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Senate President: 2019 elections cannot be canceled

Sen. Paolo Benigno
2013 Official Elected Senators
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The Congress shall enact a local government code which shall provide for a more responsive and accountable local government structure instituted through a system of decentralization with effective mechanisms of recall, initiative, and referendum, allocate among the different local government units their powers, responsibilities, and resources, and provide for the qualifications, election, appointment and removal, term, salaries, powers and functions and duties of local officials, and all other matters relating to the organization and operation of the local units.

Your browser does not support JavaScript! You must enable JavaScript to view this page. History of the Senate. The legislature in any society performs the important function of deliberating policies for the people and passing them in the form of statutes. Although the Philippine Legislature was organized only in , it had deep roots in the past. Long before the Spanish rulers came to the Philippines, the people in their barangays were already governed by a set of rules by their chief.

Speech of Senate President Vicente C. Today, we commence the third regular session of the 17th Congress on the part of one of its two component Houses, the Senate of the Republic of the Philippines. Like all beginnings, it is a fine time for looking back, a time to presently locate ourselves, and a moment to reflect on the path towards our dream for peace, prosperity and happiness for all.

Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Senators serve 6-year terms, with half of the senators elected every 3 years to ensure that the Senate is maintained as a continuous body, though staggered.

When the Senate was restored by the Constitution, the 24 senators who were elected in served until In the candidates for the Senate obtaining the 12 highest number of votes served until , while the next 12 served until Thereafter, each senator elected serves the full 6 years. Archangel, not 3 terms.. Six years depending on winning elections Eligible for maximum three terms. Related Questions List of Philippine senators in ? How much is the actual salary of filipino politicians governor, congressman, and senator?

Why do you think a lot of Filipinos are running for office this coming election? Is Senator Villar buying his way to the office of the President?

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The Senate of the Philippines (Filipino: Senado ng Pilipinas, also Mataas na Kapulungan ng Pilipinas or "upper chamber") is the upper house of the bicameral legislature of the Philippines, the Congress; the House of Representatives is the lower house.

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Term of Office of Senators. The term of the members of the Senate is expressly provided in Articles VI and XVIII respectively of the Constitution: Sec. 4.

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During the Philippine Legislature, each term was three years with unlimited reelection. Therefore, each "•" is one term. For the Commonwealth Congress and Congress of the Republic from to , each term was six years with unlimited reelection, and a senator's seat will be up on the third election after he took office, except when he won it on a special election. The Philippine Senate is composed of 24 senators elected nationally by the people for a term of six years. Elections are held every three years where half of the senators (12 seats) are elected. After another three years, the other 12 seats are elected.

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Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, July 19) — The mid-term elections set for May cannot be put off, Senate President Tito Sotto said on Thursday. "The elections cannot be cancelled," said Sotto. Senate of the Philippines Web site. Home | About. Rules of the Senate. History of the Senate. Symbols of Authority. Legislative Process | Senators. 17th Congress Senators. and provide for the qualifications, election, appointment and removal, term, salaries, powers and functions and duties of local officials, and all other matters.