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Try A Free Literature Session. As in Romeo and Juliet , young people still fall in love and struggle with overwhelming problems, whether their families are feuding or their peers discourage the relationship.

Shakespeare's Othello illustrates how destructive jealousy can be, while Macbeth shows us the ruin brought about by overweening ambition. Literature can be powerful enough to enact societal change. For example, Upton Sinclair's The Jungle was the catalyst that brought about much-needed laws to improve working conditions in the meat-packing industry the federal Food and Drug Administration was created.

Harriet Beecher Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin depicted the inhuman, brutal nature of slavery and has been credited as one of the main variables that brought about the American Civil War. At the very least, studying literature provides us the aesthetic pleasure that comes from enjoying a well-written story or novel. But make no mistake--literature can be powerful enough to change the world, whether for better or worse. Technically speaking, one doesn't need to study literature.

However, it is something that, in my opinion as well as many others, needs to be studied and understood. Literature is something that has been in society since writing languages were created, and will be here until the human race dies out.

In order to fully understand not only the world around you today, but also that of the past, and possibly the future, one should study literature. The word can mean somebody who does something for a living: It can mean anyone who does an especially good job: Educators have yearned to be recognized as professionals for generations, but the current drive for professionalization originated in the mids, when it became apparent to policymakers that mandates by themselves were not going to bring substantially higher achievement.

Minimum competency tests and stiffer graduation requirements may have affected the quantity of students' education, but its quality depended on the quality of their instruction, and that depended on their teachers. Literature has always been my escape from reality as well. It opens a new door inside a world that becomes yours to explore and make assumptions and the best thing about is that there is never a wrong answer when it comes to literature. It is what you make it. Literature is what makes us human.

There is an immense satisfaction from reading a novel that speaks to you; whose very words touch your soul. Its an amazing relief to know that you and your doubts, dreams, and concerns are not alone in this world; that there were people before you who struggled just as you do now.

It alleviates the feeling of being alone in life. Studying literature exposes us to new ideas, cultures, and people which can broaden your mind. Reading is the only activity where we see words then draw pictures in our mind of what the words are saying. Literature allows personal interpretation that reading a newspaper or most magazines do not allow. In literature, there are aspects like metaphors, weaving narratives, character points of view and irony that we have to actively sort through in order to truly understand the text.

This is a specific brain activity that is exclusive to novels, short stories and essays. In essence, literature makes us smarter. It also expands our vocabulary. Media communication is traditionally written at no higher than a 6th grade reading level so the masses can understand.

In addition, outside of academics, normal conversation is not traditionally filled with SAT type words. To put it simply, the English language is beautiful. The way that skilled authors can weave words together to make stories is like a prodigal trumpet player riffing on stage in a dark jazz club.

We need literature to learn these great notes of the English language. These are words that draw the best pictures. Quick Answer Studying literature enables one to better understand social situations, history, one's own emotions, and various cultural practices. Expert Answers amy-lepore Certified Educator.

Related Questions What are the four main reasons why we need to study literature? Why do US colleges hesitate to study literature? If at all its important. Why is the study of literature Susan Hurn Certified Educator. Because it unleashes our imagination and allows us to express ourselves and learn. It is about life. It is life when we get involved in it. Why do we need to study literature? How cool lis that? Literature offers us a lot of pleasure. It pleases by moving. Literature also functions as a crticism of life.

In addition to the above reasons for studying literature, we also study literature as a part of our curriculum for two reasons: To develop the ability to understand, appreciate and enjoy literature. To develop the ability to express ourselves well, and if we are inclined to do so, create good literature ourselves.

Begin typing the name of a book or author: Popular Questions Why is the study of literature important? Starting in the early s, teachers would send assignments to students through mail, who would complete them and mail them back to receive the next assignment. Distance learning has come a long way since then. Today more than 10 million postsecondary students are taking online college courses.

That number is expected to rise, as many brick and mortar colleges are incorporating distance learning into their programs as well. Online nursing degrees are more than just commonplace; they are accepted and appreciated by employers. Not only are online degrees more common, but employers are beginning to recognize the fact that obtaining an online degree can only be accomplished by someone who can manage time, is motivated to work hard, and can set and achieve goals.

For most working nurses who want to pursue nurse management roles or nurse instructor opportunities, an online BSN degree offers the chance to do so. An online BSN degree offers the chance to further your education without giving up everything else in order to do so. No driving to campus, sitting in class, or rearranging work and family schedules around a rigid class curriculum.

Online BSN degrees offer flexibility in schedules, convenience to learn when you have time, and the same curriculum and training as a traditional nursing program. Today is National Student Nurse Day. Unitek College is proud to celebrate all the student nurses who study on and off our campuses every day.

Student nurses are integral to the future of our healthcare system. Today they are the interns and externs at medical offices, tomorrow they will be the nurses saving lives.

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English Literature Homework Help English literature encompasses written works in the English language in the form of short stories, novels, novellas, dramas, one-act plays and poems. Even though most students have a strong command over the English language, they find it difficult to study English Literature.

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