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Costing the Minimum Service Package (MSP) for Health Service Delivery in Sokoto and Bauchi States

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Here’s a map of the Greater Melbourne area:

It will be our regular full and tasty breakfast and will include Reggie Robbins very tasty and traditional Pussers train smash for all to enjoy. If you have any queries re this payment please ring Gary Swanton on and he will be pleased to assist you. Next gathering is on the 3rd April at the Grand Central. Can you put on QSO please John. Paulette would love to know if anyone remembers him and can tell her a ditty or two!!!

Details for one of my three brothers who were quite some years older than me. I still have one brother living and he is 10 years my senior. Denis circa Denis home on leave c Rowan 27 December Name: He died 2 days after their 52nd wedding anniversary. Enlisted - Navy Cerberus 27 July I remember when I was about 7 he took Mum and Dad and myself on board one ship, so that we could cross over to the other ship when they were berthed side by side at the old docks on the Brisbane River.

We also visited the aircraft carrier Melbourne on another of his shore leaves. You can imagine my memories of such a huge ship at that young age, and the fact that Aeroplanes were lifted up and down on the vast decks. It was quite windy that day and my eyes would have been like saucers. Den also did some other Navy work overseas that apparently was not listed against his name for future reference!!! He was dirty about that little lot.

Then he was on the survey ship Paluma for a while. I remember he was a very fast typist and was able to take Morse straight onto the big machines that produced a paper tape with holes in it.

He played the trumpet and sang, and while overseas he used to take the mouthpiece with him into town and busk to make money for a beer. N under it but then had Jiminy Cricket tattooed on the other forearm. He ended his days telling Irish jokes of a morning on a radio station in Townsville - always the scallywag with a fine wit. You probably have no knowledge of him, but your mannerisms often remind me of him.

His wife still misses his company very much. Whilst the reunion is still over 2 years away, we all know how fast time flies and it is vitally important to the success of the reunion that early planning gets underway. To register your EOI , please follow this link: Updates will be provided via email to all those registered and via information posted to our media platforms, ie National Website , RANCBA Vic website and via our FaceBook page where in excess of people are now registered.

The organising committee look forward to seeing you all at the reunion in The Brisbane Mob 13th February. The next gathering will be on the 6th March at the Grand Central.

Sadly Tex passed away in Cairns yesterday 14 February. They will now be reunited in that great Messdeck in the sky. Rod Ellis is handling arrangements but there's no funeral just a memorial TBA. Tex had no family I understand. As I can't access records after I presume this is Tex and that he continued to serve until at least He may have then discharged or signed on to complete 20 years service.

Can anyone confirm this is Tex? You have the right Tex Daley, he went on to complete his Had postings to Coonawarra and the Duchess in the 70's.

Have attached a photo of Tex and Max Prewett at the Brisbane 96 reunion. Many thanks to you John for the time and effort you put in to keep this site up and running. I am sorry to have to tell you that Les died on the 27th of December after struggling this last year with cancer. His local navy friends have been informed through Ray Thompson, but I would be grateful if you could inform the wider community. His funeral is at Clive Voss of Wangaratta Vic passed away after a very brief stay in hospital.

Clive was born 12th September and joined the RAN on 24th August official number R for a term of 6 years. After failing his Tel course twice, he battled on and finally passed. He paid off after 6 years on 23rd August Clive and Yvonne attended a number of Regional reunions and most would remember the last two years - Wodonga and Port Fairy. Sometimes things hit families hard. They lost a son approx 3 months ago and then Yvonne had a fall and broke her hip she leaves hospital on the 6th Jan.

Although a bit late I've only just got the school photo , here are a couple of photos for the picture board if you wish to put them up. I gave a quick brief on the award and then presented the girls with their certificates at the Yr 12 Graduation Assembly on 23 November. Saint Mary's Office Sent: Thursday, December 07, 2: Alan and Sonja Hellier Subject: It will be held on Sunday 11 February commencing at 9am. Are you able to let your contacts know about the service? We have been in contact with Navy Headquarters and will invite the Local, State and Federal members for this area.

Is there anyone else we should advise about this event? Also to Shorty Moffatt for the interesting newsletters. Josephine and I wish you and your families and to all who read the website a great Xmas and a safe, healthy and happy new year and hope does not go as quickly as this year.

The weather was absolutely glorious, probably too warm as the temp in Sydney touched degs C, but out on the best harbour in the world, no one had any worries. We all started to muster from The vessel got under from Darling Harbour and made its way to Circular Quay for other people joining and then away we went.

Then back to the table you had selected there was no allocation sit with your friends where ever. He then handed the mic to me and as President, I felt very honoured to welcome all and I just named a few. It was then that I mentioned Brian Gray and how, when we had discussed this outing at our RANCBA Meeting, on return home, I contacted him and within 2 hours, I had a response and with a very good deal, so I asked to put their hands together and show full appreciation.

It was then time to resume spinning yarns and renewing friendships, having a nice cold refreshment and viewing the best harbour in the world. Have inserted some photos, so I will let you put a name to the face. This email is going out to all Alison Armstrong's gmail contacts. If you haven't yet heard, I am sorry to let you know that Alison had a severe stroke early on Monday morning 26 November and passed away peacefully on Wednesday 29 November. We are trying various avenues of contacting people to ensure all those who would want to know are informed.

Please feel free to pass on the information to anyone we may have missed. The funeral notice was in today's Courier Mail Saturday 02 December. Frances Morgan granddaughter on behalf of Alison's family. I had the privilege and honour to Lay a Wreath. This Service is held on the closest Sunday to the sinking. This then brought to the end of another Service. The display will remain until end of April next year. He also spoke on the Naval Helicopter role, also the Naval clearance divers and not to be forgotten, the Naval band entertaining the troops.

If I have forgotten others I apologise. The exhibition is excellent and I recommend anybody venturing down that way to go and have a look. The Museum continues to grow as do the displays. They now have a very professional base with a full time General manager as well as a marketing manager. You can all be assured that their future is secure along with guaranteed growth. For those not aware they have a restored Wessex helicopter and a Grumman tracker from the Melbourne.

Rachel and I took advantage of this visit to do some research for our next Regional reunion which will encompass Vietnam Vets day and will be held at Phillip Island. The dates are Thursday the 16th to Sunday 19th of August Further information on this reunion will be released once we finish planning in a few weeks.

We will have all the accommodation and other general information then. We have had a meeting with both groups and have a further meeting on the 6th of next month and then we can publish all relevant information.

I would love to see a turn up of or more as the RSL will be looking after us well out of the cold. We just have to finalise accommodation providers and other RSL arrangements. There will be a number of excellent activities during the reunion and this will be well covered in future updates. The weekend commenced with a meet and greet on the Friday evening in a function room at the park. This was a lovely evening where we demolished 10 KG of beautiful Portarlington mussels.

