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Customer Satisfaction Essay

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Customer Satisfaction Essay Sample

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Bar crews who are truly experienced and well-trained can be promoted to become supervisors, deputy or assistant bar managers, and finally bar managers LearnDirect, Salary figures vary greatly among bar employees, depending on the establishment they are working for, as well as the location, type, and popularity of the pub or bar.

Of course, the regular salary excludes tips LearnDirect, We set standards that should be met in order for us to receive a value for our money. This is the underlying concern that we should always consider. Giving the people what they have paid for. Thus, we measure this value for the money with the satisfaction they receive, whether or not the like the service, or the merchandise that we offer. The Definition of Customer Satisfaction. Costumer Satisfaction is one of the most critical and most important aspects to consider when it comes to the concept of costumer service.

It the level of service should be permanently maintained and should be kept high so that you can be assured that the costumers are pleased with what you give them. You should also meet their demands, not only by your standards, but by their needs.

You should be able to give excellent service and assurance that they can rely on you whenever the need be. Considering the meaning of satisfaction, we could put it in line with the concept of gratification. Gratification is defined as the positive emotional response because of the fulfillment of a certain desire.

In the context of pubs, we are considering the concept of the fulfillment of the desire with the immediate need to interact with people, to eat, drink or unwind. In our present time, most of us are living in a fast-paced lifestyle, wherein we always think of work all throughout. But after a few days of tedious work, we always end up wanting to unwind and relax.

We often think of rewarding ourselves, and this is where the pubs come in. It offers a place of comfort and relaxation, a recreation area for the tired working class. The Measurement of Customer Satisfaction. There are also other factors how to achieve the satisfaction of the costumers or the pub-goers. It will be dependent on the quality of the services they provide, the size of the venue, etc. By then, various pubs and bars are classified and ranked based on some grading schemes and characteristics basis.

More likely, Human Resource Management makes way for the bar or a pub area to be competent. And competitive success is on their hands. The pubs do such activities that will, and practically had been successful, some events on the hotel itself to attract costumers. Other hotels do such promotions as discounts and other seasonal promos. In this way, they can pull more costumers to the pubs, or sometimes the can get patrons or pub mainstays. There are a lot of ways to do promotion that these pubs do to be competent within this continuous emergence of hotels that promotes global competition.

Basically, measurement of Costumer relies on what these pubs and bars have to offer. They will be measured depending on the reaction of the costumers, since they are the ones who are being examined here. It is their interests and welfare that is on the line that is why when you measure costumer satisfaction, you need to have costumer involvement.

This may be through surveys that they get to fill up after coming to the place once or twice. It could be in the form of questionnaires that they have to fill in regarding on the improvements of the bar or pub, and more. The Importance of Customer Satisfaction. Costumer satisfaction is an important goal no only for pubs but also for many business institutions. This promotes more costumer turnouts, increasing their recent consumptions of the goods or services that is being offered. This is necessary to promote costumer loyalty among the people availing of their services.

However, Brian Woolf, a global leader in loyalty marketing said that there is no universally accepted definition of loyalty only given theories. This is the great challenge the practitioners have to address, he added.

According to him, a measurable and understandable definition of customer loyalty will promote harmony on the marketing industry. Based on a study conducted from individual customers who belong to different customer levels, researchers found out that corporate image have an effect on customer loyalty while customer satisfactions have not. This finding challenges the common notion that customer satisfaction is the proof of customer loyalty.

The Definition of Leisure Satisfaction. The centrality of customers in any business holds to be the crucial foundation of the development of the business establishment not only in the immediate timeframe but in the expansion of the business venture in the long run.

It is not only the fact that customers are the ultimate outlet of products from which the sales of the goods and services are to traced but also the fact that customers who avail of the products of any business establishment eventually shape its general public image which contributes all the more to the internal and external strength of the establishment.

Thus, the core of the business mechanisms found in every industry or corporation is shared or must be shared upon by the perceived role of the customers. In all these aspects it is inevitable that customers, to a certain level, have to be taken cared of in the sense that the welfare of the customer prior to, upon, and even after purchasing either the services or products being offered should be viewed with a critical share of the attention of the entrepreneur.

