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Consumer Segments in the Hotel Industry

Geographical Segmentation

❶Motivational Segmentation Are your guests rather coming for leisure or business? Identify as leisure reservations of double rooms over the week-end.

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Market Segmentation: Identifying Where Hotel Demand Comes From
Business Travelers

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Transcript of Mariott's Market Segmentation Marriott's Market Segmentation What are Marriott's Target Markets Marriott believes all customers require a base service level and that customers differ in their willingness to pay for different levels of comfort and luxury. That is why they created a tier of different style hotels varying from price and amenities to meet each consumers wants, needs and income.

Approximately 3, properties brands in 72 countries. What Segmentation Characteristics are being used?! No Ritz Carlton in Buffalo. Marriott uses multi-stage segmentation. They have tailored their brand named hotels to cater to distinctive target markets. For example their brand offers the following hotel options: Have new services, packages or promotion efforts been introduced to more finely key in on target markets?

There is a tier for every income within the Marriot organization. Age — each hotel chain offers different services for specific age groups Purpose of the trip — splitting it into two groups keeping in mind that some of the tiers fall into the same category Corporate vs.

What does the consumer want when choosing a hotel? Why are they traveling and what amenities does that particular hotel offer that suit their needs? Psychographics — the lifestyle that the individual is accustomed to. For example a jet-setter residing in Beverly Hills is going to want to stay in accommodations that they are used to.

They would be more likely to pick a JW Marriot over a Fairfield to meet their needs. Behavioral Segmentation — brand loyalty, frequency, usage status, benefits. Identifying a segment will also allow for greater reporting and more accurate tracking.

Results will help in future decision making. Evaluating a segment that is accessible will allow more flexibility in marketing budgets and cost of sales efforts. One facet of market segmentation in the hotel industry is the unique consumer segment. The idea of a unique consumer segment is relatively new in the industry, but may yield significant results. By identifying a unique consumer segment, a hotel can focus on and penetrate a non-traditional market.

Project business can come in many forms and does not necessarily fit neatly into a traditional market segment. As long as the segments meet the above criteria it can become the basis on which targeted marketing and revenue management can prosper.

Establish the foundation for segmentation in the unique consumer market by using the following categories:. Unique consumer segments can be vastly different. Take the time to ensure that the specific consumer that you are reaching is one that is matched most closely to your specific offering.

Matching that customer will ensure more profitability and less effort. Retaining that customer may take constant review of your product and pricing as it relates to your competition.

Establishing the basis of segmentation in the corporate market utilizes some similar components as the unique consumer market, but may have vast differences in the process involved in obtaining that specific account.

Here are a few areas to focus on:. Keep in mind that corporate markets will take greater effort to obtain and maintain. Obtaining that customer will take longer as there may be more requirements or additional decision makers to present to.

Keeping that target corporate customer will take additional expense that will be far less than the expense to gain or regain that account. Other markets can be defined using the same components with differing sub-components or variables specific to that market.

Understanding your customer segments to satisfy their needs will help you stand out among the competition and potentially create a specific niche market to target along with more efficiently using marketing resources.

Once your marketing segmentation is in place, the real work begins.

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Customer segmentation tells a hotel owner who her guests are and why they stay at her hotel. Customers can be segmented by geography, demographics, benefits and needs. However, the most common customer segmentation in the hotel industry is purchase occasion -- in other words, the reason behind why the guest is.

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Would you like to better match your customer needs and boost your occupancy? Then, it’s even more important to understand what is your current hotel customer segmentation, thus .

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The hotel industry accommodates this group of travelers by offering bare bones accommodations in exchange for per-night prices at a fraction of higher end hotels. Hilton Hotels segmentation, targeting and positioning refers to ways in which the company chooses individuals to sell its services to and positions the services to appeal to the needs and aspirations of these individuals in the best possible manner. The process of market segmentation involves.

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Hotel Market Segmentation What Is Market Segmentation? Optimizing your hotel’s profits by classifying customer groups (Company, Agency, Internet, Group, etc.) by their different features can be defined as market segmantation. Oct 23,  · One of the components needed to apply hotel revenue management is market segmentation. It allows you to target and market to a variety of consumer groups with different behavior with an offer that matches their needs and budget level. Your hotel market segmentation shall help to identify the purpose /5().