We also had some entertainment between a signalman and a submariner with plenty of banter. We actually had 3 ex submariners for company that weekend - Titch, Les Thurgood and our new recruit Mo. Next back to the park for idle chat and a few drinks prior to heading to Curlewis golf club for dinner. John Falks home club. A lovely dinner and then back to the park for a few quite ones before hitting the sack. Sunday included breakfast and then our goodbyes. It was a very relaxing catchup and great to see those that made the trip.

The following weekend saw a number of us front up to the Melbourne town hall for the Navy Victoria ball. This included the full Navy band, all split playing many different types of music during the evening.

They were absolutely outstanding and went a long way to creating an outstanding evening. There is a possibility that there will be another in two years time at the same venue which could even become a Tri Service ball.

A new exhibition opens at 2. In all 13, RAN members saw service in Vietnam. The ships sailed , miles nautical and fired , rounds of ammunition.

Many images, video and artifacts will convey diverse stories and incidents, many which have not been available for the public to see previously. The exhibition opens on Saturday the 18th of November and will remain open until the 1st of may The event is open to the public and individual invitations will not be issued. The attached bulletin is currently being shown on the www. Ex-Service Associations are welcome to re-promulgate the bulletin in their own online or mail-out resources.

This is an open invitation to members of the public to attend the Memorial Service and pay their respects to those Allied personnel who lost their lives in that gallant action.

Guests wishing to lay a wreath will be given the opportunity to do so during the service. There is no requirement to RSVP. So please read and give this a lot of thought. Follow this link for the. All were asked to stand and turn and face the Northern end of the Pool of Reflection and here two 2 Mounted Light Horsemen, wearing the uniforms of that period and carrying. Perth Comms Get Together Hobart The clock was turned back nearly 50 years when a group of communicators who served on the Perth during the first two Vietnam deployments got together in Hobart a couple of weeks ago.

Some had not seen each other since so it was good to catch up and reminisce. A few managed to take in the sights of Hobart and surrounds which included a trip up to a very windy Mt Wellington and also a bus ride and boat trip around the rugged coastline of Bruny Island. Hopefully the next get together will be a bit sooner. First photo left to right: Second photo left to right: Give it a lot of thought and come along, meet with old friends and make new ones.

Assuming we get a similar number to last year we will have the top deck set up with our own buffet etc. Graham Bence is in Sick Bay Been in sick bay now for over 12 months. First event that happened in August last year I wen to Canberra for a trip.

Went to the War Memorial and then tripped down the stairs. Broke the ligaments in my left leg. Just about got over it and then in July this year I found out I had cancer of the throat. Chemo treatment has been fortnightly and it seems to be going OK. I feel OK most of the time but have bad times as well. I have a CT scan on Monday, this is the first since I started treatment and I hope every thing turns out alright.

Regards Graham All the best for your treatment Graham, we will be thinking of you. Thank you for sharing it with us. Best wishes for a good outcome Graham. This is an unexpected next cruise update on our next venture for a 19 day cruise from Singapore to Sydney on Carnival Spirit our last cruise ship. The group on the last cruise were all very keen to do this cruise, so here it is. This is a hastily put together notification due to the possibility of getting a very good deal by acting quickly.

This is the crux of the information from Kath at Helloworld Travel Rowville - phone 03 to enable a very good deal. Helloworld Rowville will have a cruise week next week and for bookings in that cruise week there will be an extra onboard credit. The cruise line - Carnival - is also having a cruise sale next week - Monday 2nd October.

This sale could be cheaper prices and extra onboard credits and a bottle of Bubbles for each cabin. The best thing is to ring Kath on the above number and get all the latest information. Rachel and I have booked our flight to Singapore out of Melbourne on the 3rd of June. Maybe we could all do a bit of sightseeing for a few days prior to joining the ship.

At a later date we will put out some accommodation options to enable us to do some group things prior to the cruise!! This is a very hasty update to get to as many people as possible to take advantage of the cruise company sale next week. This could be very interesting if it is similar to the last cruise sale offer. I will have further information in a couple of days or weeks as things progress.

In the meantime if you are unsure of anything please give Kath on the above number or me a call on A number of Regional reunion have asked for a catch-up prior to next years regional reunion in Phillip Island over the Vietnam vets day weekend. The weekend getaway is being held at the Big4 Bellarine holiday park during the above weekend.

The park is owned by the same family as the Anglesea Big4 where we held a regional reunion a number of years ago. The park is located on the Bellarine hwy 10 km prior to Queenscliff.

It is about a 20 min drive from Geelong. The parks phone number is 03 to book. The sites are huge and beautifully laid out and we have a very nice discount on 2 bedroom cabins.

Also we are all located in the same area. The park has amazing facilities both for adults, but especially for children, including a lovely indoor heated pool. If interested just check out the parks facilities online. The weekend is very casual, with everybody bringing their own breakfast for both mornings plus food for the meet and greet on Friday. It will be possible for us to order pizzas to be delivered. The boss is assisting us with either a bus for the Saturday or dinner on the Saturday night.

When he returns from his holiday I shall work this out with him. We will also visit the very famous and dangerous Port Phillip bay heads. For lunch we will visit the Jack Rabbit winery. This winery has views across their vines and Port Phillip Bay to the Melbourne city skyline which are amazing. John Falk is making sure we are well looked after by the owner. Depending on what we receive from the park owner, we will either have dinner at the park or visit a casual restaurant close by.

We will take care of this so there is no Stress. It should be a very layback weekend with little work required by everybody. Please take advantage of the heated indoor heated and there is a feast of things at the park to keep kids amused.

Below is a list of those that have booked and the following are either in the process of booking or showing strong interest in attending: Come join us for a low key, fun weekend. The following is the list of those booked. That's all folks - see you all soon. Engage simplifies the process of accessing support by providing information on not-for-profit services available from a range of service providers. Engage will be operated by the Department of Defence, with data maintained by participating service providers.

No need to advise me you will be attending, but you can send in your apologies if unable to make it. Finger food will be provided.

The club has an excellent bistro if you would like to have dinner before the meeting. All positions on the committee will be declared vacant, so please consider nominating for a position on the committee to keep our association alive and kicking.

Our association needs and values your membership. Come along and mingle with old shipmates and make new friends. Details of payment is shown at the end. Please find attached the information flyer and disregard the cut-off date of 17th October. Last years luncheon was successful and I wouldn't want anyone to miss out for this year so get your Ship Association to have a table or 2 or more and see how many we can get.