Prior to the purchase of the products or services being offered, customer centrality can be clearly observed from the treatment given to the customer through an extensive presentation of the background information available, imparting the relative importance of the offered products and expounding on the way in which the goods being offered can address the needs and expectations of the customer. Upon purchase of the item, it is expected that customer centrality is taken to a higher level since the very purchase of the item or service entitles the customer to additional business privileges.

The commencement of the transaction and up to the post-transaction gives way to a higher degree of liability on the part of the entrepreneur depending on the tenure of agreement. Among the firms themselves, internal operations reflect the significance of the customer. The delivery of the products and services to the customer is firmly rooted on the systems integration of the company as the main problem-solving capacity of the firm in addressing the possible demands and the imminent needs of the customers.

Careful research and planning is maintained in order to meet an in-depth knowledge implicitly required in eventually fulfilling the satisfaction of customers Davis Thus, the very internal mechanisms of the companies are not only seen to be designed in such a way that they guarantee the strength of the company in general but are also configured according to the perceived expectations of the customer hence the primacy of the centrality of customers.

It is of crucial importance to primarily consider the needs of the customer as well as their likes and dislikes in terms of services and goods to have a better grasp of customer first theory. In essence, having an in-depth knowledge of what it is that the customers are looking for and are capable of purchasing, along with their relative expectations on services, provides the necessary background for a comprehensive understanding of the core value of placing customers first above everything else.

Since the very life of any company strongly depends on the marketability of the goods and services they offer, it is therefore necessary for these firms to put premium emphasis on what attracts customers and what pushes them off from purchasing items. Does the bar staff have enough product knowledge and information? Is the product served in clean glasses or plates at the appropriate temperature? Is the bar staff swift and efficient? Are they clean, tidy, and in good order? Does the bar staff say thank-you and good-bye to customers?

The delivery of the ordered and purchased items brings into context the primary reason as to why the customer purchased such items in the sense that the products are in essence what the customer seeks in the pub quite apart from other additional services rendered. These responses may either be favourable or unfavourable on the part of the pub which, in any of these cases, highly defines the business establishment in general. On the other hand, the manner in which the pub collects payments from the customers also has a bearing on the overall satisfaction of the customers.

The bar staff has to greatly consider the precise timing and right situation in collecting payments, otherwise the customer, though required to pay for the cost of the purchased items, will tend to reflect hesitance towards the collection of payment. Inasmuch as timing is crucial, the swift and efficient handing of change for payments are of equal significance as well for the reason that it builds a certain short-term relationship between the customer and the staff of the establishment which creates a corresponding image to the pub as a whole.

Lastly, both Toilets and Facilities and Departure address the factors which eventually seal the business transaction between the customer and the pub.

In particular, the importance of general cleanliness including both of product delivery and toilet maintenance was highlighted in other researches CAMRA Press ; Harrison ; Jones and Howard It must be noted that the cleanliness of toilets highlights the crucial fact that an unpleasant toilet will most likely provide discomfort on the part of the customer and can be an appalling reason for the customer to either leave the pub in utter discomfort or to never return again for reasons that may have a direct effect on the health of the customer.

In such a case, standards of sanitation of sanitary practices have to be looked upon by the bar staff in meeting the expectations of the customers. Equally significant is the cleanliness of the product delivered.

Unclean products served to customers will elicit negative responses and will greatly affect future clients from purchasing items from the pub. Further, the necessity of the professional product knowledge of the bar staff should nevertheless be stressed Halstead In order to have a staff armed with the sufficient knowledge on the alternative choices the customers may wish to look upon, the staff should have the needed background of information with regards to the products they offer in the pub.

By acquiring such sufficient knowledge, the bar staff will not have a difficult time addressing the needs of the customers and the efficiency of the staff in providing what it is exactly that the customers are looking for in the pub.

