sandstone paved courtyard spreads over an area of , square feet, and which can accommodate , worshipers when functioning as an Idgah.

The main edifice at the site was also built from red sandstone, and is decorated with white marble inlay. The mosque has three marble domes, the largest of which is located in the centre of the mosque, and which is flanked by two smaller domes. Both the interior and exterior of the mosque are decorated with elaborate white marble carved with a floral design common to Mughal art. The Great Mosque of Cordoba was built in one year. Made from a variety of materials including stucco, marble and wood.

Between the years of and it was built over a Visigoth church. Due in large part to J In eight pages Islamic architecture and art are examined in a comparative analysis of these mosaics. Seven sources are cited in t In ten pages this paper examines the Islamic cultural importance of mosques with 3 famous examples provided. Nine sources are cit This research paper offers an over-all summary of the debate over whether or not New York City should allow construction of an Isl The majority of the country is geographically in Asia, where, to the east Bypassing Spanish Christian survivors that were huddled in the mountains of northwest Spain, Muslim armies pushed on an

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Also, in a mosque there is calligraphy writing that decorates the walls of the mosque with passages from the Quran and the Shahadah. It is a reminder to the Muslims of the importance of Allah's words.

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- Mosque as A Place of Worship Introduction Mosque described as a place which servers both as a house of worship and as a symbol of Islam. In Islam a masjid is a house of prayer. Mosque is symbolically very important to Muslims; it is a humble way for Muslims to rebuild a .

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Essay about Mosque Mosque A mosque is a place where Muslims meet to worship God (Allah). The word 'mosque' is linked to an Arabic word meaning 'prostrate oneself' and it is a place where Muslims bow before God (prostrate means bow down). Mosques are generally rectangular. Essays from BookRags provide great ideas for Mosque essays and paper topics like Essay. View this student essay about Mosque.

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The Mosque is one of the most popular assignments among students' documents. If you are stuck with writing or missing ideas, scroll down and find inspiration in the best samples. Mosque is quite a rare and popular topic for writing an essay, but it certainly is in our database. In this essay, I will be discussing the role and function as well as the main features of the mosque in the Muslim community. The word mosque is defined as a ‘Muslim place of worship’. It is very important in Islam because it is the place where Muslims humbly face their lord, prostrate to him.