If anyone has special dietary requirements, please let me know and I can let the caterers know. Kind regards, Mary Hon. As you know, Sydney Harbour is the finest in the world, and what more could one wish for, sitting back cruising around the harbour, a nice cold ale or wine in one hand, a delightful meal and more important with friends and a family.

Herewith booking details and further info re wharf and time to come aboard etc will follow: Assuming we get a similar number to last year I will have the top deck set up with our own buffet etc. Regards, Gary Swanton Ph: If you know of any former shipmates who may wish to attend please advise them.

If your card has only five numbers the older cards or does not have a MyWay card on the reverse side, you will need to get a replacement card 3. This is on top of the other credits we receive such as ex defence and group credits. Please call Helloworld travel Rowville - phone 03 and speak to Karen.

If anybody would like further information regarding what we will be doing onboard and when ashore, please call me on at anytime. For those not aware, the cruise is 12 nights departing Sydney Monday 21st of August , returning on Saturday 2nd September. Karen at Helloworld travel can provide all other booking details as well as onboard credits available apart from this booking credit, ex defence credit and other credits for our group.

I will put out a final update just prior to sailing as a refresher. Please track down the previous updates on whatever site you are on reading this on or call me as above. The ship slipped its lines on the 20th May at Overseas Terminal, Circular Quay and made course for Melbourne - nice run.

Arrived Melbourne and here we had to stay another 24 hours due to rough seas and gale force winds predicted in the Bight. It was a little lumpy but not any problem. Arrived Fremantle and most had a day of touring etc. We met with friends from a previous cruise. Attended by the Captain, Staff Captain and others and very well attended by fellow passengers.

From there a course for Colombo Sri Lanka bit hot and sticky with ocnl rain showers - monsoon season on the way. Then on to Dubai - Here ALL had to attend anti piracy drills, darken ship, no one on upper decks between sunset and sunrise - visions of Captain Philiphs movie - Tom Hanks. Dubai nice but don't think I could afford to live there.

Then back to the Red Sea, back in anti piracy mode. We arrived at Aqba - Jordan - couple nasty neighbours there , Syria on one side and Iraq on the other. From there into the beginning of the Suez Canal. We anchored over night and first light , the pick hauled up and we were the lead ship of 25 ships in convoy big buggers they kept Formation one very interesting. Then we were due to head to Rijeka but unfortunately one of the passengers had to be helo medivaced off, so ship did a course to Corfu and here the Greek Coast Guard carry out a very successful helo transfer.

Then onto Venice - wow - what a place - don't worry about getting a car licence, a helmsman or cox'n tickets would be more appropriate. Last night had to seat on the deck, beautiful weather, cold ale or wine in the hand and we had the most beautiful music by the Venice Symphony who came on board and played.

Life is hard, but we doing our duty and carrying the flag. Len Eaton leaton ecn. She has asked that I advise fellow communicators that: Keghead has just passed away, it was all very peaceful and she is currently at the hospital with his grandson and her best friend.

Our thoughts are with Ruth at this difficult time. Ruth has advised that Ken's funeral service will be on Tuesday 6 June at 1. More information will be passed on as it comes to hand. The response from his shipmates, along with their kind thoughts, is overwhelming. Greatly missed by Ruth and fondly remembered by his shipmates see below. The following advice on the wake has been provided by Keghead's daughter Dearne.

The funeral is being held Tuesday 6th June , 1. After I explained that I did not want to go to WA he offered to swap. He went to W. I have always been very grateful for Keghead's offer to swap and will miss him. RIP and smooth sailing old shipmate. Was very saddened to hear of the passing of Keghead.

I know that he has been unwell for some time, however he was a great bloke and I considered it a privilege to be called his friend. Nobody ever read morse better than he. Sleep well my friend and you will be welcomed into the wireless office in heaven. From Trevor 'Percy' Percival: Sad to hear of Keghead's passing. First time I met him was at the Brisbane Reunion where he entertained us all at the Woolshed one night.

He will be missed by all that knew him. Condolences to his family From Ken Swain: It was with great sadness when I received news from Ruth of the passing of "Keghead". I first met him in at Albatross. I was in another room within the CRR and heard this purest of morse emanating from whe wireless office. I really thought it was being sent via an Automatic Morse Machine. I strolled in to have a look only to find Ken sending this great "drop" on his beloved "side wanker".

Closely followed by his student, Allan Murgatroyd. Indeed all over Australia. I bunked with Murgy Alan Murgatroyd , on whom Keghead had a huge influence. Served later with Murgy on the Supply when we collected it in UK and brought it back. It didn't ring a bell until he was frustrated sufficiently to identify himself as 'Keghead' — how embarrassing — I could have sat on the proverbial Threepence and dangled my legs over the side.

We had a good chat for a while and reminisced a bit about the 'smokies' at the Molonglo etc. I don't know what happened in the days that followed as I am a Brisbane native and took my natives' leave along with other Brisbaneites. Rest in Peace Ken, and smooth sailing. My sincere condolences to Ruth and the family. Simo From Nipper Napier: He is gone but will not be forgotten.

All the best, Ian Pfennigwerth On behalf of the Yachtsmen Scheme volunteers, you are invited to attend the Dominion Yachtsmen Scheme Plaque Dedication Ceremony.

He then made a Welcome to all and then the Hymn Amazing Grace was sung — here a Sailor from the RAN Band came forward to lead the singing, but unfortunately I did not take down his name, so for this I do apologise.

A Prayer for the Navy and the Blessing. All were then Invited to join in Morning Tea at the Historical Bldg, a very short walk from the Chapel, and by this time, the sky had started to clear as heavy rain had been predicted, but someone looked after us, so a quick decision was made to set up outside. Here the feed back that I was given by many that had attended both the Service at the Chapel and then with the Morning Tea, was very positive, and for many, this was their first encounter with the Navy and they had nothing but praise, but more so for the volunteers who had provided the refreshments.

So to all, I cannot thank you enough for making this day, that most of the NOK and friends of deceased something they will remember. Some of the guests. When I asked where she got that from she then informed me that she had been on the RANCB site looking for any information at all on her brother Dennis.

Cheers, Kev Ruwoldt Hi Kev Details for one of my three brothers who were quite some years older than me. Scoops From Shorty Moffatt: When I saw the sad passing of my old mate Tex, I could not believe as I always thought he was indestructible. Sonny was a great bloke good Sparker and a pleasure to have a beer with. Here I caught up with many that I had previously served with or had met on different occasions. This was followed by the Last Post and before the Minutes Silence, the Chaplain asked all to reflect back and remember those who were lost that night.

Yeoman Kev Cullen who I had known quite well. These were just some that I reflected back, but there were others also. When I was Reading his BIO prior to inviting him to address all in attendance, his career was outstanding in such a short time and he was so young, but I would have to say, if any Associations was in need of a Speaker, he would be my first choice , and also when seated beside him for the Dinner, a delightful person, and as of the 20th January , Commander Fleet Air Arm.