Once this is established, it creates as well a friendly atmosphere between the customer and the bar staff in the sense that the fluid identification of the orders of the customer creates a pleasant picture between the staff and the customer.

Thus, the establishment can merely meet orders which exact the amount of available supplies. The possible consequence of this failure to catch-up with the increase in demand is the decrease in the number of customers because of the inability of the establishment to retain customers by supplying all of the demands.

A possible effect of this is that customers will look toward the other establishments who still have the available supply of products. Consequently, with the lowering of the demand, the establishment can then be able to readily provide the supply of products to the customer according to the availability of products.

With this in mind, costumers acquire a prompt delivery of their demands which eventually boosts the attractiveness of the establishment to these customers and to other possible customers which brings a renewed rise in the level of demand.

Furthermore, even if the establishment holds the most renowned products in the world or in a given geographical area, it does not give further assurance with regards to the preference of the customers. Rather, by having a strong sense of response to the immediate and long-term needs of the customer—depending on what product is being offered by the establishment—customer satisfaction is almost guaranteed and that the longevity of the establishment in the marketplace is seen with higher chances of survival.

If the bar staff makes the customers wait before their orders are taken, or if they place customers secondary or subordinate to the rest of the concerns of the bar the result will be that of an establishment having the best products yet lacking the customers to purchase them because of the lack of immediate response given to costumers.

It may be the case that the pub offers the best drinks available in the market yet an unsatisfactory customer response pre-empts the customers from eventually taking their orders. There are UK writers just like me on hand, waiting to help you. Each of us is qualified to a high level in our area of expertise, and we can write you a fully researched, fully referenced complete original answer to your essay question.

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Our work is high quality, plagiarism-free and delivered on time. It is a critical business function for attracting customers Services. Intangible products such as accounting, banking, cleaning, consultancy, education, insurance, expertise, medical treatment, or transportation. Is the activity of conveying information through the exchange of thoughts, messages, or information, as by speech, visuals, signals, writing, or behaviour.

Roldan and Benito T. Page 75 — 76 19 Macario, Viopronio S. Research Design This research utilizes descriptive method of the study. It is used to describe the customer satisfaction on food delivery services offered by fast food chains in Legazpi City. It presents a collected data with the use of textual and tabular forms which delved into the services of the fast food chains, and perception of the respondents and the problems encountered by the respondents.

This research utilized two sources of data, which were the primary and secondary. This was used to find answers to the problems presented. The primary sources of data were the responses of the respondents of the delivery services in a fast food establishment through the use of the prepared questionnaires.

The secondary data came from records, library files, magazines. Validation of the Research Instrument The research instrument was subjected to a dry run. Questionnaires were distributed personally to 5 selected fast food chains that offer delivery services in Legazpi City and for them to answer.

Their suggestions were incorporated in the questionnaire and necessary corrections were made. The final respondents in Legazpi City. Population of the Study The populations of the study were 30 different kinds of customer with the total of 30 respondents.

The breakdown of the population of the study is presented in table A. Research Instrument The study utilizes a survey questionnaire in its data gathering. It is constructed with the assistance of the research adviser and the research instructor. A semi-structured questionnaire is utilized and it is composed of four 3 parts.

Part I — customer satisfaction of food delivery services offered by fast food chains in Legazpi City. Part II — perception of the respondents in the fast food chains in Legazpi City. Data Gathering Procedure In the conduct of this study, the researchers followed procedures in order to gather the needed data. The research procedure consisted of the following choosing the topic and stating the objectives and the problem to be studied; the reading and collecting related literature and studies which are composed of facts and principles that have bearing with the study and the drafting of the theoretical and conceptual framework.

The questionnaires were prepared and submitted to the adviser for corrections. A written letter of permission approved by the Department Head was submitted to the dean of Academics for approval to conduct study in the different delivery services in a fast food establishment included in the study. Moreover, a dry run was conducted before the distribution of the approved questionnaires. The researchers personally retrieved the answered questionnaires.

The responses were tallied, analysed and interpreted according to the statement of the problem. The data collected was statistically treatment with the use of percentage, frequency count and rating for its appropriateness to the nature of the analysed data.

