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Our Town, Thornton Wilder - Essay

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The inciting incident in the play is when George Gibbs falls in love with Emily Webb and then get married. Another conflict is when Emily dies, she wants to return to her previous life, and ignoring the consequences given by the dead. The denouement of the play is when Emily realizes that the dead were right about the living. She begs to come back to the gravesite after experiencing the living is quite depressing.

Theme The meaning of the play is to cherish every moment we have on earth, not taking life for granted because we are not granted a second chance in life. The Stage Manager, can be labeled as a narrator, someone who orchestrates the play before each scene.

He can also be labeled as a protagonist, who speaks directly to the audience and at times can have a contemplative tone and also takes part in a few scenes throughout the play. Literary Quality or Diction The language used in Our Town is dialogue, which runs pretty smoothly throughout the play.

There is also a use of poetic imagery which allows the audience to picture what the character is emphasizing, when speaking. The play did have a lot of different figures of speech, ranging from an older version of our language and resembling language used in the early 20th century. Music and Musicality The Stage manager, although not labeled as a type of music, he introduced each scene which a clear voice and dialogue, being able to understand what he says, gives the audience a sense of what is coming next.

Act 1, Scene 1. The clear voices and emotions for each character really helped me understand what the overall feeling toward each scene was. Spectacle The staging format for Our Town was a bit odd, with no fourth wall in the play, being able to visualize the important parts of the play is important to me so this was a first.

The designing of the background during each scene, the sound of characters, lighting, and costumes used in the play really emphasized the overall quality. The sound designs was another aspect of the play, which I thought played a huge impact. Being able to know what type of emotion each scene is representing.

For example, Emily dying after childbirth was a huge part of the play, the sound and emotion during that scene made it very sad.

In Our Town, the play emphasized great scenery throughout the play, as well as, costume designs. Unlike the others, who have grown detached from earthly concerns, Emily longs to return to Grover's Corners, and so obtains the permission of the Stage Manager to relive her twelfth birthday. We barely have time to look at one another.

Our Town is often placed in the tradition of American folk literature that focuses on small-town life. Grover's Corners is a typical American small town and its inhabitants are average, ordinary people who lead prosaic lives. The spare sets reinforce the unexceptional quality of the setting, plot, and characters. This minimalism renders the characters allegorical rather than individualized and the setting commonplace rather than specific.

In this way the ordinary and mundane are invested with a timeless quality, and the events of the plot are transformed into universal experiences. The primary theme of Our Town is humanity's failure to appreciate every precious moment of life. Our Town thus addresses age-old questions of the human condition and the meaning of life. The play is ultimately life-affirming in its urging the audience to appreciate ordinary, everyday life in the face of mortality. Initially, Our Town was not well received.

Wilder then altered the staging of the play to a bare-bones set and minimal props in order to emphasize the allegorical nature of the play, and it soon garnered favorable reviews and audience popularity. It ultimately ran for performances in its debut production. Wilder was awarded a Pulitzer Prize for drama for Our Town, thus earning him recognition as a major American playwright. Champions of Our Town celebrate the play's focus on universal themes through allegorical theatrical techniques depicting archetypical characters and events.

Detractors of the play criticize its bland sentimentality, underdeveloped characters, and failure to challenge the audience's received values. These two different perspectives on Our Town are partly a function of the degree to which a particular production or critic emphasizes its darker concerns with mortality and the fleeting nature of life, or its lighter, life-affirming elements. Recent critics have discussed the question of whether or not Our Town addresses themes still relevant to modern life.

The Merchant of Yonkers: Wilder, Thornton, and John Franchey. Wilder Has an Idea. University Press of Mississippi, Playwright Thornton Wilder, who used to find the term good enough currency in his own classrooms at Chicago University, has a word or two on that very subject.

With a three-week invasion of the Codfish circuit wherein he found himself a playwright-player in Our Town immediately behind him, Professor Wilder admits that none of the eminent success of the tour is due to the denizens of the replicas of Grover's Corners in which the piece was exhibited.

But the village residents trooped away in profound disappointment veiled by a traditional politeness. Village people, after all, regard the theatre as an exotic place to which one goes for removal as far as possible from daily life. It is only natural that they regard a play without scenery as a betrayal of the theatre. George who is a baseball star that lives his life in the dark. George is then haunted when Emily dies and is confused on how to live his life without her.

Danny Ford, who played George had to use his emotions and thought to emphasize the quality of the character. Even learning technical things will help incorporate their skills into becoming a better character within the play. Outstanding Moment I think the most outstanding moment in the play is when after Emily dies from childbirth, she then joins the dead souls in the cemetery, Our Town. She returns to relive a day in her past, which makes her realize how life is fragile and those living take it for granted.

It showed that people need to appreciate life and love every moment of it, because tomorrow is not guaranteed. People impersonating characters in the play, changing their emotions, tone, and dialect. Performance was also involved in this play, for example, The Stage manager, speaking to the audience, delivering the message of the scene. The people acted like they would in real life, but as the character in the play.

Summary After watching Our Town I learned that life is fragile and you need to appreciate life everyday because tomorrow is never promised. Life experiences and choices that we make everyday will determine our future. Home Essays Our Town. Our Town 9 September We will write a custom essay sample on. A limited time offer!

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Nov 23,  · Our Town Thornton Wilder. The following entry presents criticism of Wilder's play Our Town ().. Winner of the Pulitzer Prize in , Our Town may be the most popular American play ever.

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Our Town Essay essays In Act One, titled " Birth and Daily Life," the author of Our Town, Thorton Wilder, demonstrates how people in Grover's Corner, Massachusetts go through a daily routine of chores. Dr. Gibbs is coming home from delivering twins, Joe Crowell Jr. is delivering the.

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Free College Essays - Our Town by Thornton Wilder - Our Town by Thornton Wilder The Stage Manager is a man of many roles. Usually a stage manager is part of the non-acting staff and in complete charge of the bodily aspects of the production. On one hand, Our Town seems to offer a defiant, overwhelmingly positive portrayal of a fictional New England town around The children appear well behaved, the parents appear decent and hardworking, and all one must do to find love is ask a neighbor to have an ice-cream soda.

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The play, Our Town, is defined as a “playwright”, which involved physical action and representing the externals of human behavior. The play in general contains little action in order to support the theme of the play, which is narrated by the, Stage Manager. Our Town is a play that takes place near the turn of the century in the small rural town of Grover&#;s Corners, New Hampshire. The playwright, Thornton Wilder is trying to convey the importance of the little, often unnoticed things in life.