Unfortunately his wife could not attend as she was in Newcastle with their two young daughters for trials in a State Hockey Team, but also and it was hard to believe, he had just flown in from Europe that morning after attending a Conference. There are very few formal events arranged for the purpose of Service and Ex-Service men and women, Mariners and others with a keen interest in Defence to gather together socially.

This is such an event, the second in the last decade or more organised by the NCCV with specific support from the Royal Australian Navy. With you suport, the Ball will match the experience which was a wonderful experience for all that attended. If you have a noticeboard at your disposal, please print off a copy or ten and place them where others may learn of this opportunity. We are very pleased to advise all those booked and others planning to attend that all activities we have been planning have now been put into place including Bus quotes.

We feel sure that this will be another very enjoyable regional reunion. The list of those currently booked appears below and I am aware of quite a few more that intend to book. We have a 57 seater booked same as Wodonga and a 20 seater.

At the moment the only time we can fit in the holiday park mini golf that they have offered to run and provide prizes is 4 pm on Friday prior to the meet and greet. I will confirm this in the next update. In the last update I requested that people bring a plate. Feel free to use your imagination on whatever else. Unless you are bringing your own speciality could you please text or email me your choices, so we don't get too much of the same.

We will also be providing cocktail frankfurts as well as Pizzas. BYO drinks for the meet and greet. Breakfast will be Bacon and Eggs, Hash browns, toast etc plus hopefully Reg Robbins famous train smash. In the next update I shall have a detailed list of the activities on the Saturday. If anybody has any queries so far please give me a call on for clarification. Pleased to report that he is looking a lot better than he did at our Australia Day BBQ His leg wound has healed and it is just a backside bed sore that is the problem now.

Particularly for sleeping and sitting. He is eating and drinking much better than a few weeks back and I think with the cooler weather in March and April he should be able to join us for Anzac Day. The march might be too much, but I am sure in a good wheelchair I will be able to push him up Anzac Parade and tempt him back to the Canberra Bowling Club for short while after. Follow this link for past updates on Keghead. There is no seating at the venue.

Contact David MacLean Due to forecast inclement weather, the Voyager memorial service will be held in the Variety Pavilion, off Saw Avenue, Kings Park at Anyhow, I'm definitely happy I stumbled upon it and I'll be book-marking it and checking back frequently! You said it adequately. I carry on listening to the news update talk about receiving boundless online grant applications so I have been looking around for the most excellent site to get one.

Could you advise me please, where could i acquire some? Generally I do not read article on blogs, but I wish to say that this write-up very forced me to try and do so!

Your writing style has been surprised me. Thanks, quite nice article. The Journey The Original Goal: Act II Disclaimer. Contributed by mm May 10, 1: Our household balance sheet, along with monthly, year-to-date, and trailing 12 months comparison, are shown below: This Post Has Received Comments.

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I have at times been presented with a Brisbane Melbourne Sydney option from some posts and I have always ruled Sydney out as I did myself 3 years ago. I have you might say always suggested Melbourne well I knew Bob would say Brisbane several factors allowing 1 A job for the poster 2 Style of living 3 Weather…applied to many Well shock horror Allowing the three factors e. Does it need another So? For many the weather is a key factor and as you will read Brissie can get humid but heck id rather suffer 6 weeks of that if you do suffer than the everlasting winter of Melbourne It feels like it goes on forever What else wont I miss….

There is or was as it has to keep changing names a facebook called revenue raisers just for updates where these things are. Now again Brisbane will have speed tarps but not at this rate…As I say around suvs deployed across Melbourne just to hide and catch you. I was lucky and escaped…. Its other little things though like charging you to go to the tip and at some rate. Well they do some good stuff and it would be so much funnier reading about said fence when alcohol was consumed id have loved to have been at the meeting mmmm we need a rabbit proof fence …seconded What were they thinking???

So Bob got it right with Brisbane that does not mean I and many others got it wrong with Melbourne but my point I make here is if your escaping say UK for the chaos of the M6 M25 and city madness of a more sensible life of say 80s populated USA or UK. You have to give Brisbane the thumbs up. So Melbourne Sydney Brisbane…. Im not sure… is your question? Very funny Haha and Sincerely Thank you Its like living in a whole different country.

Heck I know its a different state some miles away. To experience the difference though is so nice, had I gone from Brisbane to Melbourne ouch, no that would not be good. Whilst we all want different things, who wants to come home with bits of steering wheel under your nails ahhhh. Im preffering going to Syds pie shop my latest discovery here.

Me and my husband going to immigrate to Melbourne in July month on visa. We will be looking for job after arriving there. What do you suggest that in which area we should book hotel or apartment from where daily commuting to the companies or job consultants would be bit easy. Can you suggest some way to get rental accommodation quickly based on your experience. Your help would be highly appreciable. For short-term and immediate accommodation though, you might like to share a house with somebody being as its just you and your husband.

Google them for more. Hi Riya sorry fpr the delayed reply been in UK and LA and yes that doesnt prevent me logging in here but sadly too much to do while there. Ok if you are going for job consultant to hep then sadly you need to be by the city so id pick anywhere for an air bnb or stayz its potentially ony short term so doesnt really matter.

If your looking to rent yes it may be harder with no job its just down to the landlord but if you can put up several weeks rent up front that will ease there concern if yoru looking for rentals and easy acsess to city then look anyhwere you can afford south west like Elsternwick Richmond and surrounds, Cheers Mark.

Hi Bob, i currently have temp work visa. Ii have applied for Subset dependent visa for my husband on 19th Jan from India. Processing time shown for the visa is 5 to 11 months. Few of my colleagues have got dependent visa finalised in 2 months time however i am now worried due to the long processing time. My husband and i want wanted to travel to Australia together. Can you advise if there is a way out — Can i apply for a Visitor Visa tourist or a Bridging visa till the Subset is finalised?

No, sorry, I cannot answer these kinds of questions, see Would I Qualify? Hello Bobinoz, Me and my husband are from Mauritius and wish to know whether yourself or anyone could possibly advise of the best migration agent for Melbourne Australia. Got a few of them on the website but some never replied while others said they would get back later due to large number of queries. We are looking for a personalized service, with high rates of success. I will be the main applicant and being well qualified already, please note that I do not wish to study any more, neither does my husband wish to.

My husband has a lengthy experience in construction field and his company undertakes renovation and building works for private and corporate customers. Getting a job there would normally facilitate our visa process, right?