Percentage is used to compute the percentile of values with the following formula. Scale Numerical Rating Adjectival Rating 4 3. The corresponding adjectival rating used for Table II is as follows: Scale Numerical Rating Adjectival rating 4 3. And for Table III, the adjectival rating used is also shown below. This chapter shows the presentation, analysis, and interpretation of data derived from the respondents.

The includes the Customer Satisfaction of food Delivery services offered by fast food chains in Legazpi City which is shown in tabular and textual forms. Delivery Services Under the Delivery services it shows that the highest weighted mean of 3.

Followed by the lowest weighted mean is Cleanliness and hygiene of delivery boy or delivery staff rated 2. The data implies that the food delivery in a fast food chains got the highest weighted mean when it comes to delivery services. Because they prefer foods to be delivered than to cook in their houses in order to save the time, effort and energy.

Correct ordered delivered gave also a great impact in terms of effective delivery service. Marketing services In terms of Marketing Services, Findings revealed the highest weighted mean was 3. The findings revealed that the marketing services is effective in releasing quality and good advertising, providing a simple and easier to know facts about the food chain and a truthful beyond expectation products offered strengthens the company. Freebies relatively attract people to eat at the same food chain, specifically for children who are fond of freebies giving by certain food chains.

Also, clear and reasonable pricing of the products is one of the most vital reasons why customers visit a certain food chain more often than other establishments which offer same services.

Along the communication the highest weighted mean is 3. It is but one of the most important thing when providing delivery service is to know the exact location of customers where the ordered food is to be delivered as to prevent delays and spoilage of food.

Courteousness of staff must be observed at most, better as what we say customers are always right and the crew must serve them with utmost respect as a professional as well. Telemarketing is also encountered by the respondents like providing them with the new food items for additional orders as well.

The findings imply that the quality of food have the same weighted mean 3. The findings revealed that the quality of food offered by fast food chains met the expected outcome of the customers when it comes to presentation, offered foods and the way of handling their orders. The customers will always look to something unique and amazing about this characteristic that is why they will go back or order more often once this thing are met or encountered by them.

Since it is a delivery system, maintaining the same appearance and presentation of the ordered goods are also the utmost concern of the valued consumers. A food establishment must not lower the quality of food serve just to do cost-cutting, in that case their customer might not even think of doing the same transaction once their expectation is not met.

Food delivered to customer are accompanied with either delivery note or an invoice 3. Correct order delivered, on time delivery , and good price of delivery services 2.

Cleanliness and hygiene of delivery boy or delivery staff. Clear pricing and correct method of presenting the bill and receiving payment 2. Sales promotion relevant to food delivery such as media advertising and giving freebies 3.

Improved quality of food beyond your expectation 2. Courteousness of delivery staff in communicating with the customer 3. Provide telemarketing or sales through telephone use to customer 2. Seek out customer delivery location when answering telephone calls and asking proper information to avoid misdelivery or miscommunication 3.

Quality of Foods 1. Proper packaging of food is being observed 3. Food is properly handled during delivery 3. Problem encountered by the respondents This section presents the discussion of the problem encountered by respondents in a fast food chains in Legazpi City. This is presented in terms of food delivery services, marketing services, communication and quality of the food. In terms of delivery service, delayed or slow delivery services are being encountered has got the highest weighted mean of 3.

Findings imply that most almost all respondents encountered delayed or slow delivery services on any food chains due to different reasons it may be. In any instances, they must be able to adhere to their terms and condition. Since, it is in a form of delivery service. The customers must be informed as well on any cause of delays.

Additional charges made to customers, where the least of the concern of the respondents when it comes to problems that they have encountered. High price of delivery service is a major concern of customers, most of them opted for over the phone orders to save time and effort but high charges of delivery service is also an issue to them. Uninformed customers for sudden price changed on the spot of receiving the delivery gets into a problem since the customers are accustomed that whatever they have agreed over the phone must be also the actual charge to them, as well.