So, could any one help by advising us of any possible ways of applying for jobs and enhancing our chances to get invited from here? Or can he get to start the sane business over there? The data we have on internet are useful but we need more practical information, from people who have gone through the same situation mostly.

Many thanks to all for your precious help, cheers! My husband and I and our two kids, aged 10 and 12, are Canadians living in Mozambique and are moving to Melbourne in April actually the kids and I will follow in July.

My husband will be working in Burwood East on a visa, which is being processed at the moment. We are trying to figure out whether we want to buy or rent and which area to live in. We would ideally like to be somewhere that is within a min commute for my husband and in an area with a good primary and secondary school. Wondering if we should also be looking in the southeast suburbs? My husband and I are runners and bikers and would like some outdoor space whether we rent or buy.

Any recommendations you could make as good neighbourhoods to hone in on either in the east or southeast? Yes, from what I understand those fees are annual.

Definitely something to factor in to the budget. If we have to pay those fees every year I think it makes sense to look into the private schools as well. My husband was in Melbourne for a few days just before Christmas and was able to look at a few schools in the eastern suburbs. I think he had a quick peek at the public school Glen Waverly which is ranked quite high as well as a few Catholic schools, but just from the outside as most were closed for the holidays.

He was with a relocation specialist who told him that she put her kids through the Catholic system because she felt they offered a little more care and attention for the child and in some cases smaller classroom sizes.

She also said that you have to be selective where you choose to live if you go for state schools because an area might have a good primary school but not a great secondary school we will have a child in each.

Both of our kids are big into swimming and sports in general so we would really like to find a school that offers a good sports program. They are currently in an IB school, in the PYP and MYP system, so another decision we face is whether to continue with this curriculum or switch to the Aussie curriculum,.

Difficult for me to answer, being up here in Brisbane, but I know a lot of these suburbs have been mentioned many times in the comments here. Box Hill and Ringwood, mostly speaking, get good reviews as does Glen Waverley although that suburb seems to be more expensive. Yes, clunky, but you will get lots of feedback on these suburbs. So this year she will be mentoring a teenager or two who needs help. Hi Lesley As Bob has said have a trawl through here there are lots of comments many by myself.

As I am a few days behind replying sorry work and a move it maight be better if you come back wth any more thoughts if you have read any comments inclding this on South Eastern suburbs link above. Granted schools is high on list but not sure what else you may seek from an area but given the proximity to Eastlink freeway I would be tempted to look further south. It is awfully what I would term built up around where you are looking but as we are all different maybe you like the city cafe culture.

Hi there, I am thinking about buying a one way ticket to Melbourne, would you say its a dumb idea? Ive never been there before but everyone ive spoken to about the idea have said just do it,. If you have got a visa, then I think you need to tell us more about your situation to help us decide whether it would be dumb or not.

There are two jobs on offer that are exactly the same yet one is on Sydney and the other Melbourne. I 48 and my wife 40 keep reading comparisons of the two cities that are typically driven by tourism in both and the 4 seasons in one day weather of Melbourne, but we also heard about the horrific school rates we have a 10 year old boy and a 13 year old boy for non Oz residents coming into effect in Based upon rental prices, schooling and day to day costs and experiences for all 4 of us, what city do you think we would be best to sign up to for 3 years Visa restrictions without ever living and breathing either?

I know, we are mad doing this blind but also excited about the opportunity! In Melbourne, on the other hand, your children could get free education some small fees apply for books and voluntary contributions in a state school. Housing is also cheaper in Melbourne so if your budget is likely to be tight, or you just want to keep the cost down, Melbourne could be the choice.

Personally, I think I would just about choose Melbourne over Sydney anyway, but hopefully somebody who knows these cities better than I do will give you more advice. Hi Matthew I started writing a reply this morning to this and am only just finishing it now tonight After starting a reply I was going to look if Victoria had changed the rules on education fees and did look a bit but could not conclude they had. Some private schools are as low as 5K AU and even decent.. What more no trip money no this money no cost for Guitar and so on all brings private schools down in price.

Your sadly not likely to hit the right school first go so do consider it may be a move down the line. Yes, looks like South Australia have introduced school fees, but from what I found they are not charging as much as your letter suggests Matthew, unless I am missing out on something. Please click on School fees for visa holders to open up a PDF with the full details. Me and my family will relocate to Australia from Germany in September We are considering the Geelong area work in Melbourne or Adelaide.

At the moment, we cannot make a decision, as every option has its pros and cons. So Adelaide seems to be a better place for a family with two young kids… Can you help us with your thoughts? Hi Chris Its a slightly odd ste of circumstances you are considering if you dont mind me saying so…Living in Geelong and working in Melbourne will be a difficult enough travel time added to which Geelong may not suit you I know Germany reasonably well so if you pick a are you like Ill try an do a comparative Geelong has parts that may be considered by German standards Soziale Brennpunkte The drive from Geelong to the Metro are will be off putting.

Hi Mark, thanks for your answer. I work as an architect, but with a focus on construction industry. I had some interviews with companies in Melbourne and it seems that I would have a good chance there.

Unfortunately it seems that most suburbs in Melbourne have Soziale Brennpunkte as well. As we have never been in Brisie Adelaide is the next best option. No Melbourne is not as bad as you think Id trawl back through many of these comments particularly have a look as far back as I think she was called Kirsty who had already visited the South Eastern side There is a lot of useful info on Suburbs and have a look in the drop down menu above for South Easter Suburbs What woudl say is if you are prepared to drive the 1hr from Geelong to CBD then move on to the Eastern side and look as far down as even Safety beach With the peninsula link freeway and 2 other main highways heading to the City or main metro area these areas are lovely and far nicer than the west and the drive on the west The suburbs are all great down on the Mornington Peninsula and if you avoid Seaford the ones north are great to Waterways Mordialloc and so on but the reallly lovely ones are south of Frankston.

Have a look on the Sarbanes pages above but if you do decide on Melbourne ditch the Geelong idea its Munich equivalent when it comes to settlers from other countries and look south of Frankston at Mt Martha Mornington Mt Eliza and Safety Beach even Dromana inland a little Somerville and so on. Thanks for your input Mark. We will definitely have a look at the Eastern Suburbs, sounds good.

And thanks Bob for this site… All the info about Brisbane is just one click away. Great that you take time to answer all these questions. My family consists of my girlfriend Sandra en my 15 Months old daughter Doris. We are from Holland but Sandra originally is from Sweden. I got a job offer from my company to work in Australia and we are planning to move beginning of I will have to commune daily to box hill and probably will also have to travel around days a month.

We are looking for what would be places to look to rent a house. We like areas that are a bit structure, with preferably a bit green and close to the coast would be absolutely great. We will have a car but Sandra does not have a driving Licence so she will be dependant of public transport.

Does not have to be big. Anybody know about these areas? Other than that, have a good skim through the comments already made here, they just might help you with your answer.

The commute is not going to be to easy but it ticks all the other boxes for you and Sandra…The only thing is ironically the further south your get say Mordialloc it may be quicker to get to Box Hill from there than say Cheltenham as you have the freeway network…Een prettige dag Mark.

My family are relocating to Melbourne from Christchurch NZ in the next few months. Hubby has a job in West Melbourne-near Tarneit. We want to be somewhere between his work and cbd so looking at places such as Williamstown through to Yarraville. Schooling is very important as have a 6 and 8 year old. From the research we have done Williamstown looks most appealing however expensive. Id be seriously tempted to stay as close to Williamstown as you can…I have just replied to a person on the Western suburbs Melbourne page on here You can find it in the drop down menu above out from Melbourne I added this link from the age mostly based on facts Have a read and have a read of the other pages on the western suburbs and have a look also at Alton and even Altona North both places growing and feeding of Infrastructure from the city Id stay clear of Altona Meadows though….

Hi Christian Sorry I had missed this after being missing myself Id say straight away Have a look as Bob has said at the other comments and even my new ones on here to Chris above.. Id have a look on the Mornington Peninsula and I would perhaps single Mornington itself out without car license you have a 45 minute maybe 50 commute to Box Hill but are living in some of the nicest areas in the Melbourne vicinity.

Having lived in Duttendel in Scheveningen Id liken the whole are to there without the prison 10 15 minutes to the beach. Have a drive down Mornington Main Street on google. We are a couple with 2 little boys. Our house budget is about AUD. The problem i am having is that all the government schools around there seem to get below average results. I think quality schooling should be a human right for all. That should help you out.

You should homeschool if you want to keep your atheist indoctrination intact. Ah it was australians who wrote the infamously racist South African segregation laws , they were based on the white australia policy. Multi cultural as australia is there is socioeconomic divide like all capitalist countries and no one like druggies particularly ones that put themselves an thier drug before their neighbors.

I have just removed three comments from this conversation that were posted today. I would like to suggest that the poster of those comments reads my Comment Policy to ensure that any future comments they might like to make here fully comply.

In regard to cost of living minus house rent, are there cheaper or expensive suburbs in Melbourne? Yes, some suburbs are cheaper than others. Generally speaking, the further you get from the city centre, the cheaper rents will be. Thanks for the reply. In fact, I know about the rent but asked about other living costs like groceries, fuel, etc. Our living costs bumped up apart from rent. And on top of that, a page called The Cost of Living in Australia of Everything which, as you can guess, helps you research the cost of everything in Australia.

Hi guys, Moving to Melbourne this week…Hubby will be working in Docklands. Have one child about to start secondary school and two dogs. Looking for a left-leaning, friendly, safe suburb with good schools, good public transport, dog friendly places for coffee. Im not sure there is one well one reasonably close as its quite a way from the city where most tend to be Id have a look at airbnb or gumtree may be out of budget alternative use the train line back towards the cbd and maybe Caulfield might have the thing you seek.

I am a young 50 year old planning a move to Melbourne in 12 months. I like cultural diversity but must be a safe neighbourhood. Have a look at what Melbourne Rental Search said in a comment on April 12, , 3: Hello, so my partner and I have moved from NZ.. North, west, or eastern suburbs? We are looking to rent a 4 bedroom home close to schools and a daycare and within public transport to the city until we get our own vehicles. Any help to point us in the right direction would be much appreciated.

I think you need to make yourself a nice cup of tea, or maybe even crack open a bottle of wine, and sit down and read through some of the many comments made here already. There is loads of talk about the suburbs and what they are like to live in, as well as talk about their affordability. I think Melbourne still has a good number of affordable suburbs that are close to schools, daycare and transport, so you may need to add a bit more about what you want from a suburb if anyone is going to be able to give you some more meaningful advice.

For those of you who have been asking about Williamstown, Maggie has recently made a comment July 17, , 7: I have done quite a bit of research and was wondering if Mark you could comment of some of the areas I have narrowed down to, maybe rank them? We are looking at state schooling and particularly a good state high school is probably one of my main criteria.

Which of the these suburbs do you think would fit the bill the best? Doncaster East Please add any suburbs we might have missed out on which could match all of our criteria. Thankyou for any information Tina. Hi Tina Yes your probably correct on Sunbury but its more rural so what you gain you lose out in other ways…of all the places on your list above my choice would be Templestowe though the train line may be a trek lower that is Ivanhoe is great as is Glen Waverley after that Vermont and South is decent but missing trains again.

Id have a look at the train line map and select some areas from there though Ivanhoe will always win of your list Do you have a budget rental or buy Have a look on realestate.

Hi Mark My sister is planning to buy a 3 BHK house in the below given places, could you please advise which would be an ideal place to buy and live.. Paddy just calling it a day but will answer you tomorrow properly but My question… has she a job to go to in the city or maybe something to be near and children or just her and hubby etc?

Mark thanks for your reply,my brother in law works bit far away from the suburbs and my sister is a homemaker and both of them drives as well,probably in next 2 yrs my neice would get into some college which may be in the city and she prefers to take train. Hi Paddy Im still not sure where they need to be near BIL or Sister If I had a work place and a close proximity, to work around… There is not so much in the way of colleges in the city as in right in the thick if it….

Hi Bob, thanks for the wonderful info on this site. I find myself coming back repeatedly and noticing new nuggets of useful info each time! My wife and 3 boys 6 yo, and twins aged 3 will follow either end of November or early Dec.

I saw a comment from you previously about booking parking online to get better rates — how much would parking cost in this case, and is it possible to secure a long-term spot? Door to door, the commute should ideally be around 45 mins.

Any advice you have on rental would be really appreciated too. Anyway they have early bird parking and so on and I am sure if you google you can book your own space with others Ill have a look for you for others and chat to our some of my connected mob who are n little Collins Street beginning to sound like the Mafioso its music TV dont worry just my humour I often type what I am thinking I am lucky I work when there is Docklands so more space and my own parking space there… There is a point to telling you some of that…I commute from quite a way, its an easy commute and in fairness only around once or twice a week…Id have a read of my posts on South east suburbs from the Australian cities drop down menu on the top its Melbourne then South East Also I am assuming you have read below and particularly a post involving Kirsty She has been before.

Id be seriously tempted to look South East than East I have written somewhere about a colleague who lived in Blackburn and was having a hard 45 minute on a good day commute it was easily 55 65 minutes sometimes He has moved as far south as Rye and now has a whopping 75 minute commute but he says two things its an easy commute and its stable…and what a far better place to live Now I am not suggesting you move that far south but id certainly have a read and have a look.