Also, the result of data gathered revealed that sales receipt or delivery invoice is one of the important concerns of customers, since it is the basis for the payment to be made by the customers. Missing, crumpled or unclear invoice is encountered by most of our respondents that makes it their priority problem encountered at all times.

As what is believed in terms of business, customers are always right, utmost courtesy and understanding must be extended by service crew when communicating with them though it is just over the phone encounters. Impolite delivery staff will also give a negative impact to the delivery services of a certain food establishment.

Regular updates of the service crew regarding the services rendered by the food establishment and training on enhancing the communication skills of the staff must be done by the management Communication equipment must also be provided in order to get the transaction easily and clearly as well to prevent any further problems to be encountered by the customers. Power and communication signals on these communication gadgets must be regularly checked as well to ensure effective relaying of orders at once.

Quality of the food. Improper cooking of dishes or menus delivered rashly by the delivery staff got the highest weighted mean of 3. Since some of the food establishment are aiming to meet the delivery time they have set, it commonly result to improper cooking of dishes delivered by the delivery staff accompanied by improper packaging as well. Since it is a food commodity the food chains must always ensure the proper packaging and way of cooking so as not to put the health of customers in danger.

Any customer who experienced same problem often would always give the food establishment a negative rating to his friends or relatives thus decreasing the positive advertising of the establishment as well. In time, this usual problem will always cause a great problem or dilemma to the management as well since it is encountered by most of our respondents based from the gathered data. Delayed or slow delivery services are being encountered. No standard terms and condition of delivery.

There are additional charges for delivery services 2. Unreasonable additional cost of delivery 3. High price of delivery service 3. No invoice or delivery note on the food delivered by delivery staff 3. Impolite delivery staff while communicating with customer 3. Poor communication equipment either cell phone etc. Quality of the Foods 1. Poor presentation and packaging of food delivered to customer 2. Food spoilage due improper food handling, cooking and delivery.

The findings on the following table, tackles about measures to enhance the operation of food delivery services on fast food chains. The discussion is subdivided in terms of delivery services, marketing services, communication and quality of the food. The data is presented in Table 3. It revealed that affordable payment for delivery service got the highest weighted mean rating of 3. Affordable price is still the main concept why people visit more often or made an order to a certain food establishment.

Together with this affordability, the right presentation and good taste of food is also considered by most of the customers. And quality standard and condition in the delivery service With this fast and on time delivery service must also be a priority of any food establishment, since people is saving time and effort of going to the actual location of food establishment.

Explain to the customer every reason of price increase, got the highest weighted mean of 3. Sudden or on the spot change in prices of the good s to be paid is one of the main reason why customers get unsatisfied of the services offered by any establishment.

To prevent this kind of problem, they must stick with the rules and the prices that they have talked over the phone. Being able to explain this price increase prior to delivery will settle the mind of the customers when they got the ordered goods. A fix rules set by the food establishment guides the rights of the customers and also saving the rights of the food establishments as well. In this case an informed-customer will have trust on the certain food establishment to do another transaction in the future.

In terms of communication, management must provide service trainings regarding the proper ways of taking phone orders or transaction got the highest weighted mean of 3. Since, some customers are making over the phone orders, the crew assigned in this area must be able to catch up the orders of customers at once. Service training on effective way of taking phone orders or transaction must be conducted by the management.

Customers will surely be irritated by any staff who cannot get their orders right away, especially if the goods delivered are not exact in comparison to what they should have got. Behaviour training must also be conducted so as each staff is accustomed on how to accommodate properly the customers even they are not face-to-face with each other.

When it comes to the actual delivery, the delivery staff should also provide utmost courtesy to the customer. Quality of the Food In terms of quality; creative presentation of food delivered to customer got the highest weighted mean of 3. Once, you have prepared something good for the eyes, neat and clean in a package the people will have the interest to the same transaction with the establishment as well.

A standard way of cooking the food effectively, clean, fast and safe must be observed. Since the product is food, which is being taken in our body, the customers main concern will be their health.

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