Your places Ivanhoe Hard to fault except if toy love a beach…Hawthorn is better than Hawthorn East not so much in the way of spaces as can be said for most inside the M3 M1 bit… Surrey Hills as an example…Nice lovely but lack of open spaces and its not called Hills for no reason Cycling bikes may prove fun.

Camberwell is pretty hilly to…. Some questions for you Where in UK are you I am assuming UK I ask because I know it well and if your happy in XYZ area I can suggest similar here…Will your wife drive when here that more question of when than if actually…Have you ruled out private schools?

I dint think one more school move should be ruled out you may select one here and find better, hes is only 6 It will be an adventure for him and he has time with mom when he arrives Id be amazed if you get that bit correct first off, I fully understand sense of belonging and all Schools close here late December till February… Your wife is going to fly with three children…OUCH..

Ill buy her a coffee with extra shots of caffeine as a reward… Sorry just me thinking out loud again!!! Dishwashers are sometimes included.. Dryer its middle of summer…I appreciate how fats three yoru olds can get mucky. Microwaves are cheap…You may have to camp indoors for a few weeks…. Have a look at the areas and see what you think of my other posts, we can help you narrow down a choice then look for houses Id buy as soon as you can.

May I be nosey as to budget? Sorry not proof read typing on train on way home… stop 2 minutes ahhhh. Thanks Mark for the details and additional questions.

Have a look on eBay for appliances, new other, or new, some are actually businesses you can go and look at the items Watch IKEA mattresses, beds its different sized to regular eg their mattresses seem to be out of flunter with regular ones, not by much but enough to be annoying with sheets and beds etc etc There bedding , quilts and covers are fine.

Id bring with you what you can, furniture can be expensive here You can take a trip to IKEA Springvale and after drive down to find Dandenong.. Hope you dont live there ….. Anyway its located about 1km through and just behind and to the left of Coffey Ford, down there, you will find all manner of furniture stores all in one place, , Haggle, haggle some more and walk away come back again many a time prices will keep tumbling….

Ikea does have that problem everywhere. A mate of mine bought a frame from them and a mattress from another brand — he had a horrible surprise. Your welcome I have travelled this globe quite extensively in my time I must say what read Patterson lakes above should have read Point Cook My mistake I had Patterson Lakes on my brain as test driving a boat there tomorrow.

I coming to Melbourne in months time, depending on how my visa goes. I am traveling light with only 2 suitcases but it is very hard to pick a furnished apartment to rent in melbourne. I will be working in hoppers crossing so I want to live close to a train station like southern cross.

I guess I may start for a few weeks at an airbnb but does anyone have any recomendation on estate agents or places to rent from? Hi Alex Im guessing your looking to live right in the city and commute out to Hoppers Good thinking Batman!!!

Im not a fan of the west, its not known for its sweet scentedness…. Its hard to rent an apartment fully furnished but they do exist and more so in the city, not sure thats what you was asking with your comments on just two suitcases. Anyway furnished or not you need somewhere Have a look towards docklands port Melbourne etc there are a lot of apartment there…Ive just test driven a boat today all along there and whilst containers on one side apartments everywhere the other…Its not like USA or UK, renting here, its find an open house or apartment in your case, go along and with everyone else that is after it, hope for the best and you get the ones or one of the ones you want There are load of agents most all out for themselves have a look on realestae.

I will remember and add it. Hello again and thank you so much for your comments. I hope to be able to find a small apartment downtown. I do not need any big house and will be happy with a small furnished apartment.

It seems to be a bit difficult though finding places from the other side of the world. How difficult is it to commute to Hoppers crossing by train? I the the train leaves from southern cross in Melbourne so this is where I would like to live.

Its going to be about 30 minutes by train but as there are more officces around there than apratmnets thats where your difficulty may be. I am guessing you will have a walk or bus from Hoppers crossing…It will be tougher to find a furnished apartment. Have a look as I said on realestate. This is hard question for me to answer but I will try and find out from a colleague who lives in Williamstown where is best that side I personally am not a lover of the West side In the meantime have a read through lots of my answers on here to folks this year it will give you lots of info save typing it all out again sadly some is not relevant to you as its just to far away but again have a look at the drop down menu above for Melbourne West , Ill chat ti a colleague Tuesday and ask him about the areas near you Commuting the bridges is not really realistic so you need ti look west.

No concrete answer for you here but progress Gisbourne is an old world charm type place that its felt the locals want to preserve so probably great for the kids but when they are 15 16 they may struggle there.. Its a place with charm apparently..

Altona is also pretty good and has two beaches though a bit lacking in shopping …. I personally am looking to move to Melbourne. I m really looking for houses from to k, near the coast. I m not to fussed to not have too many shops around…. Any suburbs you would recommend?? I m a health and wellness coach and work online. I would also love to integrate in the local community. Uhhh forgot to say I love sea…. I would appreciate your advice. Hope I was not to general. Hi Vanessa You dont say what size house youd be looking for eg beds X 3…The cost of houses on the south eastern suburbs down near the beach youd e hard pressed to find much for 5 to 5 k until within 10 to 15 miles until you get lower Have a look at a map and any areas say South of and including Mt Martha Safety beach Dromana and Rosebud its achievable though you are stretching the 1 hour commute to city now But of course much depends on size of house, a smaller one harder to find would of course be less….

Have a read through lots of my answers on here to folks this year it will give you lots of info save typing it all out again. So many other things to do when moving country even down to which is best mobile service, its all a minefield so I just pitch in to help folks…I was always taught to give and help others, so I can on here…..

Yes Prahran, windsor and richmond are the areas iam looking for. But since we will be commuting via public transport and i will be starting a job soon after we settle down, my concern is with my son. He is 3 years old and i want a good public kindergarten for him. Keeping in mind that we have to pick and drop him daily while going to work.

Do these areas have good kinders? Sorry my mistake it was Paul post below not Peter …Are you both working in the same place South Melbourne. Yes taking a 3yr old will be OK on the public transport but of course comes with the added stress of stroller and food and bag etc etc… There is lots of day care places as he is too young for school in Kindy I think.. Its a big move and the little person needs stability too.

The areas you have chosen will cater for most of your needs, though not so sure on a great choice of Asian restaurants there are some. Thanks alot Bob for the advice on furnished vs unfurnished issue. Now i can take the decision to pack my stuff and use the cargo facility. I later realised that you and Mark are both running the site.. Many thanks for the prompt reply,really appreciate your efforts to guide people. Just to help others.. You are really doing a great job by providing so much valuable information for those trying to relocate to australia.

We are a family of 3 Me, my husband and a 3 year old boy and we are looking for a 2 bedroom apartment with a budget of to per week. Our office location is southbank so we need an area closer to it and also not far from good kindergartens preferably public for our 3 yr old son I searched some websites and found southyarra, eastern suburbs and cbd a good option. But need your expertise on other areas as well,as we will be using public transport.

Moreover i would like your advice on the furnished vs non furnished accomodation We have some free cargo from our company travelling from UAE to melbourne but we are confused about bringing our furniture. What is the area of a 2 bed apartment?

Can this furniture be adjusted if we decide to move in a furnished apartment What is your advice on this. I then went to more refinements and clicked on furnished properties and the number of reduced to 4.

To get an idea of the size of these apartments, use the same link to research property prices and look at those apartments with floor plans. Bob has covered the furnished rental spot on …He found four if it was Summer that would likely have been zero Ouch your away in a month mmmmm save storing your stuff…or selling it … bring it with you it will likely easily fit in here and in most places Its likely easier for a house than an apartment in some parts you have mentioned and at least you dont have to buy everything… take the offer up as Bob says ….

As for location…… before I start all over have a read of a post from Peter below also Southern Melbourne and Rahul a lot lower You might as well read some of the other posts its mostly about South eastern suburbs and eastern Have a look on realestate. I think the close South eastern suburbs may be best option Will you be driving or public transport for husbands commute.

Have applied to few private schools for my 2 kids aged 5 and 7… not sure at this stage which school one will be finalised but possibly one in Ringwood or in Research. I plan to do the school drops and pick ups so ideally wanted to avoid the congested traffic areas…Thanks in advance…Vivek.

This is a tough one, the location of school and work…Have a read of lots of my posts below including one abut a colleague who has moved form Blackburn to Rye.. Ringwood there is arguably three parts with North and East as well but all seem to be just not right …Have a look at Templestowe thats better and the are known as Lower Templestowe Have a look at Heidelberg and West and Heights especially if using schools out of the area..

The best area by far around there in my humble opinion is Invanhoe followed by Ivanhoe East. Many thanks Mark for your prompt reply…much appreciated. I might actually apply in Ivanhoe Grammar as this does not seem to be far from Fairfield. Ideally I would want to live in Hawthorn as it seems quite central both to my place of work at Fairfield, the city and has a lot of decent schools in and around that area though price wise it seems to be a bit on higher side.

Have applied to few schools in that area but no confirmation yet. Another area I am considering is Sandringham…any thoughts? Im not sure its the best idea hitting the ground running so to speak eg children line dup for school you may regret it.. We did loads of research on schools before we came out and it was all pointless..

Id spend and hour with pencil and paper and read through a lot of my recent post back to say January this year in here and Eastern and South Eastern suburbs See above in drop down jot down areas recommended then have a look where they are. Kew is similar to Hawthorn, congested Kew East is better but by far the best in Glen Iris of your mentioned list …I detect a hint of school is key as everywhere you have mentioned has one particular stand out school… Budget wise you will be fine Glen Iris might stretch it as a few other parts might …have a look on realestate.

Many thanks Mark for your detailed and informative reply. We are actually coming to Melbourne in Aug to look at private few schools and have interviews in couple of them until now. Maybe some things will be clearer during our visit. Hayleybury was one of the schools I had applied for, I was not sure about them as the reviews were mixed. Yarra Valley grammar has decent reviews but its in Ringwood…. Sorry about boring you with the names of schools etc.

Would be nice to hear from anyone about good schools…thanks. I have friends with two children at St Leonards and they love it…Id wipe Haylebury of your list, This is just my personal opinion but I felt its not a school, in my personal its more like a institution of mmmmmm.

We are famous worldwide was the comment, they carried on t say You will have heard of us in the UK…We are very well known there…My bemused answer was No Sorry your perhaps not that well known there as I have never heard of you…Maybe I just did nit hit t off with them so go and look but look at the numbers on role and sit in your car at recess and watch … Do you have any religious leanings as a lot of schools might have a faith orientation… Yarra valley I have no idea about Good tip have a look on the facebook pages about schools you may even be able to find parents to ask directly You will always find bad reviews of anything though.

Thanks Mark…Yes I am not very keen with Haileybury as well as the last thing I want the kids in a new country is not to feel the warmth in their school. Following your advice, I looked about Ivanhoe and seems like a very nice family friendly suburb along with Templestowe. What would you say is the average cost of that? I imagine I could spend up to dollars a week and would prefer a 2 bed with outdoor space. Its the outdoor space bit that the might be the issue…If its just a bit of outdoor space for a bbq you will be Ok but its quite built up around there…Apartments a plenty..

For a house might prove tougher but look towards the South East say as far as Elsternwick so that gives you Albert Park Middle park and even Ripponlea and puts you in a easy public commute of the South Melbourne District.. As for price I am guessing might be a average so the good stuff a bit more the not so good a bit less. My daughter is moving to Melbourne soon and can only afford arental place up to SO she has been looking at Werribee and Melton……. Personally neither though if I had to pick ……..

Melton would win hands down all day long mainly because its a bit too industrial on the west side down the bay that is , Commuting by car is just plain fun from Werribee at times. It has the benefit of being near the sea but also near one of the world largest sewerage plants. Melton is in my view nicer and is still up and coming With assuming its just your daughter there are a fairly abundant supply of apartments at last count.. Hi all, Thanks in advance — this is an amazingly helpful site!

Relocating with 6 year old very outdoorsy boy and 37 year old very outdoorsy husband…. Wish list includes good school not decided on state or private yet , near beach, parks, walkable places for meals out, decent sized gardens in houses. Have a decent budget and planning rental for first year. My specialist subject Melbourne.. My starter for 10 is South Eastern Suburbs.. So narrowing down your choices, Brighton and Sandringham and there is Hampton in the middle.

Glad you mentioned Lichfield, I know it well, one of my haunts Hoar Cross just up the road. The beach side is great but you will have to venture out. Thats assuming you prefer space and quieter.

Bayside is actually the same place almost, its the three areas mentioned right down to Beaumaris. Mulgrave will take around 30 to 35 minutes, in traffic longer 40 My wife has a friend there, she drives a sports car and cant get up their drive. There are houses on and sort of on the flat but then you may need a chairlift if you go out on bikes.

Same can be said for parts of Mount Martha lower down but it has a lot more flat areas as does Mornington in the middle and Safety Beach lower still If you look for the M11 on a map, thats a 30 to 40 minute easy commute up to Mulgrave using the toll link 4 dollars. Your not in TV by any chance?

Schools there are an abundance but get here find your house renting can be fun, as I have said with others I discovered a great trick that get the realtors helping far more than normal. Let the little fellow settle and look at schools with him, he wont miss out missing 2 months even as will be in front of most Aussie kids as they start later.

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